Stacking up degrees will give nothing if there is no personal development. Millions of people keep struggling their entire life without any positive outcome. Though life offers endless opportunities, it depends on how we perceive them.

The door of success is open for everyone, but only a few enter it with confidence. The awareness and ambition for personal development play a big role in helping people grab opportunities and learn from their mistakes.

Investing in personal development can reap a gazillion of benefits. It’s never too late to change your life. Let us learn some great personal development tips for a better change:

1. Acceptance, Blueprinting, and Consistent Learning

A – Acceptance

Everyone is unique. Accept the true you, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then you will be able to set the ground for success.

B – Blueprinting

Now, blueprinting refers to your prior focus even on the minute details. For instance, if you aim to pursue digital marketing, create a framework for your action plan. Focus on everything from training and education to experience and implementation. Do not get demotivated with failures. Treat them positively and keep checking your action plan repeatedly.

C – Consistent Learning

Consistency in learning is imperative even for the high-achievers. Since the world is becoming more and more competitive, there is a dire need to stay in touch with the experts in our field. Following them on social media, listening to their podcasts, reading blogs, and attending seminars are a few useful ways of continuous learning.

2. Discipline, Effectiveness, and Focus

D – Discipline

Unlike procrastination, discipline is an essential trait of personality development. It means taking the right actions at the right time to achieve the desired success.

E – Effectiveness

Effectiveness refers to getting the maximum output with minimum resources. Like you have limited time and energy, but you can plan to get the most of these resources. Create a list starting from the ones with the highest priorities.

F – Focus

Success will become a big question without focus. However, breaks are mandatory to refresh your mind and sharpen focus during work hours.


Turn off the notifications of social media accounts. You can also delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps from your phone.

3. Goals, Hours, and Imperfection

G – Goals

Set goals for every aspect of your life, whether personal, social, educational, or health. When you set goals, you transform abstract plans into concrete goals; hence they become more achievable. Goals also help you stay on track.

H – Hours

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day, then how do some people more do in these 24 hours while others don’t? The answer is simple; successful people focus on getting their tasks done in the available time by planning tasks according to urgency and importance. Declutter your calendar and get the important tasks done first, instead of wasting your energy on inconsequential tasks.

I – Imperfection

Never expect perfection; nobody in the world is perfect. Realizing and accepting your imperfections is essential to success. When we keep aiming for perfection, we end up achieving nothing at all.

4. Journal, Kool-Aid, Legacy

J – Journal

Maintain a journal about your life. What have you achieved so far? What are your plans, and what are your current challenges? Jotting down these points will help you gain self-awareness. Once you have written them down, it will be easier to understand what needs to be done.

K – Kool-Aid

Surround yourself with positivity. Meet positive and inspirational people, read motivational stories, attend mind-changing seminars, and listen to good podcasts.

L – Legacy

Spend some time daily in thinking about how you want to be remembered? It will motivate you to achieve the things you want to accomplish.

5. Mastery, Negotiate and Overlook

M – Mastery

Become a master in your field. Although the process is lengthy and requires prolonged efforts too, it is worth doing. How do you master something? By continuing to learn and by persistence. Don’t let yourself be deterred by small failures; instead, use them to learn and grow. Moreover, continue to gain new knowledge and don’t become too attached to old information.

N – Negotiate

Negotiating is a skill, and only a few people are gifted with it. No matter in which level of career you are, having some negotiating skills is always a plus. Notice others who are good at it and try to emulate them to get ahead.

O – Overlook

You don’t have to master everything – overlooking certain tasks and skills is not a bad idea. By overlooking, we mean that you should delegate them to someone else so you can keep all your focus on the primary skills and do not waste time working on the skills that are not essential for you.

6. Persistence, Quit, and Responsibility

P – Persistence

Getting the desired outcomes for the first time is rare. Some people give up easily. Never let failure demotivate you. Always be persistent in your efforts. Remember the mission and work hard to achieve it.

Q – Quit

Many of us do not want to embrace a positive change. It is because a sudden change is always painful. For instance, learning French may be frustrating when it is not your mother language, and quitting it may ease you. However, never quit something just because it is not in your comfort zone.

R – Responsibility

Treat personal development as your responsibility. Note down your performance and reward yourself for achieving goals. Take responsibility and ownership of your actions to you can feel proud of your achievements and learn from your mistakes.

7. Service and Teachable

S – Service

Always try to give more service than it is required. It will set you apart from others, and you will get a satisfying feeling.

T – Teachable

Treat yourself as a beginner and get ready to absorb maximum knowledge. Over-confidence is the bane of success. Always learn things from experienced professionals.

8. Unique and Vision

U – Unique

Observe your unique strengths and try to work on it. Making yourself unique is a perfect strategy for success. For instance, if you know a rare skill, polish it to perfection, and success is guaranteed.

V – Vision

You should know the vision of your life. It means that you know what you want to do. Having a clear vision means you will be able to develop plans to achieve your goals.

9. Work Hard and Excellence

W – Work Hard

Always work hard. Each time you will learn something new. This experience is essential for your success. Compromise on weekends and breaks. Hard work always pays off.

X – Excellence

Try to be excellent at anything you do. Give your best, and you will be happy even if you don’t achieve your goal in the first go.

10. Yearn and Zeal

Y – Yearn

You should have a great desire to do something meaningful in your life. So, focus on the things which you desire the most. Always remember the result, and you will feel motivated to work for it.

Z – Zeal

Enthusiasm is mandatory for achieving your life goals. There is no point in working for a goal that you are not excited about. Always focus on things for which you have great zeal.

The Takeaway

So, these are my tips for personality development. Following this A-Z list will surely bring a positive change. Have you ever worked on personality development? Share some tips with us!

10 Tips to Be at Your Personal Best – A to Z of Personal Development
Author Bio:
Nouman Ali provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.