Sesame oil is a natural vegetable oil that is made from sesame seeds. In addition to using as cooking oil, there are many benefits that using sesame oil in a variety of ways brings to a person.

Sesame oil is primarily used in cooking because of its high concentrations of saturated fat, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Sesame had become popular primarily in Asia where it was the only crop that was highly tolerant of drought since the drought was a common natural disaster in some parts of Asia.

In terms of making the oil, oil extraction is a detailed and precise action.

In the case of Tanzania, which is the largest producer and consumer of the product, they extract the oils using the hot water flotation for seeds, before they use the presses to squeeze to oil out of the seed.

There is, of course, an industrialized version of the press that is used by big companies.

Sesame oil is one of the best known and earliest examples of a plant or crop-based oil and the production of the sesame seeds that are the key ingredient of the sesame oil is worldwide.

Not many people are knowledgeable neither of the oil’s important substances that can greatly improve someone’s life nor the excellent benefits it can provide to people and greatly increase their well-being.

There are many benefits of using the oil and in further writing of the text, you will read how can be used and what are the benefits of using sesame oil.


Firstly, we will cover the benefits it has on your internal organs. The sesame oil has a high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids which is a type of fat that is considered to be polyunsaturated.

Polyunsaturated fats are fats that, in the chemical sense, have more than one double bond.

Having more than one double bond, they are considered healthy fats as the omega-6 acids reduce the risk of diseases that attack your heart.

The human body does not naturally make essential fatty acids so they must come from the diet.

That is why sesame oil is excellent because it consists of 82 percent fatty acids. Sesame oil will also lower your cholesterol levels when used as a substitute oil in your diet.

It is said that 3 to 4 tablespoons of sesame oil a day can reduce cholesterol greatly as well as prevent clogged arteries.


Arthritis is a condition in which certain joints of the human body swell up, ache, or get stiff.

There are several types of arthritis and there is no conventional cure for it, except for some treatments to lessen the pain and swelling.

Scientists have concluded that the animals who consumed sesame oil, have positive effects on the swelling and stiffness in the joints.

The biomechanical changes occur due to the oxidative nature of the oil that stresses the aorta and lessens the swelling.

Although be warned that the studies and experiments were done on animal subjects, and the results have shown that the sesame oil is, indeed, an arthritis relief.

However, there were no official experiments on the effects on the human body and whether it helps in such amount as it helps the animal subjects or less.

The same goes for blood sugar control. A similar experiment showed that the animals that were put on a sesame oil diet have had their blood sugar levels decreased over the course of 40-odd days.

However, in contrast to the arthritis experiment, there was an experiment involving human subjects who used sesame oils for 3 months and showed a moderately decreased level of blood sugar.

You can read this article about the experiment in detail.


Antioxidants are the substances that prevent or at least slow down the damage of the cells that may have been caused by the environmental or other oxidative pressures.

Cells produce a thing called free radicals, which are waste substances that pop up when the body consumes food.

Sometimes the body cannot remove these waste substances in a timely and successful manner, which is when the harming of the cells and body function can occur.

The waste substances number may increase when exposed to harmful external sources like smoke, UV rays, or some other sources of pollution.

Sesame oil is a rich source of two powerful antioxidants called sesamol and sesaminol, that as antioxidants boost the organism and help in disposing of the waste substances in our body.


The antioxidants that we have talked about in the text have anti-cancerous properties.

Sesamol is a major lignan in sesame seeds and due to its anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory properties, it has a protective role in the organism.

It can regulate various stages of cells and can act as a chemotherapeutic agent in therapy for cancer prevention.

The same is said for the antioxidant sesamin, which has the same characteristic as the sesamol, and can be used as a chemotherapeutic agent in tumor development, as well.


The sesame oil is more than often used in Taiwanese traditional medicine to treat the inflammation of the joints.

A more modern example is that of Mark Katsnelson, who has Crohn’s disease, which is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract. Mark has been living with Crohn’s disease for about 30 years and he is followed with “constant discomfort”.

He tried all medications and treatments at his disposal until he met Dr. Sampath Parthasarathy, whose successful treatment was based on sesame oil and its effects on inflammation.

In the conducted study, it was shown that people who took the sesame oil had a 50 percent decrease in inflammation markers. If you wish to learn more about Chron’s disease and Mark’s story, refer to these articles: Chron’s disease and Mark Katsnelson.

The doctors praised the easiness and cheapness of the sesame oil, which is true. Sesame oil is considered a common kitchen item, thus the low price and availability, and it is extremely easy to prepare food with the oil.

If you have trouble with inflammation, try sesame oil, and if the trouble persists and the prescribed medicine doesn’t help, try this.


Sesame oil due to its ingredients is sometimes used in treating wounds. Particularly, in Iran, there is an ointment that goes by the name Olea.

It is a combination of sesame oil, honey, and olive oil, and is utilized for burn treatment, in a sense that it prevents the infection of the wound and it helps in repairing damaged tissue due to its high concentration of antioxidants.

According to the conducted experiments, the effect of sesame oil in treating wounds highly depends on the type of wound and the size of the wound and its healing properties are increased if ozone is added to the oil.

The sesame ointment is effective against burn wounds as it shortens the inflammation phase, which further proves that sesame is a good and inexpensive alternative to other treatments.


The oil has several benefits just for your skin. Applying the oil to your skin will greatly moisturize it and improve the texture and overall appearance of your skin.

