Ever think about starting a business? I am sure you do, and coming here looking for advice on the matter is a good first step in starting up your ideas and putting them in motion!

Businessmen and the concept of business itself are paraded as the pinnacle of personal success, and this fact is exemplified excellently by the huge amounts of options that allow prospective endeavors to come to life and get a shot at this interesting world of opportunity, especially online.

Now comes the hard part. How do we get our plan together, what do we need, what do we have to be aware of, etc.

First and foremost, what we will need is a unique name that will distinguish our business from the rest, something that will distinguish us from the rest right?

The name of your business is the first thing potential clients will see. It is the name that will, for good and bad alike, represent a company in every deal or review you see online and be in the mind for every satisfied (or dissatisfied) customer that crosses paths with you.

What do you want your name to represent? Should it create some kind of thought in people, should it ingrain an idea of what you and your company represent?

These are all the questions you are right to ask, the name of an industry is one of the top priorities you should put ahead of yourself to showcase in a meaningful and unique endeavor all the same.

But fear not, this article will illustrate many of the possible name generators that will make this part of creating a business all that much easier for you, it is not so hard as it may sound!


Ever sit down and get this crazy good idea in your mind that will surely offer a product or service that is in demand and could score a big shot? Great, the world is always in demand for people willing to take a step forward and cast their vision outside the confines of their thoughts.

Do you know what else is in high demand? Good and catchy business names that will mark that business, sometimes as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

The height of all frustrations is when you decide for a whole list of awesome ideas that all seem like they were made for your upcoming business. You compile all of them and check if any of them are taken, just in case.

Any of you who were so bold to do that quickly found out that most (if not all) are already taken! How does that make you feel when all of your planned or worked on hard work is thrown to the side by something that seemed so easy?

I am betting nothing can be as annoying yet it is for a good reason. Good names are short in supply and new businesses are forming and taking the place of falling ones at the speed of light.

It is for this reason that name generators are becoming more and more popular as it becomes more difficult to make a name on your own.

What every business starter must understand before getting down to the technicalities of a business falls upon taking the time to realize what will.

  1. Your business shouldn’t present a difficulty for pronunciation or spelling
  2. It should portray a relevant message to potential clients
  3. Any memorable name (even catchy) is a good one, it stays inside people‘s heads.

These three rules are the go-too measures you should stick by when planning out a good name, and business name generators can go a long way in helping you find a brand name that will resonate soundly alongside your ambitions.

Name generators are a great way to find the perfect literal symbol for your brand, and it is very simple to use.

Entering the keywords that can tell the customer what service or product you provide, and the program utilizes an algorithm that finds dozens of available options for you to choose from that are not taken, sparing you much of the trouble of doing it yourself.

The generators will provide you with thousands of options that stem from just that single keyword you give out.

Let‘s get down to it and see what choices we can come across!


When you want to get down to the little details of your search for the perfect name for your business at the rise, NameMesh is the first choice.

Hitting in just a few keywords will give you all of the available options that can stem from those words without a fault( one word will give you a dozen of options and three will overwhelm your screen)

The site categorizes it’s offered names into attributes from which you can specify your search. You can even try putting in combinations that don’t seem to mash up together and you will be pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity the site offers right from the start.

Whether you are looking for something unique, serious or just funny, this amazing site will give it out in spades!


A fantastic and free option that will deliver over 100 options with seconds to choose from.

It is constructed with ease of use in mind and guarantees satisfaction for giving you just the right list of potential names to get your business right on its toes!

The site is completely free of charge and keeps you informed in case of copyright infringement.


Operating since 1998, this site has been used for the establishment of many present-day successful companies and businesses that owe it’s symbolic roots to it.

It exemplifies the core principles of a good name generator – simplicity, creativity and good taste – all of it neatly packed in one convenient service.

With a whopping number 7,223,742 possible names to pick from, you are really in for an optimistic outlook on the future of your endeavor.

This service offers the possibility of sighing in and posting any problem or dilemma you might be facing and getting help from the word lab community.


The use of words that showcase trust, integrity, emotion, and uniqueness are all the qualities of a good first impression that a name can bring forth

The kind of feedback that will evaluate your flaws in the most prospective light is exactly the kind that comes from customers.

