When life gives you lemons…make some lemon water? No? Okay. But maybe you will reconsider that when you hear about its underrated benefits.

From glowing skin to a healthy body, this small fruit has been in the highlights for quite a long time with so many swearing by its amazing benefits.

Is it worth the glorification? Without a doubt! Lemons are packed with vitamins and minerals. Imagine that, combined with a glass of water which we all know is sixty percent of the human body.

Check out the benefits of drinking water.

Let’s look at 18 reasons why drinking water infused with lemons can improve your health.


Lemons contain pectin fiber, which is a gel-like soluble fiber. Pectin lowers blood sugar levels by making you full for longer periods, hence reducing food intake. It achieves this by attaching itself to cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract.

The water also contains polyphenol antioxidants which reduces weight gain. Drinking a cup or two of lemon water daily increases your insulin sensitivity.

This means that your insulin levels will drop therefore causing your body to burn fat due to the descent in glucose levels.

if you’ve been trying to shake off those extra pounds, this here is the drink for you!


The minerals in lemon water loosen and remove toxins in the stomach. It also eases indigestion signs like heartburn, bloating, etc. The acid contained in the lemon when mixed with water can have an alkaline effect. The mixture will aid in breaking down food easily and faster.

Want to look good in that crop top but your bloated tummy is selling you out? Down a glass of lemon water and watch the bloat go away!


Lemons contain a high level of Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid which has many advantages such as reducing the risk of a stroke, boosting the immune system, decreasing inflammation, and lowering the blood pressure.

Vitamin C, contained in lemons, relaxes blood vessels carrying blood from the heart, consequently reducing blood pressure. This may cause an improvement in the health of your heart.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which means it protects the cells in your body and thus fighting off inflammation. This, therefore, means that you will get sick less often.


Lemon water is packed with electrolytes which are a chemical that when mixed with water, conduct electricity in the body. This regulates nerve and muscle function, making the body operate at optimal levels. The electrolytes from ions which maintain fluid balance.

The body continues to stay hydrated, the acidity in blood is balanced and damaged tissues are repaired.

Dehydration signs like headaches and dizziness can, therefore, be remedied by drinking water with lemons, keep your organs thanking you all day long!


The kidney is a vital organ in the human body. All the blood in your body makes at least 40 trips a day through your kidney to be filtered. This is a good reason for you to take care of your kidneys. Lemon water is here to help you with just that!

The citric acid present in lemon water increases the urine level, so your body is giving out more of what it does not need. Also, the citrate found in the said acid binds calcium oxalate which prevents the crystallization of urine this forming the stones.

Bonus! When the kidneys are at an optimum level, the gastrointestinal functions are also top tier. This is because the kidneys support body cells to eliminate waste, and this includes cells in the digestive system.

Thinking about incorporating that lemon water into your diet yet?


When you are exercising and trying to lose some weight, you may also lose some important minerals through the sweat given off. Now don’t get me wrong, exercising is very healthy, but what about those minerals you have lost?

Good thing is that it’s not an irreversible thing and lemon water helps you ‘bring back’ and balance those minerals which include Sodium, potassium, and chloride.

Lemons are acidic while water is neutral. When the two are put together, an acidic solution is formed which, through research, is alkaline once it has been fully digested.

This regulates the pH in the blood and keeps the physiological processes running at max.


I bet you’ve heard of potassium more than once. Did you know that lemons contain about 2 percent of Potassium in just a quarter of their juice?

Now you do.

Potassium is an excellent electrolyte, and so regulates body fluids. This greatly reduces muscle cramps, and it promotes healthy muscle function.

Potassium aids in keeping the heart-healthy. This happens when the mineral enters in and out of cells to maintain a steady heartbeat. The mineral also moves in all other cells in the body to create effective muscle contradictions.

When the levels of potassium are altered to be either too high or too low, the muscle contractions may become irregular and therefore causing the heartbeat to range from too fast to too slow.

Potassium reduces blood pressure by removing excess sodium. Daily intake of potassium-packed foods and drinks such as lemon water can help in reducing blood pressure for people who have high blood pressure.

Potassium reduces the risk of having a stroke. People who consume foods rich in potassium have been shown to have a lower risk of getting a stroke which happens when there is no blood flow to the brain. Potassium, as earlier mentioned, regulates body fluids and enter in and out of cells for their proper functioning.

