Working nine to five (or longer) is not necessarily fun. And even if you would consider your work interesting in general, there are certainly days or periods when everyone gets slightly demotivated, bored and nervous.

Those days call for action and action means-pranks!

Now, I wouldn’t say I lack the sense of humor but researching through the internet and seeing all pranks creative employees around the world thought and pulled off… No other word but, amazing!

Some people actually devote tremendous efforts into messing up with their coworkers and some of these epic pranks are, at times, truly impressive!

We all know that best results happen when one dedicates time, energy and resources and this applies to successful pranks as well.

Sometimes it only takes a really good idea, but more often, it is simply ‘the more, the better’.

A few words of wisdom before I guide you through some of my favorite office pranks…


Do not insult (I mean really insult) your coworkers or even worse, boss.

Pranks should be fun, not insulting. The result of it should be a lot of laughter, not a bunch of coworker hating your guts or not talking to you for the next six months.

Do not destroy property (either company’s or your college’s).

Ok, of course, some glue, post its, some stationary material… All that should be fine, but try not to cause any permanent damage to one’s property (like scratch ones car?) or cause relevant losses to the company’s budget.

Do not prank in anger!

It may be tempting, but don’t do it… Chances are you’ll overdue it and someone will get angry, hurt or seriously annoyed.

Pranks are best served cold.

Do not do anything illegal!

Just don’t do it…No drugs, torture, prostitution or prohibited websites. To give an example: Do not put drugs in your colleges desk and call the police. Chances are you’ll both end up being questioned and/or in custody.

No discriminatory statements/behavior.

I am a fan of cross-racial, slightly discriminatory(sh) jokes myself. It’s true and I usually own it.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t pull them off with most of the people I work with… I don’t really know them well enough and I don’t really know their level of tolerance when it comes to such matters.

Furthermore, jokes and pranks are not the same. Pranks are a lot more public and you don’t really want people to take you for a hater of black/gay/women, do you?

So, try to keep it civilized.

Prank people you know or know won’t mind it.

This is a pretty general statement… If a prank is moderate and decent, you can pull it off without considering your victims that much.

Still, I am under impression that pranking is much better with people you know or, at least, get along well with.

The feeling that you crossed the line is not really a pleasant one and these situations may result in some seriously awkward atmosphere in the office.

No pranks with clients around!

This one is self-explanatory.

To you, it may seem like a fantastic fun, clients will most probably consider this seriously unprofessional. Stick to the golden rule: Pranks are for internals, leave externals out of it.


We will start off with a few easy ones and slowly reach the culmination with either most complicated or simply, most disturbing and riskier pranks… Don’t say I didn’t warn you and prepare to be inspired!

1. Easy yet effective…

Source: User Devanalyse on Instagram

Ok, this one is handy when you want to pull off a quick prank with limited time and resources.
Pro tip: Works better on people who panic easily and/or hate insects!

2. Another no brainer

Source: Pinterest

You just need a slimy in white or any color… Again, very fast and easy and the terrified look on a colleges face is guaranteed. Warning: Some shouting and curses may also come up, depending on how temperamental a person is.

3. Simple yet brilliant

Source: User Farewelltomediocrity on Tumblr

I mean… I can’t wait for a new toaster or microwave in our office kitchen!

This is so simple: you basically don’t need any time or material, apart from a piece of paper.

But just imagine your serious colleges talking to a toaster…Priceless!

4. For that college you really want embarrassed

Source: User 12q9et on Reddit

It’s a no brainer and its effective… The downside is that it’s not too creative and that you only get one shot at it… A person will remove it, immediately after he/she sits on the chair, but sure, that moment will be embarrassing.

You can use it on that person who never realizes how load he/she actually is… Quitte a subtle way to tell someone to be quitter, right?

5. Mouse malfunction

Cover the laser of the mouse and watch magic happen.

Pro tip: Works ten times better on people who are easily annoyed… It will be funny, but do stop them if they start hitting the mouse though!

6. Just cruel

Source: Instagram user scotchandsarcasm

This one can be super successful with people who like their desserts. Still, bear in mind that some people take food matters rather personal. Like my college bestie… I think this kind of prank would seriously kill her mood for the whole.

If you are unsure how successful it’ll go, try observing potential victim’s reaction to an empty Nutella jar in the kitchen. If she/he reacts to this rather emotionally, try finding another target. Or go ahead if you don’t mind a bit of drama.

