What if we told you that there are a host of jobs around the world that have a stress-free environment and you get to cash out a big fat check at the end of the month?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It just so happens that working hard and the amount of stress you take home doesn’t magically multiply your earnings. Certain jobs allow you to enjoy a colorful lifestyle without having to bear the brunt of an empty wallet at the end of the month.

The reason for low-stress high paying jobs to exist mostly comes down to a few factors such as high qualification requirement, demand for talent, and the employer.

Let’s face it, if your job weren’t in demand, it would just be a low-stress low paying job.


What exactly are “Low-Stress High-Paying” Jobs?

Low-stress and high-paying jobs rank high in job satisfaction and have a higher median salary compared to other jobs in the market. In short, a professional gets to enjoy the perfect work-life balance without having any regrets. In a low-stress high-paying job you get to spend plenty of time for leisure activities while also earning a high income at the end of the month.

Your first question on hearing this would be — So why isn’t everyone working in these jobs?
Well, the answer would come down to employers requiring a valid degree or certification from an authorized institute. The effort requires you to spend a few years of your life studying at a premier institute to even have a chance at landing these jobs.

For your efforts, you are given a well-settled career with a great income. Not many are willing to put the extra effort to acquire these dream jobs and hence, the demand for them has gotten higher. If you have the time to acquire the knowledge, then consider following the path of these high-profile jobs.

Why are jobs listed as “Low-Stress High-Paying” category? Don’t all jobs come with the same amount of career pressure?

The reason certain jobs are listed in this category is due to the supply and demand factor. There are many jobs that aren’t sought after due to various reasons — high qualifications requirement, exceptional talent as a vital prerequisite, and mandatory level of experience. Career pressure builds when a job contains many responsibilities and you are in no position to handle them.

Low-stress high paying jobs usually have limited responsibilities and require a high-skilled individual to concentrate on just one thing at a time.

For example, a photographer has no real stress while taking photos in the wildlands, on the contrary, it’s something relaxing to do and he gets paid for it. However, in a corporate environment, you have incoming deadlines and a presentation to showcase to your board of directors before a proposed date, you are constantly under a taxing pressure to impress them.

For reducing stress and other annoyances at work. Here is a detailed video walkthrough by Noah Elkrief that explains how you can cope with a stressful environment.


Here is a list of factors that are responsible for the rising demand for low-stress high-paying jobs and why they are sought after when compared to other stressful options.

  • Qualification. It goes without saying — an educational qualification is almost a necessity to get a job in the “low-stress high-paying” bracket. There are only a handful of jobs in this category that might forgo this requirement and hence, it’s necessary to pursue certifications frequently to grow in your field.
  • Talent. Based on your talent and grasping power to learn new trends, you can expect to move through the ranks and eventually hit the top positions in no time. The best part of a high-demand job is that you will be duly rewarded for your time with numerous benefits such as investments and a possible share of the company.
  • Expertise. The amount of experience is directly proportionate to your salary at the end of the month. Say you are a senior software developer with over 10-years of experience, the company will be willing to hire you for a higher pay over someone with a 2 to 3-year experience. Expertise is a key requirement for most high-profile jobs.
  • Job Descriptions. An important aspect of landing your dream job is to consider the type of job description you receive in your joining letter. For example, as a medical practitioner, you will be paid more and have lesser responsibilities when compared to a nurse who must put in more hours and naturally has a higher stress factor to deal with and a far lesser pay.


The following list compiles a set of 17 high profile jobs with their job satisfaction meter and median salaries to help you determine the perfect career path for you.

1. Computer Hardware Engineer

Job Overview:

Due to the progress of technological innovation, the demand for computer hardware engineers grows at an astounding rate every year. Every software industry offers employment in the hardware field and even electronic and manufacturing industries require computer hardware engineers to help in research and development of new products.

The primary duties of a computer hardware engineer are to come up with new schematics for computer equipment while analyzing the test results of existing equipment and making the necessary changes. They are also tasked with the responsibilities of supervising various manufacturing processes within the hardware industry.

This job pays high due to the skill requirement of every candidate and due to the technological expansion in the digital age. Every computer hardware engineer needs to be trained to understand the hardware components that go with the latest software. Hence, this job requires a minimum qualifying degree in one of the below-mentioned qualifications if you are looking to pursue this career path.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: $113,441

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or similar field.

2. Curator

Job Overview:

The job of a curator is not an easy one but can be extremely rewarding and stress-free if you have the talent for it. Curators mostly work with cataloging, managing, and organizing exhibits within an art gallery or a museum. Curators must also maintain and restore artifacts and collectibles to their former glory.

