We should all count ourselves lucky for being born in this generation, where communication and interaction are facilitated by technology. Media is no longer limited to print and broadcast, everything seems to be digital these days.

51 Startup Podcasters that Deliver Real Insights

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It is in this age of digital technology that we are introduced to other types of media that are decidedly more convenient and effective. Internet made that happen.

Just a couple of clicks is all it takes to connect to someone on the other side of the globe. Exchanges are done in real-time, and conversations across distances are definitely more dynamic.


Among the many modern digital media that are currently being used today, a podcast stands out in the convenience and ease that it offers in delivering messages.

The word “podcast” is coined from the words “iPod” and “broadcast”. iPod, of course, refers to the groundbreaking music and media player developed by Apple Company. This media player is also the primary device where these podcasts may be played.

A podcast is basically a series of digital media files, released or played as episodes. Users may opt to subscribe to a podcast and choose the option of the episodes being downloaded automatically as they are released. It’s like an upgraded version of the radio. Aside from audio and video file formats, these episodes may also come in other file formats. For example, in the case of e-books, they are in ePub or PDF format.

Extremely busy people are always looking for ways to pack a lot more activities in a short span of time. They want to accomplish as much as they can even in a very limited amount of time, and even the act of listening to an episode of their favorite radio show takes so much of their precious time.

This is why they find podcasts very convenient. They can set the podcast episodes to be automatically downloaded, so they can listen to it later on – while they’re driving to and from work, or working out at the gym, or boarding a flight to meet important people in another city or country.

Podcasts are seen to be the future of radio. In fact, it is fast gaining traction, even the podcasters are seen to be as influential as the most famous bloggers. Podcasts can cover a million topics, which makes it even more appealing among users. It is not just for entertainment and commercial purposes, because we now have a lot of educational and instructional podcasts to fill our time with. Just make sure to use a good podcast host when starting a podcast. Learn how to start a podcast step-by-step.

A perfect example would be podcasts that share business knowledge and the tips and tricks used by actual businesses and entrepreneurs. For this discussion, we will be focusing on startup podcasts.



#1. 1 Day Business Breakthrough

1 Day Business Breakthrough is designed for “helping entrepreneurs discover their next big idea today”. The format involves having one business founder or owner for each episode discuss the growth strategies that they are currently implementing in their businesses.

#2. 500Startup Founders Podcast

Anyone wanting to set up their own startup is probably eyeing Silicon Valley as a starting point, so who better to get helpful tips and tricks from than those who are actually there? 500 Startups is a venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley. With investment in over 1,300 technology startups, they are sure to have a ton of useful information to share. This podcast features relatively short but meaty interviews with entrepreneurs, startup founders and other influencers.

#3.  a16z

Taking a global approach in startups is something that entrepreneurs would want, but they will definitely need some help. Private venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is using this podcast in providing the aid and assistance that businesses are looking for.

#4. Ask Gary Vee Show

Gary Vee is an entrepreneur – and proud of it, too. He often talks about subjects such as entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing in the podcast episodes. His opinions alone are worth hearing, and he always has something to say about anything and everything. He goes into social media where he gathers questions from his followers, and answers them on his podcast.

#5. Build and Launch

Every week, host Justin Jackson walks listeners through the process of building and developing a new product. The first episodes were focused on how one can go about building his first product, which is a must for aspiring founders.

#6. Business Insanity

Let’s face it. Starting a business can get quite crazy, especially in the early stages. Barry Moltz aims to use this podcast to inject a bit of sanity in the whole process. Being an entrepreneur and founder, he has been there, and done all that. He now takes his 15 years of experience to be of help to other aspiring entrepreneurs and founders.

#7. Collective Wisdom for Tech Startups

One could never get so much wisdom from founders and entrepreneurs, but the great amount of content that this Founders Collective podcast delivers is quite valuable. Founders Collective happens to be the venture capital firm that has made substantial seed investments in Uber, Buzzfeed and SeatGeek. It also brings in other founders to provide sound business advice.

#8. Dorm Room Tycoon

Once you check out this podcast, you will be glad that you did. It features host William Channer conducting interviews with business and industry leaders and world-class entrepreneurs. His talks with founders, ventures capital investors and accelerators are of particular note due to how insightful they are.

