No one is immune to feeling down and small sometimes. Responsible villains for this condition are feelings of fear, discouragement, doubt, and lack of self-confidence.

You may feel you’re worthless. You can think you don’t deserve anything good, and that you are responsible for all the bad things happening around you.

Furthermore, you are convinced that you deserve those bad things because you are not good enough. Everyone who thinks like that is so wrong!

Yet, they are having an emotional breakdown and it is not easy for them to think rationally.

You need to tell yourself that no matter what is happening to you and around you, you deserve happiness. You need to believe that you are worthy of anything you want in order to get it.

You need to KNOW that you are strong enough to endure everything life puts you through and that way, you’ll be strong enough to face the obstacles in your path… and even stronger when the troubles are over!

Yes, in order to succeed it’s sometimes necessary to be a bit rough on yourself, but you should note that self-discipline can bear a striking resemblance to putting yourself down.

Once you’ve mastered discipline, you will need to relearn how to take care of yourself because, let’s face it, if you don’t do it, no one else will.

If you are feeling down or have lost faith in yourself, you should carefully read this article. It is meant to remind you how awesome you are.


You might not think of yourself as someone unique. You may have the same generic name, same job, car and suit as everyone else and you might have lost yourself in all that rubble.

Stop and think about it for a while!

You are not your name, nor your car, your job or your suit…

Out of billions of stars existing in billions of galaxies, out of seven billion people living on this planet, you are one and only. You have your own, unique genetic structure. Your thumbprint is yours alone. Your voice is yours alone. Your thoughts are yours alone let alone your feelings!

You are unique and special all the way through so make it count!

There’s no one out there in the whole world who thinks exactly the same as you do, except for the thought that we all think the same.

Every individual, no matter how brainwashed he/she is, interprets reality in his/her unique way and from a somewhat unique perspective.

Think about this article for instance. No matter how many people read it, all have gone through different sets of experiences in their lives and these words will spark different associations for every single individual that reads them.

Your memories, your experiences, and your associations are yours and yours alone. You have your own inner reality that corresponds to this one.

Think about it… when you close your eyes and fall asleep, does anyone dream the same dream that you do? Hardly…


You heard it right! You are a creator which means you’re creative and what are creative people? They are original and authentic.

“And what exactly is my creation,” you might wonder. Your life so far.

Until now you’ve made a set of different choices in life and you combined possibilities to make them actualize in a way that no one else has done before you.

You chose how to go through your life. In a way, you created your own narrative. every time you made a decision.

Even what you’re doing now, telling yourself that you are this or that is creating a narrative. It’s creating a role for you to play and that role starts the chain of events.

Everyone does the same for themselves, but everyone does it differently.

It’s not that different from dreaming. You take some elements of your previous experiences (which are yours and yours alone) and you combine them with your anticipation.

You combine them with your fears, hopes and thoughts about what could be. In other words imagination.

A mind is a powerful tool so use it to send some affirmations your way. You are more awesome than you think.


When you look at the sky and the stars, you think the universe is something upon, beyond, far far away…

But the truth is you’re not just an observer of the universe. You are part of it just like stars and planets are.

You exist on a planet which is a part of one of billion star systems in billions of galaxies. Doesn’t that seem like you are part of the universe as well?

What’s more, new researches confirm that we are literally created from stardust. A few decades ago it sounded like a line of a poem, but today firm science is standing behind this statement.

Planetary scientist, Dr. Ashley King explains that almost all the elements in the human body were formed in stars over billions of years.

Also, astrophysicist Karel Schrijver and Iris Schrijver, a pathologist, say that our bodies are made of remains of stars and explosions in the galaxies.

According to this, every human being is made of stardust. So not that you’re only a part of the universe, you are the universe… and the universe is as awesome as it gets, right?

That can only mean one thing – You are awesome!


You ask yourself: Who am I to be gorgeous, brilliant, talented, marvelous… You give up on your dreams because you think you can’t relate to those shiny happy people on the red carpets out there.

You give up on becoming a singer just because you don’t hear yourself singing like Beyonce or Andrea Bocelli.

You don’t even try writing because your sentences are far under J.K. Rowling’s.

You even give up on sending a message to that beautiful girl you met last night just because you think there’s no chance that someone like her may fall for someone you. Stop it!

Here’s what you need to do: look for that thing that you’re good at. Perhaps it’s drawing, singing, writing, dancing, speaking, thinking, imagining, laughing, making others laugh, making one hell of a tea or whatever…

It can really be anything because anyone excels in something. Devote yourself to that thing no matter how trivial it may seem to you.

You will discover that no one else does it quite as you do and that difference is exactly what makes you awesome.

