Nowadays, the business environment is very dynamic and people sometimes need to work multiple jobs in order to feed their families.

Therefore, it is very hard to have children and take care of them, especially for parents who both have demanding jobs.

However, there are a lot of freelance babysitters and professional babysitter agencies that offer such services. Parents can simply hire some of them and be sure their children will be taken care of.

That would really help them concentrate on their work and even get out on a romantic dinner or party from time to time.

On the other hand, it is a good way for younger girls, who need some extra money, to learn new things and get some experience.

However, as in any other job, the competition is fierce and it is hard to get the job unless you stand out in some way.

One good way to do that is to make a good resume, which will stand out of the crowd and highlight your personal skills.

If you are here because you need career advice on getting some resume help and objective, make sure to stay and read what we had prepared for you.

Before we get on with that though, let’s take a moment and see what are the most important questions every good resume should answer:

  • How to stand out of the crowd with your resume?
  • What are the main points of each resume?
  • Should I use a generated template or make my own template?
  • What is the optimal resume size?

So, in other words, in order to make your resume look perfect, you have to answer all these questions while making it. Don’t worry, we are going to help you with that.

One thing that is sure, is that good resume would make you be different than all other candidates.

People often write the same generic things, either because they are lazy to invest some time in making a good resume, or they simply don’t have anything creative to add.

Apart from that, having a good resume would also help the company recruiters to get to know you a bit before they invite you to an interview.

That would allow them to prepare themselves and ask the right questions.

Before we start with the guide on how to make a perfect resume, we are going to show you how a perfect babysitter resume should look.

Then, we are going to analyze every part of the resume and discuss what should and what shouldn’t be included in each of them.

After all that, we will finish with some general tips and tricks that could prove useful if you decide to make your own resume.

If you think it is too much for you, we have another solution. You can simply use our resume template generator. Without keeping you out of the loop anymore, let’s start with the guide.

Babysitter Resume Example: Christina


…and here’s another great example for a babysitter resume.

Babysitter Resume Example: Cindy



The first step in making a good resume is, of course, making a good first impression.

You can do that by having a good ice breaker, which is in this case, your personal info section of the resume.

In this section, you should write something about yourself, personal details, contact, add some photo, email address, etc.

One thing to note here is that you shouldn’t make it too big, since the entire resume shouldn’t be longer than one or two pages, in order to keep your resume looks professional.

Now that we set some ground rules, let’s focus on every individual detail in the personal info section, so you could be sure what information to share and what format to use in order to properly write it.

Full name

When you meet someone for the first time, it is common to say your name and introduce yourself to them.

There is no difference when it comes to resumes as well. Your resume is your business card, so you should share some important personal information that could be useful to recruiters.

A very important thing to note is that you should never use any nicknames, but rather use your full name like shown in the example below.

Christina Haldane
Christina “Bunny” Haldane

Introducing yourself with your full name, or in some countries with only your surname is very professional.

Including any nicknames in the process would be considered highly immature and unprofessional, which is what you are trying o avoid since no one would want to hire that kind of people.


After you have presented yourself with your real name, you should share your previous or current job title, as well as the job position you want to apply for.

That way, you give a signal to recruiters and inform them if you have some experience or not in the respected field.


Most jobs don’t require that you post some photo.

However, it is always a good thing to do so, whether they ask or not because it would make your resume look more professional.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should put just any photo. Random photos from Facebook or Instagram are not good for that.

You have to post some photo, where you look professional, in order to increase your chances of getting the job.

So, dress up nice, make your hair look good, and take a picture that would present the best side of you.

Phone number

Apart from an email address, sharing your phone number is very important when you decide to apply for some job.

Even though you will usually apply via email, some recruiters prefer to talk to candidates over the phone, in order to get a better picture of their abilities and manners.

This is especially true for certain jobs, like in call centers.

Also, having multiple contact options is a very good idea, since email messages tend to get lost from time to time. Because of that, it is always a good idea to have multiple contact options.


Home address is usually not required by most employers.

However, it is never a mistake to put it in your resume. Sometimes, it can really be useful.

Recruiters could offer you paid transport or even send you to a closer working place if the company has several in your area.