Pro tip: If you want to make it even more painful, content should consist of something particularly unattractive like broccoli, carrots, or the absolute worst, garlic.

7. Still in the ‘food’ section but slightly more drastic

Changing the actual ingredients is not touching someone’s weak spot for food. I speak for myself: I hate garlic/onion. If I took a bite of it, thinking I am eating sugared/caramelized apples, I wouldn’t account for my actions.

Therefore, don’t pull these off with people you don’t know or aren’t close with… They may seriously hate you and violence is not entirely excluded.

8. For that one person with post-its overuse problems

Personally, I am somewhere between admiration and sadness with this one. I hate paper and office supplies waste but ok… I am slightly obsessed.

On another note, these pranks are IMPRESSIVE! One could even say the second one is a masterpiece. Also, post its are easily removable (even though it may take some time), so no harm done to the furniture or walls…

9. Pimp my ride

I love this one! Amazing and I am seriously considering pulling it off when I have some time to spare (because this prank may take a while).

Tremendous effort, great style and if the other person has a sense of humor, he/she will ride this car proudly as long as possible! I actually don’t see how anyone could not like this one, it’s just fantastic.

10. Spectacular!

Source: User williebeth on Reddit

No further comment necessary for this one. To me, it’s more of a great surprise than a prank… At least I would consider it so.

Warning: The only time this could be considered inappropriate is when a room is actually to be used for meetings with externals… If you don’t remember, leave these pictures and go back to the rules for successful pranking-No pranks with externals!

11. I don’t know where one gets the money for this, but…

Source: Dailymail

There are many versions of this prank circling online. Bags of candies, chips, cookies etc.

I think it is self-explanatory but I will still stress this one out: BAGS. The content should still be in a plastic bag (one big one or many smaller ones), because otherwise, the aftermath will not be amusing for anyone.

Imagine the cleaning which would have to be conducted and possible damage to the computer and other equipment. Mindful packing and all will be good.

12. A more brutal variation: Be careful

Filling a person’s cubical with paper and well, trash may not be super funny for everyone. This one is more for coworkers you know like it a bit more extreme.

Again, it is a tremendous effort to do something like this but mind people’s feelings… You don’t want anyone to feel like trash

13. Crime scene in the office

One of my favorites! Inspirational, creative, a brief godfather reference… In other words, a masterpiece.

14. A true fan/Belieber

This one takes a bit of effort, that’s for sure… The example in case shows a Justin Bieber setup but you can do it with literally any famous person your college finds extremely annoying.

The point is to hit the weak spot and make it as girly as possible. Exaggeration is key here!

15. Make it creepy-It will be forgiven!

Source: Dose

I find these toys extremely creepy…The same with clowns. The same with other people’s or artificial hair… Just don’t do this to me, otherwise, go ahead.

16. Undefined: Somewhere between creepy and cute

Source: LOL Pranks

I don’t know what to say about this one… A strange feeling of discomfort isn’t really leaving while looking at these pictures… Fur rats? The first impression to this prank would most probably be shock and fear.

Could be very successful with a person who is seriously afraid of rats (screaming and all involved).

So yes, high success rates guarantee, medium costs, no serious consequences involved… All in all, good prank ratio.

17. This will scare the hell out of your colleges

Source: Buzzfeed

Very clever and not so hard to pull off. Success rate is guaranteed. I would say an overall good effort-success ratio… Be my guest…

Pro tip: If you want to make it even more effective, put a picture of a creepy human up there (e.g. a woman from the ring/Nicolas Cage). It appears more real and it’ll take longer for a person to realize it’s not a joke… You are welcome.

18. Speaking of creepy: Toilet terror at its best.

Source: Hubspot

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t find Nicolas Cage creepy per se, but this setup?

Pure gold: this facial expression, the location, the emotions it arouses (very weird). For some reason, Nicolas Cage is quite popular when it comes to office pranks (no idea why). I chose this arrangement because it speaks to me for some reason, but if interested, there is a lot more inspiration on the web. Feel free to explore…

19. Speaking of toilet: Classic

Source: LOL Pranks

Classic but works every time… Warning though: You may not necessarily want to pull this one off if your company’s employees are rather old-fashioned/conservative. In other words, try not to stress people out.

20. Wrap it up!

Source: User Tbertor1 on Tumblr

Again, I would be honored to find my table wrapped up, especially if it’s my birthday, but the majority would consider this to be a high-quality prank… Oh well, the categorization is rather subjective but the result is mesmerizing.