Rarity holds value so never forget that!


Motivational speeches often use the phrase “You are enough”.

This phrase may sometimes confuse people. The phrase doesn’t mean someone measures you. It doesn’t suggest you should measure yourself, either. There is no such thing as a ‘human-meter’.

Also, it doesn’t mean you don’t need anybody. You do! A human being is a social being. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to make goals and achievements, as you are already enough.

It means you are enough to live your life the way you want to.

Having someone to add to your value is great, but you don’t NEED anyone to do it. You don’t depend on it.

You don’t need anyone so you can achieve your goals. You don’t need anybody to be yourself. You are enough to be whatever you want, to do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. You are enough just as you are.


Actually, don’t just think about it. Take a pencil and write all the things you could do right now. Write down even those trivial simple things that anyone can do.

Start from the somewhat neutral stuff.

For example, you could take a walk, gaze through the window, try and guess people’s names based on the way they look, have a meal, spit it out, throw the trash out, talk to your neighbour, watch a movie or binge the whole season of that TV show that everyone’s talking about.

Then include some bad stuff too. For example, you could steal something, be rude to your neighbor, yell at someone or break a window.

Then some good stuff as well. You could be kind to your neighbor and make him/her feel good about himself/herself. You can help someone out there or make someone laugh or at least smile.

See, when you think of it, that’s power – the ability to influence people and events. You have that ability and that itself is as awesome as it gets, not to mention the ability to choose how you will use your abilities.

You can decide about the way things will roll and that’s so cool.

So why do you sometimes forget that? One of the largest obstacles to success in your life is when you give your power away.

For example, you can do the thing with the list and then perhaps do something from that list and you can also choose to procrastinate the moment away.

People can waste lots of their time playing a victim. For example, someone hurts you, and you suffer and think about it for ages.

You have lost precious time and life energy doing so. There is an important reference to remember: we can’t choose what will happen to us, but we can choose how to respond to it.

As Victor Frankl said, there is a space between stimulus and response and our power is in that space. In that response lies our growth and our freedom.

So, choose wisely how you’ll respond to stimuli because you are the only one who can take away your power.

You can do anything you set your mind to – the quote everyone hears billions of times. Some think that’s true, some think it’s a myth. Well, both are right. A lot of it is in your head.

Try setting goals grounded in real life though. For example, you are determined to get in that excellent college.

You study hard, you give your best, and in the end, you don’t get accepted. Will you quit? No, of course not!

You’ll never be an achiever if you give up, you’ll be a quitter that way. That’s not how you achieve your goals. That’s not setting your mind to something.

If you truly set your mind to something, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you. You will try again and again until you succeed because that’s what great people do.

Remember what Hanry Ford said: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you – are right.

Now think about everything you’ve achieved in your life and give yourself some credit.

Maybe make another list.

If you didn’t achieve anything, well that’s something to be congratulated on as well… how in the world did you manage to do it?


As you can see, all of your powers lie within you, in your head and your soul. Whether you go for something or you give up, that comes from your mindset.

If you think positively, you’ll see new opportunities, lessons instead of mistakes.

On the other hand, if you let negative thoughts overcome, you’ll see missed opportunities, all the mistakes you made in the past, you won’t be able to see all the beauty of life.

Tina Seeling has vividly described how your head controls your life.

She had to describe the same scene from two perspectives – one from the viewpoint of a person that feels happiness and love, and the second one from the point of a person full of sadness and grief.

That simple task discovered two completely different pictures of the world depending on your emotional state.

Simply put, if you are peaceful, you’ll see a brighter world, than if you are depressed when you’ll see greyness and all the imperfections of the world.

The ability to choose is awesome, don’t you think?


Maybe you don’t have silky long hair, big blue eyes, full lips or straight-edged nose. Maybe you crave another 3 inches in height and your abs aren’t that great.

Maybe you see an ugly duckling when you look in the mirror. So what’s awesome about that? Everything!

(Under) Average’s the new beautiful and ordinary’s the new authentic!

Nowadays, the media plays a huge role in the way people see beauty. They dictate what is beautiful and what is weird, what’s original and what’s the standard…

But people are slowly starting to see through the whole matrix.

First of all, rarity creates value. If everyone is 7ft tall with great abs, blue eyes and wonderful hair, that becomes the average and creates aesthetic inflation.

If you do look like that, good for you, but there’s nothing awesome in the battle you fight in your life because it’s not much of the battle, right? You just fit the pattern.

Now, all the misfits out there are where the story gets awesome.

Physical beauty is temporary, but the beauty you nurture within you remains forever. The skills you develop to compensate for not fitting the pattern makes you who you are.

