Starting a business should be easy for everyone if you've done your homework

You've heard about so many successful business stories like Google, Facebook, Uber, and many more... And now you want to be the next startup rockstar. BUT you do not know yet what business idea you should chase and how to prepare your business launch. We have a three step process for you to launch your business:

Step 1. Find Your Million-Dollar Business Idea

Step 2. Prepare Your Plan of Attack - Your Business Plan for yourself and the Target Audience

Step 3. Launch Your Business and Watch the Best Practices from the Best Entrepreneurs

Step 1. Find Your Million-Dollar Business Idea

+ 15 effective techniques for creating powerful business ideas

+ Step-by-step guide on how to get into the startup ecosystem and connect with influential entrepreneurs, journalists, and investors

+ Understanding the business model canvas for validating your business assumptions and get to a product-market-fit incl. 5 business model walk-throughs of leading companies

+ 142+ specific business ideas from 19+ industries that you can start today for less than US$ 10K

+ Effective techniques for overcoming the 11 most common roadblocks to creativity

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Step 2. Write Down Your Business Plan

+ Step-by-step process for writing a thorough business plan that will help your define and understand your business, as well as provide convincing arguments for your future investors

+ You will define the exact audience your business plan should be created for as well as the types of business plans and which one is most appropriate for your case

+ The 160-pages ebook describes how to write each of the sections of a business plan: the executive summary, the business summary, analyze your financial statements

+ Additional list of supporting documents for your business plan

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Step 3. Learn from the Best

From the Best Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe startup hubs.
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Find your business idea and start your dream business


Find your business idea and start your dream business



Writing an outstanding business plan should not be complicated.


Get the most actionable in-depth guide for how to prepare a thorough business plan.


100+ interviews with leading entrepreneurs

from Silicon Valley and Europe startup hubs


If you want to learn from 1st class entrepreneurs, watch our video interviews with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley.


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James C. about Business Idea Genius

The Business Idea Genius helped me think more creatively and select a business idea that I am really passionate about and which helps me get started in building my dream business. Also, I loved the business model canvas examples. Really, really helpful stuff for every first-time entrepreneur.

Ava S. about Business Idea Genius

I especially liked the business model canvas walk-through and the list of business ideas I could start... there were many ideas I didn't have in mind.

Michael V. about Business Plan Guru

I found the Business Plan Guru extremely helpful, as it helped me ask the right questions in a structured way, so that I answered my business' most critical questions and I am now setup for success.