The Biggest Surprises of Getting Rich

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In this article, we will explore 1) an introduction to richness, 2) the biggest surprises of getting rich, 3) Steve Jobs’ opinion on getting rich, and 4) a conclusion.


Earning good bucks in a short span of time is a dream of everybody. Becoming rich seems like getting everything in hand. One significant reason behind hoarding huge bucks is to get the extravagances of life beside the everyday needs. Some people have a particular inspiration while others want to acquire wealth for a certain ambition in life. From owning a nice house and a luxurious car to having the most expensive trip and designer brands, every person is running to get the maximum treasure. However, there is no set standard of becoming rich. If we look at the developed countries, we can see that an average U.S working class individual is richer in comparison to other individuals of the unindustrialized countries. On the other hand, a poor person who can hardly fulfill his basic needs of life can automatically become rich by migrating to some other country where there is a huge currency difference. Thus, for some people, a high class Mercedes Benz shows richness while for others it is just an elementary requirement of life.

Earning billions of dollars looks like an end of glitches and concerns. However, if we cast our eyes on the other side of the picture we can see the reality shock that a rich man experiences. Yes, the only problem which gets fixed after becoming rich is the availability of money. Once you have accumulated a good amount of cash, you will start experiencing the shortcomings of becoming rich. These drawbacks are the biggest surprises which a rich man faces in his life. Thus, getting luxuries of life is not the end of sorrows; you will have to face new challenges in life. These encounters are not only limited to yourself but also have an impact on your personal and work life. Let us see these biggest surprises.


1) This will change for yourself

Feeling isolated

One of the biggest surprises is that you’ll feel isolated. It means that a rich man is not considered to be eligible for complaining even about valid things. People will never have pity for a rich man because they think he has money, which can resolve all his problems. In short, people stop treating a rich man like a human being.

Low motivational level to work

Once a person has received his desired aim of earning a specific amount in life and buying some specific luxuries, he will lose the enthusiasm to work hard. Fortitude towards work comes with a reason. Since a rich man has already got his desired things, he will not be willing to work hard anymore. This thing affects his professional career and long term growth. Beside this, he also feels lethargic and dull since he is not motivated to work hard anymore. Life seems boring as there is no particular aim on which he can work and strive. For instance, you have been working hard since five years to buy your own home, drive your own deluxe car, give high quality education to your kids, build your company and so on. Now that you have got everything in life, you will not strive hard to earn more because there is no inspiration.

No more ambitions and goals

Since there is no motivation, life will become aimless. For a person to stay healthy and fit there should be a particular aim and goal in life. The latest BMW model, which seems to be a dream, is now possible to buy. Now you can afford becoming a brand conscious person and enjoy vacations in a five star restaurant. Many billionaires have also reported about losing their focus in academics. A middle class person has a particular aim to complete his studies so that he can get a handsome job. In contrary, a tycoon is neither interested in getting a white collar job nor in starting his own business because he already has enough money to fulfill his desires. Thus, there is no goal and no determination in life.

Things will lose value in your eyes

You have been dreaming to get the high class Mercedes since years. This car has kept you motivated to work hard. Now that you are driving it and recently heard about the new model, it will lose value in your eyes. Things that meant so much to you before will now become useless as you always want to buy the hottest models.

You need new things to get excited

Since your lifestyle has changed dramatically, an average thing cannot make you glad anymore. You will always look for the best of the bests. For others, having a house like yours is a dream but for you it is just an ordinary place. Thus, cheerful moments will hardly come in your life as novelties are coming with each passing day.

Insecurity about being robbed

You cannot travel like any other civilian of the society. Proper security is essential for you every time. Beside this, if you are planning to visit an ordinary shopping mall like an average individual of the society does, you have to abandon your plan. Yes, there will be limited places where you can go and have fun. Chances of being robbed will keep you in stress all the time.

2) Friends and Colleagues

People will start getting interested in your luxuries rather than your companionship. A new colleague who is willing to be in your group, is a friend or foe, you can never tell. Most of the people are now interested in your money rather than you. You will start experiencing a change in behavior of people. Yes, you will be highly greeted in many parties and given special treatment. Now, you will get more birthday wishes than ever and some new friends will also come at your place to greet you. Sudden marriage proposal may make you feel different, but wait, figure out if the person is interested in being your life partner or in spending your money to fulfill the desires.

3) Immediate Family and Relatives

“Everything is a piece of cake for a rich man”, this is what a general perception is. Without feeling any hesitation, people will ask for hefty loans with an expectation that you won’t ask to return it early. Since you have billions of dollars in your bank account, your disapproval for a loan will end in severe disappointment and sometimes may result in abhorrence and envy. On the other hand, people will start developing unrealistic expectations of you. If there is a birthday party, your gift was supposed to be the most expensive one. You can never think of giving treat to your relatives in an average class restaurant. Luxury and class comes into mind whenever people think of you and so are their expectations. Thus, people start expecting more from you and if their expectations are not satisfied they start thinking deleterious about you. Now, people are more interested in your presents than you and it is one of the reasons they invite you to their parties. Apart from it, relatives want to show others that they have invited multi-millionaires to their parties and that is the reason of giving special treatment to you.