If one is beautiful on the outside but does not reflect inner beauty, one becomes less attractive physically. On the other hand, if one is kind, friendly, polite, sparkly, that affects his outer look, and the one appears more attractive.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t let anyone make you think you’re not beautiful, because you are. The most beautiful people are the ones who love themselves just the way they are and beautiful is awesome.


“Now, everyone has that. It doesn’t make me more awesome than others,” you might think… and you are right to think it!

Fist of all, it doesn’t have to make you more awesome than others. It doesn’t even have to make you more awesome than you are, it only has to make you more awesome than you think you are.

Furthermore, all of us have the power, but only a few people use it consciously.

Have you ever seen an ugly smile or a smile that made you feel bad? Ok, you, you might have seen the other one, but only in psychopaths in movies and hopefully you’re not one of those.

The point is that you don’t need to have perfect teeth to have a perfect smile. You don’t even have to have an occasion, reason or a cause to smile. You can smile for the sake of smiling. You can smile to defy everything that tends to make you frown.

Another great thing is that it will inspire strength and positive feelings in others so the flow will spread. You have the power to create a ripple or a wave. How cool is that?

A simple smile can break the ice in uncomfortable social occasions and protect you from negative energy. Smiling can literally improve your mood and fool your brain into being happy.

Here’s how it works. A smile is a natural reaction to the state of happiness, but it works vice versa too. If you simulate the reaction, you can trick your brain into thinking that there must be a cause for that reaction. That’s when all the happy hormones start rushing.

Also, it’s not just the mouth that smiles. When you smile, your eyes are sparkling, and there’s nothing comparable to that impression. Smile with your whole being, with your energy.

You’ll brighten someone else’s day, besides yours and the very power to do so surely makes you more awesome than you thought you were.


Doesn’t matter who you are, you can provide value. Everyone has his/her own purpose in the whole of society.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of why you are important.

But at any time you should know that there’s no replacement for you in someone else’s life. The part you play may prove to be priceless.

No matter how small you are, you are an important addition to humanity and a part of a larger whole. Thus, you have the power to influence that whole and that is worth everything!

You have the power to give the most valuable gift you possess – yourself, and it is the most incredible thing you are contributing to the world.

Of course, don’t forget your family and friends who love you and can’t imagine their lives without you in it so don’t devote or sacrifice yourself in vain.


Just a short reminder of how lucky you are to be born and to live in this world. You are alive and capable of creating and doing, don’t waste your time and opportunities.

You’re here and you’re reading this which means you are successfully going through another day. Whether the day is good or not, you are surviving. You are surviving despite having to pay the bills, the work you hate, despite your horrible love life, terrible social life… You are making it through and you’re only getting stronger.

That’s more than many people have can say for themselves.


Most of the people have little things they do that make them weird in some way.

Some of them can be cute, as well. “Quirky habits” don’t necessarily mean something bad, it simply means you have an eccentric or unconventional trait.

Embrace the little quirks you have and celebrate them. They are one of the reasons why you are so awesome. They make you adorable and loveable.

These habits can tell something about a person who possesses them. For example, quirky habits you possess can reveal how smart you are.

If you have a messy desk, you stay up late, swear, like cold showers, doodle, daydream, talk back to others, it can mean that you’re more intelligent and intelligence is awesome, right?


Let’s face it – you are not perfect. But guess what? Nobody else is perfect either. Being imperfect doesn’t mean you’re not awesome. Whining about not being perfect does though.

Everyone has flaws and it is completely all right to be flawed. People are not expected to reach perfection.

It’s enough to strive towards reaching it, however, don’t make it your obsession because it can be exhausting and unnecessary.


You are allowed to make mistakes. Every human being has done something he/she looks at as ‘dumb’ or ‘humiliating’. These are mistakes, not life sentences. You are supposed to learn from your bad experiences.

Think of your mistakes as a tool that can help you learn and grow, not as something that pulls you down and makes you less valuable. It’s not easy, but you have to run through your bad days and try to keep a positive attitude.

Hopefully, you are a bit more aware of your awesomeness at this point in the article then you were at the beginning.

You might have realized how amazing you are and how amazing everyone can be, only if they… well, realize it. Acknowledging this, you can help someone understand the same and that in itself is awesome. You’d feel even better then, wouldn’t you?

Hopefully, you’ll remember all of this when you get down again. You can read some of it from time to time, to prevent your self-awareness from going low, or to boost it.

You are a living creature, and no one expects you to be confident all the time.

You are allowed to lose it sometimes. Losing it can be cool so… stay awesome… and get even more awesome with these tips:

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