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Finding a business idea can be complicated.

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Many of those failures could have been successes, if they had … the time to learn the secrets to idea generation and idea validation. We created the most practical in-depth guide to generating profitable business ideas!
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In this guide, you are going to find:

+ 15 effective techniques for creating powerful business ideas

+ Step-by-step guide on how to get into the startup ecosystem and connect with influential entrepreneurs, journalists, and investors

+ Understanding the business model canvas for validating your business assumptions and get to a product-market-fit incl. 5 business model walk-throughs of leading companies

+ 142+ specific business ideas from 19+ industries that you can start today for less than US$ 10K

+ Effective techniques for overcoming the 11 most common roadblocks to creativity

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What you’ll also learn…

Introduction to Starting a Business

Before delving deep into the topic of finding a million dollar idea, it is important to understand whether one has the right entrepreneurial mindset and the correct expectation of what an entrepreneurial life entails. There is often a tendency to forget the hard work needed to succeed when one ventures out on their own and instead, the focus turns only to the freedom of being one’s own boss.

How to get into the startup Ecosystem

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics on the startup ecosystem, it is time to take a step into it. This involves meeting the right people, building relationships with them and eventually leveraging these relationships to help your business prosper and grow. We’ll show you a step-by-step way to get into the startup ecosystem.

Learn about Creativity Techniques

Now that you are thinking like an entrepreneur and have managed to connect yourself to the startup ecosystem, it is time to generate ideas and refine them. This requires creative thinking and the ability to overcome fear and doubts. With the right mindset, it is now time to study the different techniques that can help you become more creativive.

Think about your Restrictions

Once you’ve found your niche and your possible business idea, it is also beneficial to consider the implications of this idea in the long term. You need to be prepared to spend many years turning your dream into reality, and to this end, your chosen passion should be something you would be happy doing for the next ten years.

Apply the Business Model Canvas

A business model is the plan implemented by a company in order to manage costs, generate revenues and make profits for the company. A comprehensive business model will include components and functions that make up the business as well as a definition of costs and potential revenue sources.

Top Business Ideas to Choose From

If you’re still on the lookout for your million dollar idea, there are tons of inspiration available out there from those people who have already found theirs. Some examples of interesting and innovative ideas are also included for your inspiration.


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Ava S.

I especially liked the business model canvas walk-through and the list of business ideas I could start... there were many ideas I didn't have in mind.

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The Business Idea Genius helped me think more creatively and select a business idea that I am really passionate about and which helps me get started in building my dream business. Also, I loved the business model canvas examples. Really, really helpful stuff for every first-time entrepreneur.

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