Potassium helps cure water retention. This means that your body keeps excess fluids inside the body instead of excreting it. This in turn causes bloating and muscular swelling.

Potassium increases urine production and therefore helps the body to let go of excessive fluids. So you can be sure that drinking lemon water will cost you several trips to the bathroom, but isn’t it worth it? It sure is!

Lastly, the potassium contained in lemon water helps prevent and break down kidney stones. When urine is too concentrated, it has a high level of calcium. How potassium fights it is where potassium citrate lowers the level of this calcium and so breaking down the stones.


As we have covered, lemons contain Vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant that has been shown to reduce the severity of a cold and its duration. It also covers the risk of getting a cold.

This is especially true when the drink is served hot. We all have that familiar feeling of being cozy under a blanket with a hot calming drink of lemon water with honey.

I bet that’s how warm our insides feel when they are slashed with this warm drink during those chilly days.

You’re probably thinking, these are too many benefits, we must have exhausted them all. You’re wrong!


Feeling sad? Perhaps drained and stressed from all the working and workplace drama? Lemon water is a great way to boost your mood and alleviate stress.

Studies show that when we are in distress, our bodies release a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol, when produced over a prolonged time, may lead to weight gain, sleep deprivation, and high blood pressure.

Vitamin C in lemon water reduces the effects of cortisol in the body. The lemon mixed with water helps the body organs to relax, stay hydrated, and keep energy. I think it’s safe to say that when life gives you lemons, it turns that frown upside down!


Vitamin B9, also known as Folate or Folic acid. It is linked to aiding in cardiovascular health by reducing homocysteine levels. A high level of homocysteine can lead to damage to arteries and blood clots in the blood vessels.

An infusion of lemon water into one’s diet increases the level of Vitamin B9 by 3 percent. This means that daily intake modestly reduces the risk of having a stroke or heart health issues by lowering the homocysteine levels.


Can’t get rid of mouth odor? Did you maybe eat a tuna sandwich for lunch and now can’t contribute in the meeting because you’re afraid you might scare people? Worry not. Your lemon water (in shining armor) is coming to your rescue!

Lemon water’s citric acid has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria, which causes bad breath.

Lemon water also increases the production of saliva that makes the mouth less dry, which is a huge contribution of bad breath.


We all love to see our skin glow and lemon water does nothing short of promotion for exactly that! Lemon water keeps you hydrated, which is a sure way to keep your skin in check.

Vitamin C in lemon water is said to slow aging of the face, thus showing wrinkles because it produces collagen which is a main component of the skin.

Antioxidants in the water significantly lower the free radical damage and so improves the ability of the skin to repair itself.

Drinking lemon water can also reduce acne occurrence in the body and spots from sunlight.


Yes, you heard right! (Or rather read right). Lemon water improves your eyesight. The Vitamin C and antioxidants contained in lemon water form a protective effect against cataracts and macular degeneration.

This means that the Vitamin C searches and destroys free radicals that may cause damage to the eyes.

However, the lemon water should only be drunk. Do not be deceived to apply this directly into your eyes because it may cause an acid burn and may even permanently damage your eyes.


To detoxify means to remove toxins from your body. Lemons and lemon water contain vitamins and minerals which remove the toxins from your body through urine and by also cleaning out your liver.

However, some professionals argue that depending on lemon water only to detoxify your body could end up causing more harm than good. Drinking lemon water should be followed up by a high-fiber diet to detoxify the body more healthily.

There are some food combinations that you can take for proper detoxification without removing lemons from the equation.


Calcium is an essential vitamin, which means our bodies cannot produce it. Calcium has to be supplemented in our diet. If the food we eat has little or no calcium, the bones in our bodies become weaker.

Lemon water contains an amount of calcium that is required in building strong bones. Calcium has also been said to reduce the risk of cancer and also promoting a healthy heart and healthy muscles.

A fun fact to note is that calcium requires Vitamin D to be absorbed into the body. Sunshine especially in the morning is a good source of Vitamin D. So how about you make your lemon water and go enjoy it in the sun?

It will not only feel good, but it will also strengthen your bones!


Lemon water has nutrients and enzymes that help in reducing swelling caused by injuries; major or minor. This enables your damaged tissues and reduces inflammation.


Vitamin B1 or Thiamine or Thiamine is a vitamin found in lemons. The vitamin helps the body change carbohydrates into energy. This means it makes glucose go into use, and therefore boosting energy levels.