You can ask questions that are best answered by people working within the same industry as you and the option of getting names relevant to the type of work you wish to engage in.


Combine unique blends of different ideas into a mix and you will get Namesmith.

This little marvel features different algorithms working in unison that feature great ideas that include:

  • Purposeful misspellings
  • Suffixes and prefixes based on your preference
  • The option to create names inside a fantasy setting

The diversity of options and the liberty of choice set apart this choice

It is often far from sufficient for people to scratch their heads endlessly if the name is already taken and this solution will rid you of all that needless hassle!


An eloquent choice with options that can spice up the search for the perfect name.

It is equipped with different options to customize your desired name the way you want it to look by using a letter, words and even syllables, with additions of choosing to combine your entries with many options that can make it look all the better and more unique.


A user-friendly interface, responsive staff, and service made to accommodate many different industries combine into this neat option of business name generators.

It is quite easy and convenient. You pick the nature of your future business and pick a keyword that will have possible names that fit the criteria of an eye-catching name. If you ever need a zero-hassle option that offers both quality and simplicity, this will be your kind of service.


A name generator with a touch of style with a modern interface.  Since short names are in short supply, and long ones are neither catchy nor as affecting on the audience, this site offers a solution.

It utilizes AI for creating short and tidy brandable business names that have not yet been taken. You have the option of picking longer or shorter names according to preference, a domain extension or centering it around the chosen keyword, the options all belong to you.

Whenever you pick over a few options given to you, the system takes that into account to give you more precise options during later usages.

Now, a challenge is set in front, and that is that most of the seemingly fantastic and original ideas are already registered by someone else, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

A growing number of domain owners are looking to sell their domain, meaning your choice is only limited by your budget. Many businesses elect to buy an already existing domain out of a large palette of existing high-quality ones which explains the popularity of this site.

Sleek and professional, with the option of making your choice as moldable as possible, this is one of the recommended choices for professionals and beginners alike.


How does it sound to get three great features in one place? If you also feel this is more then a great bargain, Brandroot has you covered.

With its large assortment of choices, you can get not only a name but your very own package that will cover a wider array of requirements for the first steps to form recognition of every business.

It is a respectable option with an illustrious history with high-quality options available for a serious business that was made by experts.

What also distinguishes Brandroot is the fact that it hosts more than 22,000 .com domain names that are exclusive to it. They have the benefit of being brandable that are sure to, with the appropriate placement and marketing, gain a lot of traffic for you and your business.

This option offers you a name, logo, and domain that are all set up and ready for use. This option might be expensive, but you get your money’s worth in equal value. Alternatively, you can get a free domain name for your website.


This is more akin to an online name store than a generator.  When you enter a keyword you will have the choice of over 28,000 names that were created by experts within the industry and consultation from already-established successful businesses.

You have the choice between keyword business names with differences that can be summed up by the following definitions:

  1. Keyword business names – adapt existing words to relay an accurate message to your clients
  2. Business names that were invented –  by using clever lingual twists and wording to express a positive message, they are a lot freer in their composition. These words can be made from using existing or non- existent words. This liberal approach offers a greater degree of freedom and customizability to appease every taste you can come across.


The charm of this particular generator is in its specialization for one-worded domains.

A lot of the information has to be manually accessed to check availability. It is simple and diverse, as long as you do not mind checking availability every time you choose a potential pick, I am quite certain it will be to your liking.


A premium brand website that fits an expensive set of prices that go from 10k$ to 400k$ of human-created logos and name.

This interactive website functions in a similar manner as the previous ones we have showcased. You get a logo alongside a brand name, an excellent possibility for those who have the money to afford a premium brand name, with a fetching tone to them.


An initially small project started by a few people that grew into a well- known that it is today.

It offers exclusive fusions of business and domain names with different variations depending on the role of the name that you have in mind. It delivers simple products with strong customer service to ensure satisfaction.


If you pick this as your generator, you can expect a factor of randomness that might exceed the expectations of your aimed name with a sophisticated  AI generator.

You receive a random name generated by the tool by the placed keyword. You have the additional option of shifting letters to your liking.

If your desired name is available you can buy it and place it on your business website in no time.