E-Mail Address

As mentioned above, the most important personal information you need to put in your resume is your email address.

It is the primary way of communication between recruiters and candidates, as well as between employers and employees.

Therefore, you shouldn’t fail to mention this detail. However, you shouldn’t use just any email. Similar like with names, it is not good to use the email that has some nicknames in it.

It is a better choice to make one business email with your full name, or if your name is long, you can use a bit shorter version. Just as it is done in the example below.

As for email providers, you should only use very common ones, such as Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail.

They are the most known and used some others would be considered a bit riskier and unprofessional, which is what you are trying to avoid.

Social Media profiles

Ah, the age of the internet! You can’t go anywhere or do anything, without at least one person mentioning some social media platform or ask you to share your social media profiles.

Even modern business is closely linked to certain social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Therefore, it is only natural to ask yourself whether you should share your social media profiles in your resume or not. The answer is both yes and no.

Depending on the job position you are applying for, it would be a good idea to include some of your social media profiles, such as Facebook or Instagram if we take Digital Marketing expert position.

However, before you do that, you should make your profiles look professional and not sloppy. You need to “lead by example”, so to say.

If they see that your own profile is well-organized and neat, that could tell them that you will do the same with the company’s profile.

In other cases, adding social media profiles might not be necessary.

Except one that should always be included in your resume, which is a LinkedIn profile, which is a social media network for business people, to connect to each other and companies.

One thing to note is that before adding the LinkedIn link in your resume, you should edit it to look more professional like it is shown in the table below.

A Summary Section that recruiters are looking for in a babysitter resume

We know that we had mentioned how resumes should be as short as possible, but they should also have as much information as possible.

Sometimes, some parts of your resume can contain a lot of information, so it is a good idea to write a summary of your most important points in just a couple of sentences.

In this section, you should share some of your previous jobs, your personal experience, skills you have and situations you can work in, as well as some achievements you might have picked up along the way. Let’s check the example in the table to clarify.


A 22-years-old babysitter with over 3 years of experience in working with children from age 1-7, capable of entertaining children, by signing with them, playing some funny games or simply make funny faces for them to laugh at. Have all important skills regarding children and baby safety, as well as skills needed to take care of babies, such as changing diapers, feeding them, helping them fall asleep.


Babysitter with over 3 years of experience.


As you can see in the example above, the summary in the left column is a bit extensive, but it’s within the margin, so it can be considered neither too big nor too small. It shows some basic information about the applicant’s experience and skills regarding previous jobs.

The summary in the right column literally tells us nothing.

The chance is that at least 80% of the applicants will have the same summary, so this one cannot make your resume look good and stand out of the crowd.

Therefore, it is a good idea to take your time, write some core skills and experience you previously had.

If you don’t have any, you can put some school or university achievements, titles and GPA score, as well as some other skills that might be useful for the job you are applying for.


In the experience section, you should write your previous or current jobs, if you had some, or simply some volunteering work or internships if you are a fresh graduate.

A proper way of writing the Experience section is by doing it in the reverse-chronological order, meaning that you would first write your latest job, and finish with your first job as shown in the example.


Another thing to notice from the example is that you should write some points about each job.

Tell what you did, what tasks you had, how did you do it and what skills you used to improve the efficiency of your job. It can simply be a small description or a bullet point list.


After finishing with the experience section, you should go a step back and write something about your education. The principle is the same.

First, write your highest completed education, then finish with the lowest. In this case, you don’t even have to put all the schools, sometimes it is enough to put just the highest, especially if you already have some working experience.


As seen in the table above, you should also write something about your school achievements, performance or activities that you might have participated while being in that school.

You could also share your GPA score if it was good or share if you had made it onto the Dean’s list multiple times.


When it comes to the skills section, you should avoid putting all kinds of skills you might have.

Instead, think about what skills are important for the job you are applying for and put those skills to be seen. For instance, being familiar with JavaScript is practically useless when it comes to babysitting, so there is really no reason to put it on the list.

Yes, it is great to have a lot of skills but remember, you need to keep resume as short as possible. So, putting any unnecessary information would just make that harder to be done.