#9. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Do not be fooled by the title of the podcast, because it does not focus solely on marketing. It also contains useful information for startups, especially when it comes to content creation and promoting brand awareness. It is hosted by John Jantsch who, along with his guests, will walk you through how you can market your products and services more effectively.

#10. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas starts every episode of “Entrepreneur on Fire” by going straight for the jugular, asking his entrepreneur guests what their biggest failures and disappointments are. From there, they move on to how these failures were turned around to become huge successes. This straightforward and fast-paced format is part of the reason why this podcast was awarded as one iTunes best podcasts in 2013. It is so popular it gets 1 million downloads monthly, and making more than $250,000 per month.

#11. Foundation

Entrepreneurs are often reserved when it comes to sharing about their personal lives, thinking the subject has nothing to do with their skills and abilities to run their startups or businesses. However, that is exactly what Foundation focuses on. The high-profile guests that the host, Digg founder Kevin Rose, talked about their personal lives. This was probably the only place where names such as Twitter’s and Square’s Jack Dorsey and Zappos’ Tony Hsieh willingly talked in depth about their personal lives.

#12. Hack The Entrepreneur

Three times a week, podcast host Jon Nastor provides listeners with business hacks, tools and other useful information that can be used in starting, running, and growing a business. The approaches are practical, so they are not daunting or intimidating even for newbies in business.

#13. Hatching

In a sea of business and entrepreneurship podcasts, this podcast by design studio Need/Want zeroes in on what potential founders need and want: early stage ideas and experiments. The natural banter between the hosts is another refreshing thing about this podcast. Aside from providing tech news, it also reviews new apps that you might be interested in.

#14. How to Start a Startup

The podcast name should be explanatory enough; the episodes talk about how you can start your startup. This podcast is the result of the collaboration between Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and Stanford University. Hosted by Sam Altman, this podcast often gets notable speakers on the show, including Marissa Meyer and Peter Thiel.

#15. Lean Startup

Lean production is a system that is being bandied around lately in manufacturing industries, and that is what is at the heart of every episode of this podcast by Mark Graban. It is especially helpful to entrepreneurs looking into making their production and operations lean and efficient.

#16. Mixergy

If you are to learn something, wouldn’t you want to get it from the best? Aspiring entrepreneurs would probably spend a fortune to learn from the founders of successful companies like Wikipedia and Groupon. Mixergy makes that happen. Free subscription gives one access to over a thousand episodes containing insightful interviews. Go premium, and you will also getaccess to some of the courses being offered.

#17. PNR: The Old Marketing

It is important to stay abreast of the latest in marketing and business. This podcast provides the latest trends in content marketing, which entrepreneurs can learn a lot from. It is like a review show, where hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose talk about the recent trends and how they can be applied in business.

#18. Product Hunt Radio

One of the keys to a successful startup is having a great product – not just a good product, but a great one – and this podcast will help aspiring entrepreneurs look for and discover new products, or gain inspiration for them. Founder and host Ryan Hoover is responsible for this product- and tech-centric podcast.

#19. Product People

If you are wondering how great products are developed – from design and development to testing and marketing – you will get valuable input from this podcast, hosted by partners Kyle Fox and Justin Jackson.

#20. Reboot

Business is not all about numbers, facts and figures. It also requires a considerable amount of emotional investment on the part of the founders or entrepreneurs. There are psychological issues or aspects that cannot be avoided. Host Jerry Colonna talks to these founders, zeroing in on the psychological and emotional struggles they have gone through in starting and growing their startups.

#21. Re/code Decode

Journalist Kara Swisher brings her skills to the fore as she interviews business leaders and prominent personalities in their respective industries. What makes this podcast very informative is how it does not focus merely on startups, but on the effects and influences they can get from various factors, such as tradition, pop culture, media and politics.

#22. Rocketship

This is definitely an interesting title for an equally interesting podcast featuring the most successful entrepreneurs who openly talk about how they grew their startups, and how others can also do the same. HubSpot’s Brian Balfour is only one of the big names that came on the show to tackle topics on raising capital, product design and development and establishing customer relations.

