You probably spend a lot of time with your coworkers, but you’re somehow always baffled when it comes to gift-giving.

You’re probably not able to pick the right gift for each of them right away. Do you find yourself pondering on the issue for too long?

Are you surprised with how much your creativity may fail you when it comes to the tradition of Secret Santa?

Even though you may know when your colleagues sleep, how they wake up and what they eat, can you really say that you know what would really really surprise them?

You might know a couple of your colleagues well, but what about the rest of them?

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to know everyone well, no matter how much time you spent teambuilding.

Hopefully, you remembered to google the solutions for the problem because we have the list of classics your colleagues will love and appreciate.

Here are a couple of solutions that might help:


Estimated Price: $2.00

Despite the general opinion that consuming chocolate you are gaining weight and high blood pressure, it’s not all that grim. It’s confirmed that chocolate helps synthesize serotonin, which is known as the hormone of happiness.

Even if you don’t know your colleagues very well you can be damn sure their mood will be improved and that they’ll appreciate the gift. It’s a golden classic.


Estimated Price: $5.00

We all have that one colleague who likes to relax with a glass (or a bottle of wine) every now and then.

Be careful though, if you give this gift to a lady, she might invite you to help her empty the bottle and you know that you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure… or should you?

It can also be a very serious gift if you are giving it to your superior, but in that case, you better buy an expensive one. Here are the top ten wines you can buy.

Did we mention that wine also lowers the risk of heart disease? You can’t make a mistake with this gift, honestly.


Estimated Price: $3.00

We all have a gamer or two in our lines. Even ordinary mortals who are not into gaming have the need for a decent mouse pad since not all of our desks are smooth and polished enough for our cursor to flow freely.

Not manipulating your cursor effectively can really waste your time and cause frustration at work so this one can work. Here are the top eight mouse pads for work and home. There are some cool designs as well.


Estimated Price: $1.00

 There are, undoubtedly, serious coffee worshipers in every single office in the world. In relation to that, there are rituals on drinking this productivity juice and coffee mug is an important sacrament in these rituals.

By the way, check out these fifty coffee mugs.

Be wary of writing on your coffee mug. It’s the first thing you see when you start your workday so it can have a prophetic quality or send subliminal messages to program your subconscious mind.


Price Range from $50.00

This one is more expensive than the others so make sure that it’s worth it.

The proper way to help your coworker after a hard year of work is to give him a tour-card gift.

It’s a more sentimental gift than that of a product, but that only increases its value. You’re giving your colleague a gift of experience.

Remember how we all dreamt of spending our money on traveling the world? Well, something happened and we got caught up in the chase so we never do it anymore.

We think about traveling but we choose to spend our money elsewhere. That’s why, with this gift, you’ll help your colleague get out of his/her comfort zone and experience the joy of travel once again.

Here are also the top eighteen places to travel if he doesn’t like sun or women.


Estimated Price: $4.00

Earrings are the traditional addition to women’s looks, but men wear it more and more with genders going fluid and stuff. Kidding, it doesn’t have to be the gender thing. Sometimes people just like to look cool.

By helping them do that you form a specific kind of bond. It’s a Secret Santa trend to craft the earrings yourself if you want to make it intimate, but if you don’t have time to do it, cruise the Internet a little bit.

There are hand-crafted earrings all around and some of them are as cool as it gets.

Then again, if your team is more on the luxurious side of life, the market’s got you covered there as well.


Estimated Price: $4.00

Much like the earrings, a ring can be a piece of jewelry, but there are ways of making it much more than that.

You and your teammates can have bro rings to signify your semper fi relationship.

On the other hand, rings may often mean intimate commitment so it can be a curveball.

It’s a good way of reminding your colleague that you’re there for them as a friend as well.


Price: $1.00

Bracelets always have some meaning relating to specific types of bonds. Giving this gift to your coworker can mean that you want to bond your friendship on work and become better coworkers.

On the other hand, it can be a simple piece of jewelry without the need to philosophize on the matter. It can just look good, right?

There are cool bracelets you can make yourself or you can buy hand-crafted bracelets online.

P.S. Don’t think of bracelets as women’s accessories only. There are bracelets that are macho asf.


The Estimated Price of $7

This one is an old classic, but since things are going retro, it’s still popular.

Don’t just buy an empty photo album though. Fill it up with photos of your team doing different activities together.