Also, try separating skills into categories, and use bulleting lists, making it easier for recruiters to check it out and compare skills you have with the skills they need for the job at the question.



That would be everything for the main part of the guide on how to write a perfect babysitter resume.

Now, let’s cover some general tips and tricks regarding resumes, in order to help you understand the concept even better.

  • Picking a font – the first thing you need to do when you open a document and start writing your resume is picking the best font style for your resume. In general, you want to make your resume look as professional as possible, and to reflect your personality at the same time. Picking the right font can help you do that. However, it is not a good idea to use handwritten font styles, because they are much harder to read, so it could really annoy the recruiters.
  • Optimal resume size – as said above, the best resumes are the short, but informative ones. Thinking that big resumes would increase your chances of getting the job is an illusion. Shorter and better-organized resumes, with more quality content, are way more important when it comes to getting the job. The usual practice is to make resumes that are around one or a maximum of two pages in length. Therefore, you need to be careful not to put any unnecessary information.
  • Making the best use of bulleting lists – one good way to add more quality content, without sacrificing too many spaces is to include bulleting lists in your resume. By using lists, you can write much more information and make it look more professional and easier to read, which is something that every recruiter would welcome with open hands.
  • Picking the right file format –the first time, file format might seem trivial, but it is, in fact, a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making a perfect resume. There are two best choices: .txt and .pdf formats. While text format is easier to be edited, the better option of those two is .pdf format, simply because it looks neater and more professional. So, our advice is that you always have a resume kept in both formats. Use .txt one to edit what you need and then convert it to .pdf before you send it with the job application.
  • Picking the right template – your resume is your business card, it should represent your personality and business skills. Having a nice resume template helps with that. Depending on the template style, recruiters can guess what kind of person you are, and nice-looking resumes are always more appealing than blank and boring resumes covered with text on a white sheet of paper. There are a lot of resume templates out there, but if you want, you can simply use our resume template creator and make your resume in a very short time.
  • Regular email check – we had already mentioned how emails are an important part of business communication nowadays. Therefore, when you apply for a job, you should regularly check your email and see if you got some answer from the company. Also, don’t forget to check the Spam folder, since some very important messages could end up there and you don’t want to miss your chance of getting a job because of bad message placement.
  • Revisiting your resume after completion – when you finish writing your resume, it would be a good idea to re-read it and pretend to be a recruiter. That way, you can notice if you had missed anything important and fix it. That would make your resume look more professional and complete, leaving you without the need to worry about any missing information. A completely polished resume is a perfect resume.
  • Political opinion: include or not? – you might be in a political party, you might have worked on some political projects and stuff. But do not include that in your resume. Yes, if a recruiter is a member of the same party, you could benefit and you could have a higher chance of getting the job. However, if it is not the case, you might lose that chance for good. Are you willing to risk it? You really shouldn’t be. You can never know what other people like and think, what are their political opinions, or whether their opinions match yours. In those cases, people might lose objectivity, so it is better not to mention any of it in your resume.
  • Use of proper grammar – using proper grammar when writing a resume is imperative. There is no recruiter in the world, who would accept people with sloppy grammar if we talk about some corporate jobs. Even on other types of jobs, like a babysitter, it is important to show that you have the basic knowledge of grammar. After all, you need to be able to properly communicate with parents and even a child, if it is a bit older.
  • Regular resume updates – over time people learn new things, acquire a new set of skills and gain some experience. If you always want to be ready to apply for any job, you should regularly update your resume, by adding all those things, so you could always have a finished resume, in case some nice chance pops up.


That would be it, folks! Today we saw how babysitter resume should look like.

We explained all parts of the resume and what piece of information you should put in each of them and what information you should avoid sharing there.

After that, we finished with some tips and tricks that might prove useful if you are applying for a job and need to write your resume.

What remains now, is for you to go out and make that resume, so you could start babysitting those kids. By now, you should have the basic knowledge on how to do that.

However, if you are still feeling a bit unsure about some parts of the resume, feel free to use our online resume builder, with which you will be able to create your resume in a very short time.

It is simple, you just need to fill in the necessary information and you are ready and set to take that job for yourself.

Babysitter Resume: Sample & Complete Guide

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