#23. She Did It Her Way

It is time to shine the spotlight on women entrepreneurs, and this podcast does exactly that. It invites a successful woman entrepreneur on the show every week to talk about their startup stories and how they did it “their way”. Don’t get us wrong, though. Although it may be from the female perspective, the wisdom shared is almost always very useful for all entrepreneurs.

#24. Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner

Want to learn about entrepreneurship from Stanford University without actually attending even a single class? The next best thing is through this weekly podcast, where you can hear entrepreneurs and innovators share their stories, thoughts and ideas. Some of the names that have already contributed include Yelp’s Geoff Donaker, Task Rabbit’s Leah Busque, Bitcoin’s Bobby Lee, HubSpot’s Dharmesh Shah, and Intuit’s Scott Cook.

#25. Startup

Startup covers the basics of… well, startups. The producers of National Public Radio (NPR) created a podcast that talks in depth about the economy while providing guidance on how one can start his or her own business.

#26. Startup Chat

It’s like a chat, but better. Here you have episodes that are at most 30 minutes long, but you do not have to worry about fillers because every episode is packed with info that entrepreneurs can actually use! If you are looking for quick and easy tips for starting and building your own business, then this is the podcast to check out!

#27. Startup Grind

Aside from offering great content through the podcast, Derek Andersen’s “Startup Grind”also served as another platform for events where he will be in discussion with movers and shakers in the business world.

#28. Startup School Radio

This is a relatively new podcast by Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and hosted by one of its founders, Aaron Harris. The founders that appear as guests on the show provide practical advice on startup matters, particularly funding and expansions.

#29. Startups for the Rest of Us

The software industry is where you will find a great number of startups. That means these entrepreneurs need a lot more help than the others. This podcast is owned by Mike Taber and Rob Walling, who are both successful software entrepreneurs.Software developers and designers, particularly those who are planning on launching their own startup in the future, will greatly benefit from these episodes.

#30. Starve the Doubts

Relationships are vital elements in any organization, whether it is for a startup or a company that has been inexistence for decades. That is one of the main thrusts of this podcast hosted by Jared Easly and Kimanzi Constable. It also looks into the personal relationships of entrepreneurs with members of their family and their friends.

#31. The Ashish Walia Show

Just think of the wealth of information and insight that you can get from successful entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Ashish Walia takes you along with her as she interviews and picks the brains of these successful movers and shakers of the global market. He talks about how startups should handle legal work, how to seek funding, and more.

#32. The Bcast

BPlans developed this podcast for the purpose of serving as a platform to discuss topics that are most relevant for small businesses. Every week, they bring in business experts to talk about the latest trends in business, marketing and sales. It’s like getting your MBA in an informal setting.

#33. The Changelog

Developers who are planning to launch their own startup will learn a thing or two by listening to episodes of The Changelog. It provides the latest updates on software and open sources, and is overall a good provider of motivation for anyone who dreams to have their own successful tech startups someday.

#34. The Competitive Edge

Scott Briton covers a wide range of topics in his podcast, but it is preferred by many entrepreneurs – even of startups – because of how it is focused on developing their competitive edge. The speakers are some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and thought leaders in business, sharing their experiences and giving useful advice.

#35. The Critical Path

Fans of Apple are not the only ones who will be interested in listening to this podcast. Anyone who has an interest in technology – specifically mobile technology –will gain a lot in listening to the episodes of The Critical Path. It’s a helpful tool for startups eyeing the tech markets as their milieu.

#36. The Fizzle Show

This podcast proves that talking about business can actually be fun. Hosts Barrett Brooks, Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves effectively combine their light and humorous banter with serious talks about business, making for a refreshing and highly informative listen.

#37. The Full Ratchet

Seeking financing or funding is something that is mostly dreaded by entrepreneurs who are launching their own startups. Things would have been easier if they could read the minds of investors, so they will know which buttons to push in order to obtain the financing they need. The Full Ratchet is one way to do that, with its episodes consisting of interviews with angel investors and venture capitalists.

#38. The Gently Mad

Although The Gently Mad is not strictly a startup podcast, the many episodes where business founders and tech innovators come on the show are highly informative. The host takes a personal approach in asking his questions, and the results are honest conversations that cut straight through the chase and to the heart of the matter.