In addition to this, another impact of being rich comes directly on your children. Your children will not know the real value of money. It is due to the reason that they have been brought up in a comfortable environment where meeting all the desires was simple. Whether they need cash to complete their studies or just to spend their vacations in an exclusive way, they have got everything with ease. Not only are the basic needs fulfilled, but also their luxuries needs. Since childhood they have seen high class and elite looks in every part of their life, thus they can never develop a feeling to earn money with struggle. Because of this, many individuals with rich backgrounds do not possess the same qualities for struggling as their parents. Children take things for granted and are unable to understand the struggle behind earning the basic bread and butter for life.

4) Scarcity

The feeling of scarcity is always present in rich people’s life. They can never believe on the fact that less is more. A poor man gets happy with the basic amenities of life; however, a rich person always has lust to get more and more luxuries. Thus, it is difficult to satisfy a rich man in comparison to a poor one. Apart from it, it is difficult to make a rich happy. An average class gift, a treat in a low level restaurant or anything below his class is unable to make him happy. Since fashion trends and innovations keep on coming, he feels difficult to get satisfied with what he has at present and looks for getting more advanced stuff.

5) Chances to Meet Fraudsters

When you were poor, no one was interested in your reserves and bank balance. Now that you have millions of dollars in your account, you are more likely to meet fraudsters and dodges. People may take any approach to grab this money from you. Beside this, chances of being robbed are also increased automatically when you change your lifestyle in a better way. Now, you need security to travel from one place to another and you should keep an eye on persons taking your information smartly. Whether you are buying a new property or changing your home, you can probably meet fraudsters. Since life has changed, you cannot travel without security. Yes, another expense is waiting for you and that is the security expense. A smart financial analyst may make you fool if you do not have proper knowledge of finance. Hiring a lawyer is therefore imperative to resolve complexities.

6) Victim of Jealousy and Envy

Having all the luxuries and comforts of life, you are most likely to face jealousy from others. This jealous nature may be experienced even from close relatives. Friends and relatives will start comparing their life with you. Your new sports car will never make others happy. Yes, you will receive comments like spending money for charity is good and so on. This strange reaction from others makes life miserable. No matter how good you are with others, you will encompass envy and jealousy. A colleague doing the same business as yours will definitely compare his life with yours. This jealousy becomes a source of envy and many good friends can turn into foe. It is due to this reason that a rich person has few loyal friends. Some friends are interested in your money while others start developing jealousy with you. You need to learn about abundance and prosperity to live an abundant life.


The cell phones which we are using these days and the laptops which are helping us in doing business with ease are the greatest contributions of Steve Jobs. In this modern era, every other person is well-aware about his personality and contributions. Having an extraordinary intelligence and creativity, Jobs has earned a lot in his life. People assume that he does not have to deal with any complication and that life brings just happiness. However, his opinion about becoming rich is different. By sharing his personal experience of earning hefty dollars, Jobs thinks that he had earned money not because he wanted to become rich but because of his passion for work. According to Jobs, he started making good dollars at the age of 23 and then his earnings got multiplied greatly. It was not his money that was driving his brain to think creatively but it was his devotion and passion for work. In addition to this, he said that he had no lust for money and because of this reason he had no fear in trying out new things. If he had love for money, he was unable to invent so many things as there was a risk associated with each of them.


In a nutshell, money is not everything. People think that becoming a millionaire will resolve all their problems but in reality, excess of money puts life in crises. Money brings unanticipated sorrows and troubles that are hard to face and may put life in melancholy. It is a wrong perception that money can make a person happy. Happiness comes with loyal friends and harmony in life, which money cannot bring. Many big shots of the world are deprived of devoted friends and peace. It cannot be denied that material things last for some time. Every asset has depreciation and a time comes when all our possessions lose their original worth. With high class luxuries and top notch lifestyle, you can just have a life of comfort but trustworthy friends and mental peace cannot be achieved with money.

Thus, there should be a perfect balance in life. One should not run for earning more and more money. Excess of everything brings adverse impacts and so is the case with money. Having a middle class standard is ideal and keeps oneself motivated towards working hard. Additionally, one should work in a field of life in which he has passion and interest. Steve Jobs’ life is a perfect example. If the main motive to work is to generate money, then life will eventually become boring. Money is just a part of life but life is not meant to earn money. Even the most precious house can be vanished with natural disasters. If you want to belong among the rich persons of the world, get ready to feel out casted from the society. All in all, the isolating experience, jealousy, hatred, loss of friends, are some of the biggest reality shocks you will face after entering into a rich from medium class.

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