You probably spend 40 hours a week trapped in the office with those people. There must be tons of photographs in your phones and on social media.

Just make those photos… materialize. Things have a different flavor when they’re not virtual. Make those memories count and amass. It’s a good teambuilding gift as well.


Estimated Price: $50.00

Shopping for coworkers can be tough. You don’t want to overbuy it, but you also don’t want to be cheap.

This gift can be a very special one, but it can also be an impersonal evergreen gift. It depends on what you engrave. It can be a joke that you all laughed to which will remind your colleague of the cool moments you spent together.

It can be a powerful punch-line or a saying of some sort as well.

11. BOOK

Price: $20.00

Finding the right book for you coworker can be a rough one, but it’s not all that bad. Just make sure that your colleagues like to read before you opt for this one.

It’d be a shame for them to use the book you gave them as a decorative piece of furniture.

Even if they’re not keen on poetry etc., there are very useful books that all of us should read if we plan on ever learning useful skills.

There are numerous business books that you can give to your coworkers that strive towards better careers. Here are the best fifteen business books you can give to your coworker.


Estimated Price: $10.00

Giving flowers fits every situation. Happy or sad it doesn’t matter, flowers can be the perfect gift. Every flower speaks for itself. You should know something about the symbolic meaning of the flowers you may choose to give.

For example, roses indicate romantic feelings so it’s not something you wanna give to your boss unless that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

Pelargonium may be a good option for you as it’s a traditional present symbolizing true alliance among friends. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a small apartment or house, flowers can give your nest a nicer look.

There is perfect online ordering, where you can find any flower you think your coworker will love and all you have to do is use your phone. Your flowers can also be sent to the doorstep of your coworker any day you want.

However, the best way to give flowers is to give it yourself they will appreciate you more.

It’s also for the best for the plants or flowers to be alive. That way you’re giving them something to nurture in the times to come.

It’s not just a product or a “thing” that you’re giving. You’re giving them a chance to devote to something and that is something all of us need to learn how to appreciate.


Price: $30.00

Since more and more people became addicted to smartphones and other touchscreen gadgets, gloves can be ideal for them.

It gets rough during winters because you can’t type with your gloves on.

You can give your colleagues fingerless gloves which can be semi-useful since their fingers will still be in touch with weather or you can buy them the latest gloves since nowadays gloves are being made touchscreen friendlier.

If you have gardener among your coworkers you should get them gardening gloves as well.

This one works subliminally as well. The general meaning of gloves lies in the fact that they are protecting their wearer.

Since you are the one that’s giving it to your coworkers they will feel safer and wormer working with you.


Price: $20.00

There are a lot of reasons that a pillow is an ideal gift for everyone. You don’t have to worry about size because pillows come in all sizes and shapes.

Giving the pillow might be a bit odd, but it’s cool enough, right? Sleep is an important ritual as well.

Providing sacraments for sleeping makes you a part of an important everyday experience that your colleagues have.

Decent sleep is what everyone dreams about, and pillow is one of the things that can help your coworkers get enough sleep for work.

You never know how important it is to have a good pillow until you start having problems with your neck and posture.

By providing a good sleep for everyone in the office, you invest in the overall working atmosphere because everyone’s happy when they get a good night sleep.

It’s remarkable how much quality sleep can affect the stress levels in your office so, no matter how odd this gift may seem, it’s bound to pay off sooner or later.

Here are the top seven pillows that will help your coworkers sleep better. Because having a nice sleep can’t be paid for.


Estimated Price: $50.00

There are few things that can naturally boost your dopamine levels (dopamine is another happy hormone) and exercise beats them all.

However, it’s not easy to exercise. It’s hard to stay put and motivate yourself to push through.

Keeping track of your fitness activities is a sure way of knowing where you stand with your results.

When it comes to fitness, the logic is simple – the amount of work you put in equals the results. When you have the numbers, it’s not easy to fool yourself anymore. You have only yourself to thank or blame for the results.

All of that works to motivate you to succeed and take responsibility in life.

A fitness tracker will help your colleagues monitor their activity by making them more alert about their goal of losing weight.

They will also start sharing their weekly goals achieved instead of daily complaining. Training with an incredible device will make your coworker more accountable and persistent about their work.

It is a great thing for anyone who is trying to improve their lifestyle or just lose weight. All they have to do is stop complaining and start using the device you gave them, and they will be eternally grateful.

