Companies around the world lose billions of dollars every year due to unhappy workers. In fact, lost productivity cost American companies $450 to $550 billion every year. It is a truly staggering number to say the least.

However, you can find the root cause of unhappiness in your workplace to reduce the losses caused by lack of productivity.

According to a recent study, 97% British employees are of the opinion that their work environment expresses whether they are valued by their employers or not.

Similarly, the design and décor of your office can greatly affect the overall productivity of your employees as well.

Cubicles are the biggest reason of employee resentment across the globe. It is worth mentioning that employees considered cubicles quite liberating when they were first introduced in 1960. However, things have changed dramatically over the years.

Nowadays, cubicles feel like a jail. They are small boring boxes which seem to be draining all of your energy and productivity.

However, your cubicle still has the potential to become an exciting and personal workplace for you.

After all, it is your second home because you spend a substantial amount of time in it every day. Your second home needs not to be monotonous. You don’t need to work in a drab environment devoid of any life and energy. You need to remember that your cubicle is your personal canvas.

Therefore, you should let your inspiration flow and make your cubicle more fun and stimulating place to work in.

You can actually impress your coworkers and tell them how awesome you are by adding some charm and attitude to your own little personal office as well.


You can considerably enhance the aesthetic beauty of your cubicle by spending little money and time on some nice cubicle décor.

However, experts believe there are many other benefits of revamping your cubicle as well. You can psychologically benefit a lot from an artistically designed office.

The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study according to which lack of privacy in open and crowded office spaces can adversely affect your productivity.

Your chances of burnout and emotional exhaustion also increase which in turn decreases your efficiency.

On the other hand, you can enhance your productivity manifold by having the ability to personalize your cubicle or office. In simple words, you don’t want cubicle decoration for the sack of aesthetics only.

You want it for maintaining your usefulness as an employee as well as your psychological health. You can use the same words to highlight the importance of office décor to your boss.


Now, we discuss some of the benefits of decorating your cubicle in detail and making it very, very cool. Your cubicle’s decoration or lack of it therefore, can directly impact your productivity.

It is directly associated with unhappiness in the office and even increasing rates of absenteeism. You can actually change others’ opinion about you in the company simply by beautifully remodeling your cubicle.

Furthermore, you will considerably increase your productivity by working in a lively and beautiful environment.

Following lines explain some other benefits of remodeling your cubicle.

Better Engagement at Job

It is a fact that employees are getting less and less engaged around the world. It is pertinent to mention that 20% American employees are actively disengaged at their jobs whereas 50% of them are not engaged at their job at all.

If you are one such employee, you can enhance job engagement by building a colorful and captivating cubicle or office for yourself.

Less Stress More Productivity

Work related stress is one of the biggest reasons why employees suffer from occasional burnouts.

Even, if you are working very hard, you won’t be able to produce great results because of the stressful work environment.

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce this stress and decorating your cubicle is one of them. You can boast your efficiency and productivity by at least 15% by adding stuff such as green plants to your cubicle.

You will benefit a lot from this technique because working in a better and soothing cubicle will enable you to produce best possible results.

Enhanced Privacy

One thing employees want the most is their privacy which only a cubicle can provide. On the other hand, working in a dull office can really kill their creative instinct and dent their productivity.

Therefore, it is imperative for both the boss and the employees to spend some time on decorating cubicles and build a better working space for everyone.

Having a nice and cozy private space in the form of a cubicle for relaxation or privacy can dramatically improve your performance in a very short span of time in addition with enhancing your engagement at job.

Reduced Sickness and Absentee Rate

Decorating your cubicle with natural elements such as live plants can help you enhance your wellbeing and improve your productivity.

According to 2015 Human Spaces Report, employees who don’t introduce plants in their workspace are 15% less happy and satisfied with their jobs as compared to the employees who have such elements in their offices.

Similarly, adding plants to your cubicle will reduce your chances of suffering from Sick Building Syndrome.

It will also help you avoid various other health issues like irritation of nose and eyes, dry skin, concentration problems and fatigue etc.

Mood Uplifting

A beautiful and well lit cubicle can dramatically lift your mood. You feel more comfortable in your cubicle and the level of happiness also goes up.

You also become friendlier to your colleagues and start taking keen interest in the tasks assigned to you, making you more productive in the process.

Networking and Socialization

Cubicle decoration can also lead to increased networking and socializing because you no longer have to worry about being more productive and creative.