The oil is rich with fatty acids that make your skin soft and the vitamins A and E will battle the wrinkles that appear on certain areas of the skin, which adds an anti-aging characteristic to sesame oil.

Using sesame oil daily on the skin will also remove the toxins from the skin and aid those who have certain skin conditions, such as eczema.

It can also clear pimples and blackheads by applying the oil at night before sleeping and washing it off the next morning, or you can simply wash your face with it every night.

The most important aspect of sesame oil in terms of skin protection is that it can potentially protect your skin against UV rays.

Even though it cannot fully substitute sunscreen neither in its power, not effectiveness, it still provides a moderate UV protection for your skin.


A great number of people around the world suffer from insomnia and have trouble falling asleep.

Some people have found a solution in background noise phone applications, some have found a solution in using scented candles and oils.

Some, however, have found that applying sesame oil to their faces has helped them achieve a sense of relaxation that helped them fall asleep faster and better.

According to this article, when you apply sesame oil before going to bed, you sense a feeling of heaviness that relaxes you in a paradoxical way and helps you mentally sink into your bed.

You should not be expecting that it will help you sleep if you do not set the right atmosphere, for example, being in a well-lit room or a noisy room.

The oil helps you ease your mind and relax before falling asleep.


Sesame oil is not just beneficial for your hair, but the whole head and particularly scalp.

Being enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that feed your hair cells, sesame oil is an excellent way to keep your head and hair healthy.

The substances from the oil feed the hair and help her postpone graying, it soothes your scalp and gives the hair a shiny look.

One of the largest problems the majority of people have is dandruff. Having antibacterial properties, rubbing sesame oil onto your head and hear will prevent further dandruff and help decrease the itching sensation that dandruff sometimes causes, as well as help people with lice problems.

It is also believed that helps combat hair loss that is caused by stress, among other things. It is possible due to its cooling sensation which helps the person relax more, after the head application.

Sesame oil also promotes hair growth as it improves the blood circulation in the scalp and supplies nourishment to the hair shafts.

If you have problems with having dry hair, there is a concoction that can be made at home consisting of sesame oil and lemon juice that helps with that problem.


In addition to all the previous entries in this article, sesame oil also has some benefits on other fields of health that will be mentioned here.

Although not thoroughly researched, some believe that it can act as a pain reliever.

Using sesame oil as a massaging oil on a certain aching area might help relax and decrease the pain of that area.

As the oil consists of magnesium, among other minerals, it can help people that have respiratory problems. Magnesium is known as a mineral that relieves symptoms of asthma.

It does that by relaxing bronchial muscles and expanding the airways, allowing the person to breathe the air in and out more easily. It can help people with the common cold, as well.

Among the magnesium, calcium is also found in sesame oil, a mineral that is the main material for healthy and strong bones.

A certain number of people use oil for oral health. In the case of sesame oil, its antibacterial and antioxidant properties help you combat the bacteria in your mouth, as well as treat any wounds that you might have in your mouth and teeth gum.

Simply swish one tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth as long as you can and spit out the bacteria with the remains in the sink.

The vitamins in sesame oil will also help you with teeth plaque, bad breath, and other dental issues that you might have.

One of the most interesting and helpful things in sesame oil is an amino acid called tyrosine.

Tyrosine is the amino acid that affects serotonin activity which further affects the psychological mood of people.

The imbalance of serotonin can bring depression to people and sesame oil is an interesting and tasty ingredient that can help you in maintaining the serotonin in balance and keeping the stress away.

In addition to all these benefits, some other benefits that sesame oil might bring upon are help with bowel movements, improving eye health, prevention of hangover, lowering sodium levels, help with constipation problems, and massaging infants with sesame oil can help them in their growth and sleep.

Finally, it is very easy to incorporate sesame oil into your life. The easiest way is through food. Although different varieties have different aroma and flavor, in the culinary sense sesame oil is light in color and has a nutty flavor.

It is of great importance that you do not cook the sesame oil in high heat, as it may neutralize its many substances. The best way is to cook it at a low to medium heat.

Certain derivatives of sesame oils can be used as a substitution for frying oil, in addition to the default use of the flavoring agent at the end stage of the meal cooking.

In the culinary sense, sesame oil is mostly used and the most popular in Asian countries, such as Korea and China, and is an important part of their known street food culture and cuisine.


In conclusion, sesame oil provides many benefits for us. It is used not only for health issues but also has industrial uses, such as being a solvent for intravenous drip solutions and cosmetic carrier oil.

It is important to remember that moderation is key to everything. Sesame seeds being a part of the nut family, it is one of the most common allergies in the modern world.

Having said that, the perfect combination of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals is what makes sesame oil important for every aspect of a person’s life.

It is not a commodity due to its availability and moderate price, it can basically be found in every shop, for a variety of prices.

Many people are not sufficiently introduced to the health advantages that using sesame oil can bring but being a common oil, it is still widely used in the majority of the world.

Sesame oil is an essential addition to every diet with its deliciousness and abundance of healthy fat.

In addition to its tastiness, it is a source of highly important antioxidant substances that have various properties, including but not limited to anti-inflammatory properties, blood glucose regulating properties, and much more.

Having those substances, sesame oil also is greatly beneficial for improving the vitality of your joints, cleaning your skin, improving the blood circulation to your heart, and keeping your hair cells healthy and nourished.

Even though it has many benefits, some potential effects have not been extensively researched by an appropriate group of scientists, however, it is still a healthy alternative to a great number of other more commonly used oils and ointments.

Nonetheless, it is still an excellent source of important substances that can greatly improve your life.

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