The positive atmosphere in the office will also skyrocket because there are few things better than fitness when it comes to dopamine.


Estimated Price: $15.00

When you think about a timeless fashionable gift, scarf must be the first thing crossing your mind. It has been worn for centuries by different nations.

Muslim women are wearing it to show their modesty. While in the West people usually wear it as a fashion accessory and a token of luxury.

Giving your coworker this type of cloth will make them feel gracious.


Estimated Price: $5.00

When we were kids we usually received socks from our grandmothers and mothers. There is something unexplainable happening when you get socks. You almost feel like a kid again.

Another thing about the socks is that you always seem to lose them somehow. It’s like the washing machine eats them or something.

Getting your coworker a new pair of printed socks with a funny line on them can be a perfect gift for them. They are not expensive, but they are thoughtful asf, so that’s what counts.

There are a lot of articles saying what to wear and what not to wear. Socks are not that popular in those articles so it’s hard to make a mistake there.

It’s not like buying a sweater or a jacket. Getting socks for someone is a lot easier, especially if you know their shoe size, if you don’t you can still buy the most common size.

There are various styles of socks but the best ones and the warmest ones are wool socks.

Dominant diamond standard in durable and warm footwear!


Estimated Price: $100.00

Giving a leather bag is a gift for the special coworker. It shows that you are in their lives for a long time. It shows you believe in their ambitions for succeeding in the work.

Leather bag is considered as a classic which will show them you have good taste even make them feel they have good taste.

It’s a bit expensive though so go for it only if your salary kicks through the roof.

P.S. A backpack is a good idea if you’re buying for a male coworker.


Estimated Price: $50.00

Giving perfume shows that you care. It’s a highly thoughtful gift. It’s a gift that your colleagues will be wearing daily and they’ll think of you every time they put it on.

But that makes it a personal gift so you want to give it to your female coworker or if some of your closest coworkers have a perfume wish-list, this is a perfect gift for them.

Be careful not to overstep the line though. General opinion on giving someone a perfume is the affection of your love towards that person.


Estimated Price: $20.00

Sometimes you or your coworkers have some great ideas while drinking beer. Tomorrow none of you can remember the ideas. The beer is the cause of them appearing and disappearing from your memory.

Leather notebook is the perfect gift for everyone that likes to brainstorm over a pint or two. It is also an inspirational gift.

All great entrepreneurs and geniuses have had their own notebooks where they kept track of their enterprises.

The thing with brilliant minds is that they have so many good ideas that they start to disregard them and they become reckless.

Having a cool leather notebook may motivate that brilliant colleague that you may have to actually write something down.
It can also make the rookie from your team look more professional. It will make him look like he is taking his job seriously and that is the best way of introducing him to old clients.

It is also a great gift for a guy that always forgets the birthdays of his family members. If your coworkers are fashion junkies, it is a great business-fashion addition.


Estimated Price: $5.00

The workplace usually has a stressful atmosphere. The anxiety levels kick through the roof and you can just smell them in the air.

Nowadays there are scented candles with so many individual designs. Finding out the right one for you coworker’s desk is not that hard.

All your receiver needs to do is simply look at them or smell their scent and he will feel relieved of stress for at least some time.

Candles have a great impact on our working routine. It’s a bit contra-intuitive, but they can help cool things down motivate us and makes us stay on top of our game.


Estimated Price: $40.00

Working every day in the same place can be tough and stressful. Everyone needs some type of ventilation and a wireless speaker can help you with that.

Whenever your coworker feels pressured music can help. Research conducted by neuroscientists found that music makes us happy by helping the release of Dopamine.

Listening to music changes your brain’s chemistry a great deal.


Estimated Price: $15.00

When buying a gift there’s a lot to consider.

What’s my budget, should it be tech or non-tech? Is it something useful and in which way can my coworker use it?

An umbrella might be the perfect thing you give to your coworkers. It comes handy in at least two seasons and it’s fashionable if you go for that gentlemanly look.

People lose umbrellas all the time so you can never have enough of those

Here are the ten best umbrellas the designers offered us this year.


It doesn’t matter what you give and what you get, what matter is who you get it from. Christmas is best spent with your family members and your business is most successful if you view your coworkers as family.

After all, you do spend almost half of your life with those people (unless you switch positions and companies every now and then).

Secret Santa is a good way to spice Christmas and New Years up to and reading this article is a sure way not to suck at this wonderful teambuilding activity.

23 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

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