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Poor accounting practices are one of the leading causes of business failure. Besides the fact that you are required by law to maintain and hold an accurate financial record, there are various other reasons as to why you should be implementing these best practices for your business success.

For starters, bookkeeping allows you to stay organized by helping you to budget company resources properly. Having accurate books and records makes it easier to review all available resources, as well as all business expenditure. This also allows you to have all the necessary financial information ready for tax season.

Bookkeeping can sometimes be confused with Accounting. However, the two are vastly different, but both play an equally fundamental role in the business. Bookkeeping entails recording the financial transactions, whereas accounting delves deeper into actually interpreting, analyzing and summarizing the financial data.

Whether you’re looking to kick off your career as a bookkeeper or whether you’re just looking to expand on your existing bookkeeping knowledge, be sure to have a look at some of the following highly rated bookkeeping courses for you to boost your skillset today.


Looking to learn all the fundamental terms and concepts of bookkeeping? Then have a look at what Ron Trucks has to offer through this jam-packed Bookkeeping Basics #1 course available on Udemy.

Ron is a Small Business Coach and College Instructor with over 20 years’ experience to share with you. He will teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping through simple and easy-to-understand discussions, as well as detailed illustrations and notes for you to reference.

The course runs for just over 4 hours and has been split up into 50 easy to digest lectures.  By the end of this course you will have the confidence and knowledge needed to master this subject matter. Be sure to join Ron on this exciting bestselling course today by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“I studied accounting many years ago. I have a diploma in Company Administration. But accounting & booking has changed tremendously since I studied. As a result of Covid-19, I heave decided to change my career path and do exactly as you doing, the bookkeeping and perhaps become in the position to consult one day. I am based in Cape Town,South Africa. It is a great refresher course and concepts of which I was not aware. Also my Facebook comment was answered within 24 hours which is great service.” – Stephen Frank

“I learned new things about bookkeeping I did not learn from my classes in university such as trade discounts for example. This course is an absolute blessing because I feel that this is the first time I learned about bookkeeping, accounting, and business concepts in a way easy to understand that isn’t as difficult as textbook or classroom speech. I should’ve found Udemy and particularly this course on bookkeeping basics early in my accounting education.” – Christine Sim


Join the Diploma in Bookkeeping course today and gain expert knowledge into traditional manual bookkeeping, as well as insights into computerized bookkeeping systems.

Over the duration of the course, you will become proficient in areas of bookkeeping such as ledgers, journals, financial statements, income tax, and more. What’s more, this course serves as a great foundation for you to go on and advance your career in accounting AAT qualification.

This is a great opportunity to begin applying bookkeeping systems to your business or to boost your bookkeeping skills. John Academy offer only the highest quality e-learning materials from industry experts, ensuring that you have the best learning experience possible. Don’t miss out and enroll today.


Earn an industry recognized certification in bookkeeping today and drastically increase your earning potential with this Certified Bookkeeper course on Ed2Go.

By completing this course you will not only enhance your professional status, but you will also have all the knowledge and tools needed to sit for the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) certification exam, one of the highest standards of certification in the profession.

Some of the many interesting accounting concepts you will cover include code of ethics and maintenance requirements, adjustment of entries, book and tax depreciation, basic payroll, inventory valuations, and so much more!

The course runs for 6 months, covering 140 hours of course content that will adequately prepare you for the exam. As a bonus for enrolling, you will also receive a complementary prepaid voucher that will allow you access to sit for the exam. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“I enjoyed the layout of the course, as well as the fact that it was move at your own pace. I had a family emergency and spent a week in the hospital but it did not affect my homework because I was able to catch right up!” – Anonymous

“My facilitator was understanding and professional. The online course allowed me to work at my own convenience. The support I received was timely and helped me to navigate through the course.” – Anonymous


From First Principles and Core Concepts to Final Accounts, this Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping course on E-Courses 4 You will give you all the knowledge and skills needed for you to contribute to the field of accounting and bookkeeping.

This is the perfect course to establish a strong foundation if you’re looking to journey towards further studies of accounting or chartered accounting, or if you’re looking to fill the position of one of many highly sought-after accounting roles.

The course covers five in-depth modules which you will gain unlimited lifetime access too upon enrolment. All course content has been carefully crafted by industry professionals to ensure that you receive the best learning experience possible. Enroll today by clicking on the link below.


