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Writing an outstanding business plan can be complicated.

Let’s break it down into easy steps.


But a plan will not be concrete if it remains in your head. There are certain plans that must be laid out properly, with every detail fleshed out properly. This is especially true when one is about to undertake an endeavor that involves lots of fine details, such as opening a company, or purchasing expensive equipment, or even going grocery shopping. It becomes especially vital when you are starting a business. For this, you need not just any plan, but a business plan.
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In this guide, you are going to find:

+ Step-by-step process for writing a thorough business plan that will help your define and understand your business, as well as provide convincing arguments for your future investors

+ You will define the exact audience your business plan should be created for as well as the types of business plans and which one is most appropriate for your case

+ The 160-pages ebook describes how to write each of the sections of a business plan: the executive summary, the business summary, analyze your financial statements

+ Additional list of supporting documents for your business plan


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What you’ll learn…

Purpose of a Business Plan

Purpose of a business plan may vary from being a roadmap for business administration and operations, maintaining focus for management, securing external financing or something else what is more specific to your situation and your business.

Target Audience of a Business Plan

The target audience will depend on the purpose of the business plan, or the reason why it is being made in the first place.

Types of a Business Plan

We could classify business plans according to their lengths and purpose. Depending on a type of business plan there is a general business plan structure you can use.

Details of a Business Plan

You’ll get a deep dive into each of the business plan sections like executive summary, description of your business, your products/services, market analysis, your marketing plan, your financial statements (please do not get afraid if you do not have a financial background. We’ll explain it to you in several illustrative examples) and many more.


Many are wondering on whether there is a template for writing business plans. In this day and age of everything becoming virtually available over the internet, you are bound to find one or two templates that you simply have to fill up. There is nothing wrong with that method, but a serious business owner or entrepreneur would think twice about using these prewritten templates or software, and prepare their own business plan, taking into account the fact that not all businesses are the same, and they cannot be boxed within a specific prewritten business plan template.


Want to write a thourough business plan? Don’t know what parts should be in the business plan and how those should be described. We have created the most actionable in-depth guide for how to prepare a thorough business plan.
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