The work of a curator is an interesting activity as it’s filled with constantly compiling and researching information on historic prominence. If you are infatuated with the past and have a talent for identifying value in old and worn out paintings, then a curator’s life could be your calling. As a curator, you may also be called upon for interviewing and hiring other staff members within the gallery. You are also in charge of raising funds and collaborating with other renowned institutions to host events.

It’s no surprise as to why a curator gets paid a 6-digit yearly income due to the sheer number of responsibilities handed over to him. The job itself has minimum stress as it deals with a quiet life of overseeing collections and preserved items.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 8/10

Median Salary: $126,506

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Art, Museum Studies, or History)

3. Freelance Photographer

Job Overview:

What’s not to love about taking pictures of your surroundings and getting paid for it? Freelance photography is one of the most adventurous and exciting career paths available. However, it’s not as easy as earning dollars for every time someone says “cheese”. Freelance photographers are required to utilize their creative side and have an artistic touch with reality.

You are tasked with finding unique landscapes and people from various tribes to convert into artistic photos and sell as a digital asset. Be prepared to invest a lot in acquiring high-tech cameras, photo editing equipment, and free photo editing software. This isn’t a job that allows you to start with nothing in your wallet, but it can surely guarantee a lucrative career for the rest of your life if you decide to invest.

Freelance photographers are in great demand by startups, businesses, and corporate giants as visually appealing photographs are highly sought after. As a freelance photographer, it would do you good to brush up on your people skills as you are required to negotiate pricing and other interpersonal relationships.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 10/10

Median Salary: $180,000

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Not Needed but a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography is available to pursue.

If you’re looking to become a freelance photographer, here are a few beginner tips by Roberto Blake. Ensure you utilize them while taking your new snaps.

4. Food Technologist

Job Overview:

Every time you try a new food product and relish the flavor, you have a food technologist to thank for. This job consists of researching and analyzing food to improve taste and to enhance preservation for better storage and distribution. A food technologist is hired based on providing input on how to sell an edible product and how to enhance its taste.

Food technologists work with other research and development professionals within the food industry to ensure food products are passing the bar as far as the government standards of quality are concerned. They are also required to maintain sanitary regulations while balancing the nutrient content of foods that are developed.

If you are someone that loves food or understands how a food industry works, this may very well be your ideal dream job as research in food engineering is a growing industry. Food scientists are always needed, and the stress of this job is eliminated due to the pleasant working conditions.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 6/10

Median Salary:  $75,750

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (in Product Development or Applied Research)

5. Robotics Engineer

Job Overview:

If you have been fascinated by the Transformers series or any robotic science fiction show, then perhaps you will fall in love with being a Robotics Engineer. At the core of duties, a robotic engineer spends most of his time designing and building machines used in various production and technical industries. Robotic engineers perform operations related to the performance of robotic mechanisms and other core components.

The future is heavily set to target the Artificial Intelligence, with many countries openly showing their support. Robotic engineers will soon face heavy demand in industries looking to automate their production via precision systems utilizing robotics as their prime manufacturing tactics.

As someone who loves automation, if you enjoy fiddling with hi-tech gadgets and operating machinery, then robotics engineering is the path for you. However, if you have no interest in electronics or artificial intelligence, then the job can get stressful and will eventually bore you out.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 6/10

Median Salary: 88,856

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Science (for entry-level positions) master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (advanced robotics placements and managerial positions)

6. Massage Therapist

Job Overview:

A massage therapist enjoys the serene environment of working within the relaxing walls of a spa or a beauty center. As a massage therapist, you can enjoy a flexible work schedule by either working for a business or by freelancing and heading over to your client’s home. Many massage therapists have licensed clinics setup and have a loyal following of customers that allow them to earn a lot.

The job description of a massage therapist consists of understanding the physical properties of the human body to provide the necessary healing touch. A massage therapist needs to understand medical procedures in relieving inflamed joints and treating patients suffering from postural ailments. It’s highly crucial for a massage therapist to know emergency treatments such as CPR to administer to a patient during a fatal attack.

Hence, a massage therapist requires certifications regulated at local or state level before starting their profession. There are plenty of programs available to become a licensed masseuse and you are required to renew your certifications after a set period.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 9/10

Median Salary: 85,366

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Certifications regulated by a local or state entity such as Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards

7. Economist

Job Overview:

Economists try and understand the social issues relating to the production and distribution of resources using analysis and data collection.

They also prepare charts and reports to interpret market trends that could happen in the future while conducting a host of surveys within an area. As an economist, you get to design and make recommendations to your company to help them solve outstanding issues such as — employment cycles, business data, and exchange rates.