It also aids in muscle contractions and the conduction of nerve signals. This increases brain activity and therefore improves brain function greatly.

Thiamine boosts immunity and gives the body strength to endure stressful conditions. This means that your lemon water strengthens you through this ‘ anti-stress ‘ vitamin.


Lemons have about 8 mg of magnesium in them.

Magnesium is said to fight depression. It is involved in brain function and regulations of moods. Low levels of magnesium in the body can be linked to depression.

Processed food which is low in magnesium has been said to cause depression and other mental illnesses. Drinking your lemon water which has levels of magnesium will keep your mind clear and will help fight off depression. Remarkable!

It helps in type 2 diabetes. Most people who have this type of diabetes have low levels of magnesium in their bodies. Studies have shown that people who also have a low intake of the same are at a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Keep your lemons close, and your lemon water closer…

Women will need magnesium more because it reduces premenstrual syndrome. The symptoms which include abdominal cramps have been shown to significantly lower in women who increase their intake of magnesium. Have your lemon water ready when your monthly period is around the corner.

We could go on and on about the benefits of lemon water, but how do we make it so it suits our busy schedules and our bodies to get the most out of it? Here’s how.


Here, we will look at two methods of making lemon water.

METHOD 1: The Boil Method.

I recommend this method for people who want to use lemon water for weight loss. This is because boiling the lemons makes the pectin fiber, which is filling so preventing intake of food more active.

Step 1: In a pot, add two to three glasses of water. Let the water become warm but not boil.

Step 2: Wash your medium-sized lemon and cut it in half. You can use the whole lemon depending on how concentrated you want the drink to be. You can put away the seeds or leave them.

Step 3: When the water begins to boil, add the lemons into the water, skin, and all. (The lemon skins have extra nutrients and minerals).

Step 4: Leave the mixture to boil for about 5-10 minutes until you see a cloudy froth forming.

Step 5: Let the mixture sit and cool for about 15 minutes, then drink.

You can add natural sweeteners like honey because the taste will be sourer because of the lemon skins. This mixture is especially good for people who may have dental and enamel issues because the effects on the teeth are lowered as the lemon is boiled.

This method, however, drains and evaporates most of the lemons into minerals which are best when they are raw. But if you are looking to burn some extra body fat, this method is good to go for you.

METHOD 2: The squeeze method.

This is the easiest, most convenient, and most beneficial method of the two!

Step 1: Into a pitcher or a bowl, add about three to four glasses of water.

Step 2: Wash and cut your lemon and squeeze the juice into the pitcher or bowl using either your hand or a juicer.

You can incorporate sweeteners such as honey for more benefits and other organic products such as mint.

Lemon water is undoubtedly remarkable in its benefits to all aspects of our bodies ranging from the skin, the internal organs, and our eyes. This clearly shows that once we adopt drinking a glass or two of lemon water per day, our health will increase.

Are there side effects of drinking this water? Are there ways in which this miraculous drink can harm us? Well, too much of anything can become poisonous.


  • The citric acid contained in lemon water may erode the tooth enamel, especially if the lemon is highly concentrated vis-à-vis the water. To prevent this, add enough water so at to slightly overpower the lemon. Rinse out your mouth with plain water after drinking the lemon water.
  • May intensify heartburn. Although some people use lemon water to remedy heartburn, it is also said to cause heartburn in others. If you experience heartburn after repeated consumption of lemon water, it is advised that you check with your physician and or stop drinking the lemon water.
  • Lemon water increases the level of urine production. This means your body needs to empty the urine often and it may lead to dehydration. Make sure you can access a bathroom easily throughout the day if you drink a lot of lemon water in the morning. This is because when and if the urine is held in, it may cause damage to the bladder.
  • Some people claim that the use of lemon water triggers migraines. There is, however, no evidence to back this up. Drinking too much lemon water for people who already suffer from migraines can intensify the problem.
  • Too much lemon water can increase the iron content in your body. Vitamin C in lemons causes the absorption of iron in the body. When there is too much iron in your body, it can cause damage to organs.

Having looked at both sides of the coin, I think it’s alright to say that lemon water has more benefits than it does side effects.

This should encourage each of us to take up drinking of this easy to make drink daily.

I am not a consistent partaker of this drink, but when I do, it feels good. It’s time we take the drinking of it to a daily and carefully measured level.

I hope you enjoy this nutritious and revitalizing drink!

18 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water and How to Drink It for Maximum Benefits

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