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Most Job Seekers Don’t Get The Job They Love.

They can’t spot enough good job opportunities. Most people only see a tiny fraction of the jobs available, because they don’t know how to fully utilize jobboards, career pages, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, most job seekers don’t know how to assess whether the job or company is right for them; this very often leads them to have unsatisfying jobs.

They send lousy job applications. We have seen thousands of applications and this is what we found. 84% of resumes and cover letters make a bad impression on the hiring manager. This means although the candidate might be great at work, he does not get into the job interview… and don’t get the job.

They perform poorly in job interviews. More than 70% of candidates go into a job interview without the necessary preparation. They don’t know enough about the position, the company, how to present themselves, how to dress and style, how to answer behavioral questions, and more. They’ve made it so far, but still fail to get the job. That’s a pity!

Are you also overwhelmed with your job search and worried you are going to get stuck in another job that doesn’t fit you?

You are now working just for a paycheck but you know you have a bigger purpose? You should have a bigger pay check?

You are not alone.

If you can relate to these problems, we have a solution that could change everything for you, your career and your life.


Find Your Dream Job… Not Just a Paycheck.

Everything you need to get into and outperform other candidates during the job interview… so you get your dream job.


The Cleverism Career Guide is a step-by-step system that helps you accelerate your job search and maximize your chances to get your high-paying dream job.

Imagine you will:

  • find more and better jobs suitable for you,
  • create impressive job applications including your resume that will help you increase your conversion rate to get invited to a job interview
  • optimally prepare for the job interview, so you can shine in the job interview and win your dream job…

We provide proven tools that will teach you how to do all that and thereby increase your Job Success by 317%. People who used our tools successfully found a job at leading companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, McKinsey, Siemens, and many many more.

Our mission is to help job seekers in getting a job they really love and don’t make the same mistakes all other applicants do (Remember, there are 100-300 applicants that are applying for the same job… and you need to win).



What You’ll Learn



Find more and better jobs
Job Finder is designed to provide you with the tools and guides to optimize your job search.
....It covers developing a success mindset, personal mastery, time management, goals, dreams and action plans.

More specifically, it includes:
- Networking guide (incl. template)
- Guide on how to spot a good job and company
- List of the 100 biggest job boards
- Effective tricks for finding jobs on jobboards

Find More Jobs


Send beautiful and successful job applications
- 3x resume templates (incl. tips & tricks)
- 3x cover letter templates (incl. tips & tricks)
- Script for calling recruiters
- Template for tracking applications

Apply with Better Application


Rock the interview and get the job offer
- 32 most common interview questions (incl. answers)
- Ultimate interview preparation checklist
- Thank you letter template

Rock Your Job Interview

Are These Modules Right For You?

These career modules are for career challengers who take action… not for talkative wantdreamjobbers

  • Difficulties to get invitations to job interview (Job Finder). Job Finder is designed for job seekers that are fed up with getting only few invitations to job interviews (and especially those who want to make sure they get THAT specific job interview for their dream job… because it’s REALLY important for you to get into this specific job at this specific company.
  • Performing best in a job interview (Interview Superstar). You got the invitation to the job interview, but now you want to take your job interview skills to the next level, impress the recruiter and hiring manager, and land the job.
  • Application Hero. Everything you need to speed up writing a winning resume and cover letter as well as reaching out to HR departments and tracking your job applications like a pro.
  • All three modules. If you are REALLY serious about getting into your dream job, get a better paid job in half the time, and work at a company you feel loved and appreciated, then all three modules will get you there. And the good news, you can use those modules for your current job search and for ANY FUTURE JOB SEARCHES (You’ve got lifetime access to those modules).

What makes the CLEVERism Career Guides different from any other career guides?

We are a one-stop shop and the most comprehensive e-learning platform for enhancing your career. Here’s the thing: There are some great career coaches that will teach you a lot. But chances are, you won’t have the budget to pay for a quality coach to work with individually or you only have the time to work with them on one thing, like updating your resume.

That’s where the CLEVERism Career Guides come in. As an accelerated dream job launch program, you get training and inspiration for as long as you need it. We are a life-changing program and our aim is to change your work and your life, not just get you a new paycheck.

We focus on the most effective tools that’ll help you get your dream job at a higher pay while taking the emotional pain out of the job search.

Before I applied the insights from the Cleverism Guides, I struggled a lot in my job search. I've sent more than 60 applications and only got 3 interviews. And mainly to jobs that I did not REALLY care about. After I worked through the guides and applied the tips, I now get invited to more than 40% of the applications that I've send... and even got a job offer at one of my favorite companies. And the best thing: I can re-use those same principles and tips for my future job searches. Adrian G.