An economist has the golden opportunity of working within the confines of a federal government or a corporate sector, depending on his choice. Economists are highly sought after for their work in organizing data that are critical for companies to increase productivity and ensure profits in the long run.

Economists of all types — labor economists, international economists, financial economists, and econometricians, etc. — earn a pretty penny while enduring low levels of stress as their work revolves around research and development. If you are looking to join the ranks of economist jobs, then a master’s degree is highly recommended if you are to be taken seriously.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 150,348

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (for entry-level jobs) master’s Degree and Ph.D. (prime placements in business sectors)

8. Technical Writer

Job Overview:

The work of a technical writer differs vastly from that of other writers such as a ghostwriter, content writer, or a copywriter. A technical writer doesn’t necessarily have to be creative to come up with content, unlike other listed writers. The technical writer’s job is to decide the clearest and the most logical way to compile information and write them down. Since there is very little left to the imagination, the technical writer doesn’t have the stress of being creative to come up with new presentations.

A technical writer must possess knowledge in understanding subject matter related to a specialized product and proper research must be conducted to understand how it functions. If research and development in products and applications fascinate you, then the work of a technical writer is suited for your purpose.

It’s important to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends, the more informed you are of technology, the more in demand your services are.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 8/10

Median Salary: 75,682

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Communications

9. Biostatistician

Job Overview:

We’ve all come across statistics and claims made in newspapers and articles such as “81% of children in Africa suffer from malnutrition”. The ones responsible for compiling and dissecting the data are known as biostatisticians. Their sole job is to determine the various factors responsible for the impact on the well-being of life — plants, animals, and human life.

Biostatisticians conduct studies and experiments to collect findings related to agriculture and biology. They are highly sought after by the pharmaceutical industries for their clinical studies and biological experiments. The data they provide can help in shaping the way medicines are produced and can also highlight medical issues and other risks that may remain undiagnosed without the help of a biostatistician.

If you are interested in understanding human life and evaluating information related to medicine, then a life of a biostatistician is for you. Biostatisticians are well respected in the medical world as well as the agricultural sector. They are usually found comfortably nested in their office spaces with the necessary means of travel provided to them at a second’s notice.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 90,656

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology or Psychology or Geoscience.

10. Marketing Manager

Job Overview:

A marketing manager is a vital individual to any company that sells services and products. The role of a marketing manager is to attract customers and clients to the company through spontaneous advertisements. He provides a detailed breakdown of the product while explaining the advantages and converts a query into a sale.

As a marketing manager, you are required to have a sharp mind to quickly conjure up advertising campaigns and other public engaging endorsements. If you have the knack to be creative in your venture, the marketing manager can quickly climb through the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with in the company.

This isn’t a path for everyone, to be a marketing manager, you first need to buckle up your communication skills to impress your clients. To negotiate and seal the contract, you need to come up with witty ideas on the go. If your marketability can be banked upon by your seniors, you can soon find yourself a comfortable corner desk offering you the best view of the city.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 8/10

Median Salary: 125,559

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Marketing

11. Audiologist

Job Overview:

Audiologists around the world have one thing in common — they all enjoy an extremely low level of work stress thanks to the nature of their work. A typical work day in the life of an audiologist consists of greeting their patients and discussing their symptoms related to hearing disorders. Anything ear-related and an audiologist is the person to seek help from.

As complicated as the medical field is, the audiologist enjoys a relatively easier form of diagnosis, thanks to a set of sophisticated technology and equipment that is available in their vicinity. Much of their work revolves around determining the cause and communicating to the patient in a well-mannered way.

The audiologist is a great career path for medical enthusiasts looking for a less stressful job without having to deal with the other parts of the human body.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 80.365

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Doctoral degree in Audiology

12. Dietitian

Job Overview:

A dietitian’s world revolves around healthy eating and an overall positive feel-good environment. Every patient that visits a dietitian usually ends up leaving the room with a smile on their face. Since the dietitian’s responsibility lies in explaining the nutrition to their patients to help them lose weight.

The dietitian’s job is a great career move to consider if you enjoy helping people get fit and remove them from a world of negative influence. A dietitian helps in facilitating the necessary dietary changes required by an individual to help reduce the ailment they are currently suffering from — high level of cholesterol, diabetes, blood thinning, etc.

