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Audio engineering is an awesome career path to follow for those who love the more technical side of music. These individuals play a fundamental role in the ever-growing music industry and therefore to anyone with an appreciation for music.

Also known as sound engineers, the role of an audio engineer can go way beyond music and can branch into sound design and control for events such as, conferences, theatres, and other venues that require larger sound projection.

If you are looking at getting into the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sounds, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of the top 6 audio engineering courses available online for anyone looking to establish a solid foundation in this compelling field or even for someone looking to expand on existing knowledge. Online courses are also a great way to keep up with growing trends in the industry as well as to brush up on your knowledge. Keep on reading to find the perfect course for you!


Designed and created by Clarian North, a well-established instructor with recognized industry certification, this Complete Audio + Music Producer 2020 course is everything you have been looking for in a course.

From live warping and split testing to studio set ups and recording techniques, this course covers everything you need to become the best audio engineer you possibly can. You will be engaging with modern and advanced audio production knowledge and skills, while learning from one of the best in the industry.

The course has been split up into 26 relevant sections that run over 18.5 hours in total. All content has been produced in line with the latest industry demands and is sure to give you the experience needed to develop your passion and showcase your skills to the world.

What the reviews are saying:

“Clarian managed to make hard concepts like automation and compression easy for newcomers and fresh for experienced producers. Also, the exercises and the feedback really keep you motivated. Finally, the community of students is just so great. It is amazing to share this experience with people all over the world. Thank you for this course Clarian!” – Sergio Carrasco Montes

“It has been a fantastic journey. The education really lives up to its name. I started this course without any previous knowledge or experience. After completing the course, I can proudly say that I have accumulated broad and deep invaluable knowledge that will be crucial to achieve my high goals as a music producer. I’m forever grateful for this – the value you get for what you pay is honestly ridiculously cheap .. Recommended for anyone who wants to do music!” – André Västhed


Join the team at K12 for this very exciting Audio Engineering (Elective) course that is currently being offered either through a school within your state or as an individual course that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Over the duration of this one semester course, you will delve into the physics of sound, as well as the history of various recording technologies. You will also gain insights into the four main stages used in professional music recording that can be applied to your personal projects.

Teaching and learning will take place through a series of hands-on projects that make use of open-source recording and mixing program, Audacity. This will aid your learning of the fundamental concepts while giving you practical experience. Find out what K12 has to offer by following the link below.


Coursera and the University of Rochester have teamed up to bring you this incredible comprehensive course that covers the Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering.

The course requires approximately 16 hours to complete and allows for flexible deadlines to work in accordance with your personal schedule. By the end of the course you will have covered the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics as well as how you can apply these when making your own music. Some of the exciting topics covered include musical sound, sound waves, basic electronics, and so much more!

Coursera is offering this course completely free of charge for all those interested. Upon completion you will also receive a certificate of achievement that can be added to your resume. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity and enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“I enjoyed all the lessons and discussions. The whole course was a great experience which eventually enhanced my knowledge and developed new skills. It is my first time to be in an online course but I could say that it is worth experiencing. Its so epic to complete the course. 5 stars men!” – Erlie D.

“Very practical course that combines mathematical and engineering theory with hands-on, real-world examples, hardware, and software. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in how mechanical and electrical systems apply to music engineering.” – Scott H H.


Udemy is offering you the opportunity to join thousands of others in mastering audio by following a tried and tested step-by-step guide. Everything you need to know will be explained by Marco Galvan through this Audio Mastering: The Complete Guide course.

Marco Galvan has been an active member of the music and audio business for the past 15 years and is eager to share his expertise with you. Over the duration of this specialization course he will share with you a clear and effective method for mastering your audio to bring clarity and punch to your sound.

By the end of this course you will have background knowledge into most of the audio processes used to master music. All of the concepts learned are applicable to any type of audio project and were created to bring you better results. Follow the link below to see what Marco and his team have to offer you.

What the reviews are saying:

“This course has helped me to understand the difference between mixing and mastering and to appreciate the critical role each plays in the music production process. I learned more than I expected and will be much more confident of delivering properly finished music pieces from now on.” – Raymond Keefe

“During the last years, I saw a lot of paid tutorials for this topic. This one is one of the best of this because you understand to explain complex things in a simple and compact way. While you explain this you don’t have to use showmanship or numerous announcements, that the biggest fact will be manifested in one of the following videos.

All lessons are very objective, but not too long or even boring. Your Style to explain things ist very useful and sympathetic. In addition to my words of thanks, I will, of course, buy all other courses as well.

Thank you very very much, Marco.” – Steve H.


LinkedIn Learning (previously known as Lynda.com) is a leading online learning platform who have made it their mission to aid individuals in adopting the skills they need to achieve their full potential. This is achieved through a subscription service that grants you access to a library filled with engaging and high-quality courses produced by industry experts.

Upon joining you will have unlimited access to the entire LinkedIn Learning extensive library selection. The Audio Engineering library is filled with training videos and tutorials that cover a wide range of audio engineering concepts such as microphone selection, studio setup, compression, equalization, phase cancellation, and so much more!

There are currently 27 Courses and over 946 video tutorials related to audio engineering available at the moment, with more content being added on a regular basis. Sign up today and receive a free monthly trial!


Your First Home Recording Studio – Audio Engineering Basics course is the perfect starting point for kicking off your audio engineering career, as you journey through the concepts needed to set up your very first recording studio.

The course covers 58 in-depth lectures over which you will learn fun and engaging concepts such as choosing the right sound equipment, understanding how microphones and other recording equipment works, creating incredible records, and so much more!

What sets this course apart from the rest is that is makes use of real life examples and scenarios for you to learn from. By the end of this course you will have the fundamental knowledge and skills that will put you way ahead of your competitors.

What the reviews are saying:

“I love the course. It gives you all you need to start int this world. Many of the questions you may have will be answered here. I have not completed the course but I cannot wait to go through the rest of it and learn the insights for start making my recordings.” – Jose Alberto Servera Ayala

“Really good introductory course. I’d already started making some acoustic guitar recordings before taking Mike’s audio engineering introduction course, but I wanted to actually understand the equipment I was using a little better. This course is concise, to the point, and answers exactly what I hoped it would answer and I have a much better understand of my mic/audio interface/DAW now.” – James McGraw

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