Read Impressions from other users of Cleverism Career Guide

Patrick T.,

“I love the Application Hero product!!! Before I created my own resume, but I always felt it was not awesome and I wanted to leave a great impression on the recruiter, so they invite me for an interview. Thanks to Cleverism I now have a beautiful resume and two hiring managers even complimented me for my resume.”

Michelle F.,

“Before buying the full package, I spent hundreds of hours on my job search. BTW: I hate searching for a job! Now, I am quicker in finding jobs, selecting the ones that fit my preferences and personality, and send a really good looking application that converts in no time.”

Melissa S.,
United States

“When I was looking for a job, I really struggled with finding a job and drafting my CV. These tools have been the best investment for my career so far (I already used them to find 2 jobs and got me a promotion). Thanks again!”

Christian T.,

“After I had 20 job interviews without success, I thought to myself… now it’s time to prepare and use a secret sauce. Fortunately, I found Cleverism. They helped me really prepare for the job interview (how to answer questions, dress code, how to style, how to write a thank you letter). After 5 more interviews, I finally have a job that I am very happy with.”


Select your option and determine your career future


Find more and better jobs


- Networking guide (incl. template)
- Guide on how to spot a good job and company
- Is It the Right Job at the Right Company for Me
- Tricks for finding jobs in job boards

Find more Jobs


Send beautiful and highly converting job applications


- 3x resume templates (incl. tips & tricks)
- 3x cover letter templates (incl tips & tricks)
- 1 month free access to Cleverism Resume and Cover Letter Builder
- Script for calling recruiters
- Template for tracking applications

Apply with Better Job Application


Rock the interview and get the job offer


- 32 most common interview questions (incl. answers)
- Ultimate interview preparation checklist
- Thank you letter template

Rock Your Job Interview

The very best part!

You can maximize Your chances of getting your dream job by using all three modules
You can get
- Job Finder
- Application Hero
- Interview Superstar
at your fingertips

for only $97
Put your job search on steroids



The real value of the CLEVERism Career Guides is so much more than the investment you will make today.

The best career coaches and resume writers charge at least $250 per individual coaching session.

Our rate is much more affordable and gives you lifetime access, so that you can use those tips and tricks to secure your dream job now (and in ALL your future job searches).


Our process is tried and tested. Our guides tell you exactly what to do at each step of the job search. No more confusion!

Enrollment in the CLEVERism Career Guides could change everything.

Ask yourself this: What do you think you could achieve in your career if you had the right plan? A system like this can put you in the fast lane to achieving what you want most in your career and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

That's a big investment. Is it worth it?
Absolutely! You buy the product once and you can use it for your whole career (remember most people work 40 years and have 5-7 different jobs during that period). Our products will save you tons of time (which you can use for things much more fun and important such as friends & family, your hobby, or just enjoying life), significantly increases your chances of getting a well-paid job (this means moresuccessful job interviews and getting that job you wanted). In addition, getting the jobs you want will result in higher job satisfaction and higher salary. For example: If you earn just 1,000 Euros more per year because our tools helped you find the job and rock the interview, then over 40 years alone this will be worth 40,000 Euros. Wow! I think we should consider raising prices in the near term.
When will you send me the products?
You will receive an email with a download link to your chosen package within 15 minutes after your purchase.
What format do you use for your products (Word, Pdf, ...)?
We basically use two formats: Word and Pdf. Please check the details for each product package below. JOB FINDER Networking guide (incl. template) – Pdf Guide on how to spot a good job and company – Pdf List of 100 biggest jobboards – Pdf Tricks for finding jobs in jobboards – Pdf APPLICATION HERO 4x resume templates (incl. tips & tricks) – Word (A4), Word (Letter format), Pdf 4x cover letter templates (incl tips & tricks) – Word (A4), Word (Letter format), Pdf Script for calling recruiters – Pdf Template for tracking applications – Word INTERVIEW SUPERSTAR 25 most common interview questions (incl. answers) – Pdf Ultimate interview preparation checklist – Pdf Thank you letter template – Word
I love your products and have a large blog. How can I become an affiliate, promote your products, and earn money?
Great that you love our products! Please send us an email to and include the following stats in your email (your name, website url, monthly visitors, how you would promote our products).
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The Job Interview Magnet is a step-by-step formula to convince recruiters and hiring managers that you are the PERFECT candidate... and significantly increase your chances of getting invitations to job interviews to finally land your dream job quickly.

You'll get:
- 11 actionable video modules
- 3 workbooks on how to setup your winning application materials
- little-known secrets to getting into job interviews including where to find hidden jobs and how to get invited


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