In just 7 hours you can go from beginner to expert with this comprehensive Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Financial Statements bestselling course from Udemy.

This course was designed and created by Irfan Sharif, a Certified Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of both practical and teaching experience in the field. In order to keep track of a business’s finances and reports, one needs to have a thorough understanding of Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Statements Preparation, all of which you will gain by completing this course.

Over the duration of this course you will engage in interesting and interactive video lectures that have been beautifully designed for you to follow with ease. Some of the interesting topics covered include, rules of recording transactions, inventory accounting, depreciation and the various depreciation methods, and so much more!

Be sure to have a look at what Irfan has to offer by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“It was a great course, very practical and relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed all the videos and had a very satisfying learning experience. I myself am from a non-commerce background and hence a complete beginner in Accounts, so i would recommend this course to anyone looking for a headstart.” – Isha Shetty

“I had absolutely no experience in accounting, but this course explains the fundamental concepts really well, with good pace not to be too boring and examples easy to follow. Excellent beginner’s course.” – Pouravalen Goinden


By law, companies are required to keep their financial books for a minimum of 6 years, making bookkeeping and managing payroll positions very important. Learn the secrets of effective bookkeeping by enrolling for this fascinating Bookkeeping, Payroll Management & Career in Accounting course.

The skills gained through this course will not only add value to your career but will also give you everything you need to stand out from the rest. You will gain professional insights into the profession that will aid you in the long run. Some of the many things you will learn include, accounting software for small businesses, forensic accounting, services in financial accounting, effective payroll processing, and more.

By the end of this course you should be able to handle any type of accounting record that are thrown your way, as well as how to manage compensations of employees, preparing professional invoices and the financial statements. Enroll on John Academy today!


LetsTute Make It Easy have put together this awesome up to date Bookkeeping & Accountancy Complete Course for you to learn everything you need to know about bookkeeping and fundamental accounting concepts.

The course cover just under 16 hours of in-depth lecture content, divided into 7 structured modules, over which you will engage in simple and logical explanatory lecture videos, problem solving sessions, as well as some fun quizzes to put your newfound knowledge to the test.

In addition to all of the above, you will also gain access to various assessment tools that have been organized into PDF format for your convenience. These assessment tools include detailed summaries of each topic, as well as practice questions and solutions.

Letstute Make it Easy are an established group of subject instructors who have made it their mission to provide quality education to all. All course content has been prepared after going through several levels of review by experts in order to ensure that everything you learn is of the highest standard. This is definitely a course that you don’t want to miss out on!

What the reviews are saying:

“This course is truly for a beginner, which is exactly what I needed. It is explained very clearly in increments that are easy to watch and understand. I like the instructor very much. She is easy to understand, moves at a good pace, and pleasant to listen to. I am a student that needed to have everything explained precise and clearly for the particular subject matter. It is perfect for me. Thank you!” – Joan Bragoni

“Taking this course is indeed a helpful way for me to be further understand how accounting is done. As an aspiring accountant, i recommend this course to everyone, especially, students who also aspire to be one.” – Georgina Marie Moya


Lorman is offering you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of bookkeeping and how imperative this practice is to the world of finance.

In just 89 minutes, you will learn some of the most fundamental bookkeeping techniques, as well as some handy tips and tricks of the field. You will also gain insights into the reasons why bookkeeping is so important and how the practice reflects the true financial position of a company.

By the end of this course you will be able to see beyond the transactions and understand how to review the end result. You should also gain a good foundation when it comes to reviewing and reconciling the core financial statements and reports.


The team at Shaw Academy have put together this awesome Professional Diploma in Bookkeeping & Accountancy in order for you to gain the confidence needed to deal with all bookkeeping and accounting related issues.

The course is comprised of 8 classes that take place over the duration of 4 weeks. During this time you will learn all about the accounting cycle, the accounting equation, cash books and cash payments, general ledger and trial balance, and so much more!

You will be able to put your newly learned knowledge and skills to the test by partaking in a fun practical. This will solidify your knowledge of the accounting cycle into your bookkeeping library and will ensure that you have fun doing it. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“I like Shaw Academy more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.”

“Dude, your stuff is the bomb! Great job, I will definitely recommend to my colleagues!”

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