This option exceeds a good amount of quality standards with it’s professionally –set guarantees.

Domainr is ICANN-accredited, it checks the availability, price, and state of all domain names within moments of your choice with 100% precise information that you can always trust, alongside a powerful customizable API key to sweeten the allure.

Even in the case of a taken domain, you will have the best possible alternatives offered to you. Customers will always have a good deal given to them here.


A small but powerful tool, may not be as diverse as some of the other options on the list but it is nevertheless a good choice for almost anything you can have in mind as a small business owner.

The algorithm functions based on the type of business you plan to run, your geographical location and the last name of the owner, the rest is taken care of by the system.


At first sight, this option can look like something a hobbyist might pick out with the sheer variety it possesses, but that is exactly where it’s primary advantage lies.

With a lot of categories and many more subcategories for narrowing your search, you can find interesting options you probably would have not come across by looking at a more traditional name generator, excellent for people with a broader choice in mind.


With the use of simple keywords, the tool will display names appropriate to it with a solid stock of availability. With this option you won’t have to check if anything is already taken – it simply won’t be displayed which is extremely convenient.

As a bonus, this site is known for holding special contests with monetary rewards in mind for the most creative names for an industry.


To some, simplicity is one of the core values and this site is the embodiment of that saying.

Ideas come up by mixing up keywords and adjectives. The tool allows for additional customization by specifying how the name should resonate with its reader and what kind of business it is supposed to be.

All in all, a solid choice for every occasion.


As you have already figured out by now, one-word domains are a timeless sweet spot and as such, they are notoriously hard to find but this site has what you need to find one of your own.

Finding free domains with one word has never been easier, alongside assorted extensions such as .net, .co.uk, .io, .co and .ca.


Within the span of a few minutes, you can have access to browse through thousands of options that can be specified by placing limitations on the number of characters and targeted industry and, if free,  you will be directed to Blue Host so you can register it.


Offering a powerful tool, you will be given a solid choice of quite impressive and witty business names that prompt you to get a quote for the website building service.

Anadea offers options for both brand names and web design, similarly generating app and website names.


A very unusual name that holds throughout the service it gives, if something out of the ordinary is what you are looking for you will find just that on this amazing online jewel.

You can search through an abundant number of hipster names you can give to a business, with catchiness you will seldom find with other generators listed here, with domains purchased here being linked to the affiliate commission directly to hipster business name.


When you decide to start a brand it has a long road ahead of itself to build itself a reputable place within the market. It requires money, strategy, and some creativity.

You can never have a guarantee that the name you picked will be the next big thing stuck in the back of everyone’s mind but hey, some of the most hilarious ( at that time) startup became the world’s leading driving force in some aspect even in the case of those who weren’t even expected to rise to such a level.

  • Ikea – started as a random assortment of letters, became one of the best- known brands across the entirety of Europe and it still shows no signs of stopping its growth.
  • LEGO – two danish words that emerged from a small shop in Denmark by the idea of a carpenter named  Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son, now look at how much it has become influential.
  • And finally Google – believe it or not, it was initially a joke for quite some time and was treated as such. When the developers received their first check, they realized how serious the „ joke“ had gone on

One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, was named by Steve Jobs during a period of one of his fruit diets and as a result, the name of the brand is one of the most recognizable in the world! Something completely ordinary has the potential to leave a lasting mark on the world!

Look at companies that have established a world-renowned reputation( Facebook, Google, Whatsapp) became an integrated part of our vocabulary that is universal in almost all countries, akin to verbs.

The chances for any company to achieve that level of recognition are quite rare. It represents a personal influence the symbol of the brand leaves on its clients which sticks a lot better than anything you can think of. In this modern era, having a catchy identity is as important as loyal clients.

In this age, uniqueness is a scarce trait and for that reason, it is the best way to captivate an audience from the beginning. While it takes a lot of effort and consistent quality throughout the years and there is no sure-fire way to ensure every one of them will succeed, the name is half of the game in virtually every scenario you can think of.

Bad names, on the other hand, can evoke disinterest or, even worse, indifference. This problem can be mitigated with the name generators which will ease most of your troubles with a kick-ass assortment of options you can choose from!

23 Awesome Free Business Name Generators

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