If you possess the caring nature required to help your patient heal through the magic of food, then acquiring an honors degree in either dietetics or a science degree can qualify you as a licensed dietitian. You are required to have great communication skills if you want to maintain interpersonal relationships with your patients.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 9/10

Median Salary: 60,115

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Honor’s Degree in Dietetics or Bachelor’s Degree in Science

13. Astronomer

Job Overview:

Does the subject of the universe fascinate you? Do you like star gazing at an open night sky just trying to unlock the mysteries of the galaxy? A job as an Astronomer might just be the right fit for you.

Astronomers work as part of the research team to identify various celestial bodies and develop data based on the characteristics of stars, planets, and artificial satellites.

Astronomers require a high level of education usually a Ph.D. in Astronomy to conduct experiments within the subject. If you have a keen sense of solving problems related to mathematics and physics, you could apply for astrophysics and planetary physics to guide you on the ropes of Astronomy.

If you are selected by the federal government to conduct research, you may require the necessary security clearance to go on about with your activities.

Astronomers earn a large 6-figure income for their hard work and research. The amount of funding can raise this income up by several notches depending on the research matter.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 121,514

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. in Astronomy

14. IT Manager

Job Overview:

The responsibilities within the IT Manager job description includes the management of computer systems and information technology. As a managerial post, you are required to hire and train personnel with an IT background for various electronic data operations. You also get to design, develop, coordinate and implement various policies related to security and other system functionality.

A job in the IT industry is considered the industry’s gold standard and is highly sought after. A career in IT management can set you up for big promotions in the future if you can oversee your responsibilities. The IT dream is your calling If you like coordinating with a team and setting up projects to make a difference for other businesses, then.

Although the job is stress-free, the timings can be quite erratic due to extended deadlines and clients requiring you to work extra hours. The fat paycheck is the cherry on top of a stress-free environment.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 6/10

Median Salary: 140,191

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science

15. Software Developer

Job Overview:

A software developer or better known as a computer programmer plays a prominent role in maintaining and testing software systems. A well-established software developer can produce programs required by the company to address a situation and can also test products before launching them.

The knowledge of programming is required by any company and you need to have an expertise in many different computer languages such as — C++, Ruby, Java, Visual Basic, HTML5, PHP, etc.

If you love creating something new every day, the life of a programmer is just what you need. It’s an exciting job filled with real challenges that you need to solve daily. Software developers are highly respected in businesses, hence, there isn’t peer pressure on you to perform.

This is a low-stress job that requires you to tackle problems and have an eye for detail. You may find yourself working in a team if required.

Software developers have various career paths to progress — senior developer, systems designer, business system analyst, and project manager.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 110,348

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development or Information Technology or Computer Science or Software Engineering

16. Art Director

Job Overview:

An art director’s main objective is to activate his creativity and have a complete understanding of typography, photography, and advertising. Many businesses hire art directors to collaborate and work on designs related to advertising campaigns.

Art directors are tasked with the responsibility of coming up with advertising ideas based on cultural and social trends. If a budget is given by the company, an art director must do his best to stay within the boundaries of the budget.

An art director has the freedom of pursuing a freelance career or work for an advertising agency to generate leads. The life of an art director is remotely flexible and works on a typical 9-5 routine. Much of the work comes from working indoors and without the necessary need to constantly travel and keep in touch with the clients.

This job offers full freedom to design what your mind can muster up and there is not much stress involved in pursuing this career.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 8/10

Median Salary: 95,830

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts or Photography or Digital Media

17. Mathematician

Job Overview:

Mathematicians utilize theories and concepts to solve real-world problems related to business activities and other scientific research. Mathematicians are highly skilled thinkers and hence, use mathematical formulas and various models to prove a specific theory to fully explain it. Numbers are their favorite brain food and to become a mathematician, you need to fall in love with numbers or have an acquired taste for them.

As a mathematician, you can follow various career paths such as “Applied mathematician” — known for their problem-solving qualities in a practical world and “Theoretical mathematicians” — known to solve problems of unexplained issues.

A job as a mathematician will leave you with the hunger for knowledge and scientific achievements. In such an event, there is no room for stress to form and by joining the club of renowned mathematicians, you also ensure you have a high-quality of life due to the 6-figure salary.

Job Satisfaction Rating: 7/10

Median Salary: 115,640

Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics (entry-level jobs) master’s degree or Ph.D. (Higher placements)


While it’s great to acquire any one of the following jobs, it’s also an important decision to consider what you really have a passion for. Without passion, any of these jobs can soon turn to boredom and the paycheck won’t be enough to keep you excited.

Take time to decide on any of these paths, there isn’t a bad choice only a hasty one. Once you’ve decided on the skillset, acquire the necessary qualifications and apply to the corresponding companies to ensure you send your resume and get accepted. Remember to always have patience in learning your skills, there’s no need to rush through it.

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