21. Go green!


Ok, this one is impressive in so many ways… It takes a keyboard, time, seeds and SOME dedication! A flower (plant) needs time to bloom so don’t expect immediate results but if you do succeed… Wow. I bet your college will remember that day in the office for the rest of his/her life.

Personally, I don’t have the patience for this one, but I salute anyone who decides to pull it through. The result is truly spectacular!

22. Go holiday…

Source: User Sanjeev on

We all have that one college who keeps talking about holidays on and on… This prank may be adequate for this kind of coworkers.

Also, it could be a really nice/funny way to cheer up one of your colleges, reminding him/her that holidays are close and that more relaxed days are coming…

And what a picturesque way to do that! This prank is one of those cases where exaggeration is crucial. ‘Under the see’ vibes and all that…

23. That face-everywhere…

This one is the biggest hit if conducted with boss’s pictures, on the boss himself/herself… A picture can also be a mugshot (I find this adds an extra touch).

Be creative… The point is to have as many pictures of a person as possible, everywhere! Otherwise it doesn’t work. Let’s put it like this: The key is not to have any spare space left!

24. High school feels!

Source: Blogspot

Here, again, quantity is the key. You think one of your office buddies deserves a high school reminder?

It is always special waking up after a party, and I am sure your college will appreciate you taking the time to make a real-life simulation of this situation, if even in the office… The liquid inside can be whatever you want, however, I would advise not to use alcoholic beverages to this purpose.

Just imagine people coming to the office at 8am to smell that!

On the other hand, if you are on the extreme side, be my guest… Just note that not everyone will find this amusing (possible suspension risk).

25. For the man who never has enough time…

Again, this one is ten times more effective when performed on a boss or manager.

Basically, you’ll want to do it to that one person that is always in the rush and ‘doesn’t have time’ for anything. I know, this one is not an easy one to pull (that’s why it’s number 25).

First, it takes a toilet… A good opportunity to do something like this may be a toilet renovation or a general office renovation. Otherwise, any time if you can get the necessary tools/equipment!

Also, as much as I am sure your boss/coworker will appreciate the effort, you may want to make sure he/she will actually be okay with this prank, hence, not offended that you dared to redecorate his/her office in such a way.

26. Where is my car?

Source: User gcbb on

This pig is someone’s car! INCREDIBLE-No further comments…

27. That’s it, you are getting suspended!

You most probably are…But is it not so worth it? I don’t even know how one gets this advanced… Here we are talking serious pranks, level magic.

If you can’t pull this off, it’s perfectly fine… This one is for professionals and the one who does this is bound to become an office legend. No further comments needed.

28. No extra effort for extra results!

Source: BuzzFeed

Smart: no other word for this prank. Ok, the seriousness level is awarded because of the actual disruption which may result for the people in the office. If there are, let’s say, only two toilets at the office, this prank may cause some seriously misfortunate events…

Anyway, I think it is genius and would love to see annoyed faces, knocking and yelling at this horrible guy for occupying toilet that long. Sorry, but he really couldn’t care less…

29. Someone ACTUALLY did this.

A winner. Golden jewel of office pranks. Completely surreal. And yet, someone actually did this. Brought an actual bear to the office and all.

I don’t even want to know how, with what authorization and where he/she actually got the bear from… Illegal? Most probably… Phenomenal? Absolutely!

This one is will be hard to beat.


First of all, they are fun (or at least, should be). But it’s not only that… Pranks, as jokes, can also be used to convey powerful and meaningful messages.

You want someone to chill with their food habits/talks-Food prank.

You want someone to stop complaining about holidays, being tired etc.-Holiday/vacation prank.

You want to point out post its and paper overuse-Post it pranks.

And this list of examples, of course, is not exclusive…

Naturally, pranks are also a lot of fun and can be used to improve the overall atmosphere in the office, to relax tension and also, get teams to bond.

Yes, when people come together to prank, they start thinking more like a team and this enhances the overall sense of unity. Nice, right?

Therefore, pranks can actually be very beneficious for the atmosphere in the workplace (as long as you keep it within certain boundaries). Go ahead, be a party-starter, make people laugh.

A person that doesn’t appreciate a high-quality prank is just weird, so don’t worry about those… Unless this person is your boss… In this case, you may want to leave pranking for outside the office.

Otherwise, bring it on!

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