You can find common interests with each other through the personal items you incorporate to your work space. Increasing networking also fosters conversations which also enhance your efficiency in addition with promoting employee satisfaction and innovation.


You need to remember that you are awesome in your own way. Therefore, your cubicle should be uniquely awesome as well.

Now, it is time to talk about some terrific methods which would help you make your cubicle breathtaking and cool, ultimately helping you achieve all of the above mentioned goals.

Add an Unusual Light Source

A bright cubicle will make you feel comfortable at work in addition with improving your mood, creativity and cognitive attention.

Similarly, a bright cubicle can also lead to increased happiness. Although, you cannot attract adequate natural light to your cubicle yet there are many other ways to make your cubicle bright and shining.

For instance, using your old college dorm lights will greatly help you fight florescent lights and create a vibrant ambiance reflecting your own unique style.

Similarly, you can be little more creative and nerdy by using your old Tetris lights, steam punk or Himalayan salt rock lamp. The last one is even supposed to purify your air as well.

Seats with Style

Classical office chairs are among some of the most boring stuff you can find in any workplace. They do not only look ugly but can also land a blow to your cubicle awesomeness.

The easiest solution to this problem is to swap your horrid looking seat with a balanced stool or exercise ball. This will enable you to work your cores while you are performing your office duties.

If you want to have bit more fun, replace your office chair with a hammock.

However, do not forget to take your boss’s permission before installing a hammock in your cubicle. Also check out if the ceiling can bear your weight before implementing this crazy idea.

There is no need to despair if you don’t get the permission though. You can do many other things such as putting a cool throw pillow on your chair or covering it with a beautiful blanket or cool sheepskin to enhance its beauty and comfort.

Floor Décor

Floor is an important part of your cubicle. You actually look at the floor hundreds of times a day while you are sitting in the cubicle and therefore, it needs to be properly decorated as well. You can make the cubicle cozier and bit more colorful by putting a funky rug on the floor.

On the other hand, you can also put a quirky mate on your cubicle door (if it has any of course) if you want to openly announce your approachability. The mate will perform two duties. It will add some character and drama to your cubicle. Secondly, it will help you swipe your feet and keep any mud, snow and twirls out of the cubicle as well.

A Mini Coffee Bar

If you are a coffee lover, it will be quite annoying as well as costly to buy your coffee every day at the office. What you can do is to create your own little coffee station right in your cubicle. It is not only convenient but cost effective as well.

Most importantly, your cubicle will become a mini café, adding more fun and cozy vibes to your workplace.

All you need to accomplish this task is a small coffee maker or electric kettle if you are a tea lover.

Other things you need are of course a bag of your favorite brew blend, sugar packets, tea bags and a basket of non-refrigerated creams. Do not forget the stirrers, straws and a spoon for accessorizing.

Add Fresh Plants

No one can deny the benefits of surrounding yourself with nature. This is exactly what you need to do in your cubicle. Embellishing your cubicle with plants can really revitalize your dull your cubicle.

The popular choice in this regard is different types of air plants. They come in many styles; they are easy to take care for and are very small. Most importantly, they are easily available and therefore, you will not find it difficult to buy some really cool containers for them as well.

Other popular plants for offices or cubicles are cactus and succulents. Best thing about these plants is that they do not attract bugs and allergies.

Therefore, they are a pretty good choice because they will not create any problems for you as well as your coworkers.

A Fake Window

You cannot have a view when you are working in a cubicle. Can you? This is one of the many downsides of a cubicle.

However, you can create a connection to outside world and an illusion of openness by installing a fake window on one of the cubicle walls.

Although, it will not let you enjoy fresh breeze, plenty of sunlight or changing natural scenery yet it will let you feel that you are actually surrounded by the nature.

Wooden Block Calendars

Do you know what is more boring than the cubicle itself? It is the everyday calendars hanging everywhere in your office.

You do not need a calendar in your cubicle these days, let alone a two dimensional calendar placidly advertising your company’s products.

However, you can spruce up your work environment by putting a wooden block calendar on your desk. These calendars are not of much help either but they do make your cubicle look more fancy and elegant.

Use a Vibrant Color Palette

A vibrant but calming color scheme can really sooth your nerves and decrease work related depression and stress. It makes your cubicle more lively and colorful.

Colors, if properly used, can totally transform your cubicle into a cool and exciting workplace, reinvigorating yourself in the process as well. It is a fact that recoloring your cubicle the way you want requires a lot of work.

But it is necessary if you want to tie your décor together. It will also make it easier for you to find other office accessories that compliment your cubicle’s color scheme.