#39. The Growth Show

Startups are growth-oriented, which makes The Growth Show a fitting podcast to listen to. HubSpot is already a very helpful source, and producing this podcast only added to the value that they offer to users. They look up key players in companies, and invite them to talk about what they did in order to make their respective companies grow.

#40. The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is the perfect host for this podcast. He has written bestselling books, built several companies, and even ran hedge and ventures funds. He has made a lot of money, and lost a lot of money, too. These experiences, combined with the things he has learned and gone through in investing in highly successful tech companies, make him the perfect person to talk about business and startups. He also often conducts exclusive interviews with business personalities and pioneers.

#41. The Pitch

It is nerve-wracking to pitch a startup to investors. The Pitch aims to address that issue, releasing episodes where business founders pitch their startups. The pitches are made to the podcast hosts Josh Muccio and Sheel Mohnot and an audience composed of angel investors. It’s often likened to business reality shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit.

#42. The Struggling Entrepreneur

Anyone who is launching a startup faces a struggle, one way or another, which makes this podcast very fitting. Instead of going purely theoretical, this podcast delve more into the practical side of business, addressing subjects on improving one’s marketing, how professionalism plays a great role in business, what difficulties to expect, and the like.

#43. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss made his name as an investor and an entrepreneur, then he went ahead and became a bestselling author. However, he became renowned when he started this podcast, where he brings together a group of diverse individuals for a round-table discussion on how to make a startup a success. He does not invite entrepreneurs or business people only, because he also brought to the show athletes and even musicians who have a thing or two to share about investing and entrepreneurship.

#44. The Top with Nathan Latka

This is a consistent frontrunner in the business podcast race, and who could blame subscribers and listeners? Host Nathan Latka spends time with the top guns or names in the industry (after all, the podcast name has the word “top” in it) and they talk about their business success stories, where he also manages to squeeze some useful advice on business techniques and strategies that paved these leaders’ way to the top.

#45. The Twenty-Minute VC

This podcast by Harry Stebbings lets you learn more about venture capital, startup funding, and how to make “the pitch”. Believe it or not, Stebbings is only 18 but he is already doing a marvelous job of getting valuable information and advice from prominent investors who are always on the lookout for potentially successful startups.

#46. The WOW Small Business

Bryan Orr knows how small businesses work – he’s an entrepreneur himself. Which is what makes him an effective host for the podcast The WOW Small Business. Here, he talks to other industry leaders and experts on topics such as leadership, time management, efficiency, finance, human resource management and more.

#47. This Week in Startups

This podcast, which is released bi-weekly, features interviews the most prominent and influential entrepreneurs, putting great emphasis on startups. The podcaster Jason Calacanis started out as an entrepreneur himself, so he knows what he’s talking about, even as he gets deep in discussion with the likes of Uber’s Travis Kalanick and Reddit’s Steve Huffman.

#48. Tick Tock Podcast

Time management is a skill that entrepreneurs must have, especially when starting a startup. After all, time is money and every second counts. This podcast from Sweetfish Media is hosted by Sean Blacburn and James Carbary. They delve mostly on time management and time-saving tools for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. The episodes are very short, but they go straight to the point, giving us what we need.

#49. Traction: How Startups Start

Venture capital firm Next View Ventures is the brain behind this podcast. As the podcast title implies, it releases episodes that talk about how startups start. What adds to its credibility is the fact that the podcast features entrepreneurs and their real and true stories of their businesses started and how their products took off and grew big – big enough to sustain the business.

#50. Zen Founder

Successful entrepreneurs should be healthy entrepreneurs. That is the main message that the Zen Founder aims to deliver in its episodes. Many entrepreneurs give up halfway during the process of starting up, and many of them blame it on the emotional toll that the process brings to them. The founders talk about how they go about their business while dealing with issue on family, health and personal relationships.

#51. Zero To Scale

Profit is always in the sights of entrepreneurs. How can they go from zero profit to earning as much as $20,000 per month? That is the question that is meant to be answered in this podcast. The two hosts of the show, Justin McGill and Greg Hickman, take their listeners on this journey – what strategies they use and the results that they are getting. While the other podcasts are more theoretical, this one takes it a step further through application of the principles discussed.

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