Make Your Desk and Background a Work of Art

You can elevate your whole work day and keep stress at bay simply by keeping inspiring pieces of art close by. Putting and hanging beautiful and soul stirring art pieces on your desktop and back wall is one of the best methods to lift your mood and better concentrate on your work.

It is alright to buy prints if you cannot afford an original piece. You only want to spruce up your office and the prints can do this job very well.

Add Some Car Decal on the Cabinet

There is every chance that your cabinet is horrible to look at. It is white or beige, dreary and devoid of any decoration whatsoever.

However, it does not need to be this way any longer. In fact, magnets and car decals are not for cars and trucks only. They make for super cute office décor too if you happen to be little bit creative.

In fact, they look extremely chick and beautiful on your filling cabinets.

Cute File Organizers

One thing which really makes your cubicle look tatty is the worn and torn file organizers. But you have to keep your files neat and organized.

Don’t you?

But you also don’t need to keep using 1,000 years old shabby folders to organize your files.

They don’t have to be white, black or grey. Why not use a cute pink one or a beautiful looking yellow one.

Or, you can also go for a turquoise file organizer or a blue one. Regardless of the color, there are many different types of extremely charming and fashionable file organizers available in the market which can further beautify you cubicle and make file organization a bit more fun.

Bring Seasonal Festivity to Work

A new season is always around the corner, providing you with ample opportunities to celebrate. You can actually bring this seasonal festivity to your cubicle as well.

You can totally revamp your cubicle by decorating it for your favorite holidays, events and seasons. It will also emanate some really cheerful and happy vibes throughout the year.

For instance, you can put a Santa’s hat on your monitor or cover the entire cubicle with white sheets and foam to give the impression of winters and snow. There are in fact, millions of things you can do to impart some old fashioned seasonal cheer to your workplace.

On the side note, try to keep seasonal celebrations as neutral as possible. There are always coworkers of other ethnicity, faith and region in your team. You need to try you level best that your celebrations do not hurt their sentiments in any way.

Removable Wallpaper

This is the category 5 cubicle decoration. Thanks to the removable wallpapers, your cubicle walls no longer need to be gray and bland. Again, you can do a number of things with removable wallpapers. You can completely cover your cubicle walls with beautiful wallpaper.

Similarly, you can use different wallpapers for different walls. Or, you can create intricate designs and patterns by using multiple wallpapers for the same wall.

On the other hand, you can add a border or create horizontal or vertical stripes on the walls with the help of colorful tapes.

Use Shelves to Spruce up Your Space

You can decorate your shelves (if you have any) with the help of many different things such as your regular supplies as well as various ornaments.

If your cubicle does not have any shelve, you can build one yourself to further spruce it up. The shelve will serve many different purposes such as displaying books, pictures, small sculptures, your medals and degrees and many other homey items.

Similarly, you can also put a decorative cup or pen holder on the shelve offering you some more space on your desk.

Post some Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes can do a great job of keeping you motivated and going in the worst of circumstances which is the dull and monotonous office in this case.

Therefore, try to display your favorite quotes at prominent places all around your desk. You can also frame your most favorite quote and put it on the desk close to your monitor. You can pin rest of the quotes to your keyboard or monitor as well.

These quotes will keep you reminding that difficulties are temporary and will fade away if you keep on working hard.

Incorporate Colorful Accessories

If your energy level tends to drop during the day, you can introduce a couple of colorful accessories to keep your enthusiasm and passion up throughout the day.

For example, you can put a modern looking and sleek dark blue pen holder on the desk. Such pen holders take least amount of space but add a lot of appeal and décor to your surroundings. You can pair such colorful accessories with items such as the pen holder with natural bamboo stalks and red task lamp.

Even these small accessories are enough to make your cubicle appear bright, color and attractive, providing a jolt of glamour and beauty as well.

Use Unconventional Organizer for Supplies

It is important to keep your office supplies in order as well.

However, you are under no obligation to always use standard supplies organizers. Instead, try to come up with something very unconventional such as berry baskets or any such item.

You can further enhance their charm by spray painting them gold or in any color you want. These unconventional supplies organizers look insanely elegant and impart a lot of character and personality to your cubicle as well.

Cubicles no longer need to be dull and monotonous. They are your personal office space and therefore, you can and should personalize them the way you want.

No matter what you are using to decorate your cubicle, it should reflect your personality and emanate your core traits. Rest assured a beautifully designed and decorated cubicle will make work more exciting, fun and very, very cool.

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