What do dreams mean?

Do you find yourself wondering if dreams have a deeper meaning or if it’s just random brain interference?

Dreams have always signified a special relationship with the dreamer. Whether they are nightmares, unconscious wishes, self-realization, or fantasy. Dreams have always mystified experts such as Sigmund Freud to bring meaning to their occurrence.

In this write-up, Cleverism digs deeper into the dreamland and discovers the various brain activity behind the science of dreams.


Falling to your death.

Falling off a building.

Falling from a cliff.

Have you ever had a dream where you fell from a great height only to be rudely awakened? Of course, you’re glad to be alive and in the comfort of your bed. After you’re done thanking your lucky stars, you wonder – What exactly did the fall signify?

Firstly, let’s clarify that dreams about falling are common. According to Ian Wallace, an expert psychologist, falling dreams relate to losing control or lacking trust. Our mental state creates an environment of falling to help us know that we aren’t comfortable in our lives.

Here are some of the common dream situations related to falling.

  • Falling off a great height such as a mountain peak or a cliff
  • Falling off a building or being pushed by someone
  • Falling off while riding a horse
  • Falling from your chair
  • Falling through the sky
  • Falling out a moving car or plane or train
  • Falling from a tree
  • Falling only during the night
  • Falling only during daytime
  • Falling through a dark sea
  • Falling endlessly in a white space that never ends

If dreams related to falling reoccurs, your subconscious is playing out events of a recent betrayal.

Did you have a fallout with your best friend?

Did you recently break up with your significant other?

Are you troubled by thoughts of betraying someone in the past?

Did an embarrassing moment in your past cause feelings of insecurity?

A one-off dream about falling doesn’t signify much. However, repeated events of falling demonstrate your mind feeling overwhelmed or fearful.


We concur dreams about monsters are never pleasant. Being chased by flesh-eating zombies or demons from the nether realm scare us enough from ever sleeping again. However, it’s necessary to understand why these monstrous dreams make their appearance ever so often.

One of the most common reasons for demons to appear in your dreams is because you recently witnessed a horrific event. Many dreamers experience nasty monster invasions in their dream state from watching a horror movie before hitting the sack.

The subconscious mind plays the events of the movie and puts you in the role of the noble protagonist. Except, it’s not as entertaining as it’s scary when watching the events unfold in real-time.

Here are a few situations where dreams about monsters occur.

  • Being chased by ghouls in a desolate area
  • Monsters hiding beneath the bed or in the closet
  • Demons dragging you beneath the bowels of hell
  • Dreams where you turn into a vampire or a werewolf
  • Dreams about fighting a monster head-to-head

If horror movies aren’t causing your demonic mind invasions, a personal tragedy suffered in the past could be the result of monster dreams. Maybe a tragedy relating to child abuse or when someone harassed you.

Our mind perceives real-life villains as monsters and constantly revisits the tragic event through a series of monsters and demons.

It’s necessary to take any personal tragedy seriously. Visit a psychologist to understand why monsters make their presence felt often and speak about any abuse you’ve undergone.


Ahem!  Let’s face it, for many these “wet dreams” are a source of pleasure. No one on planet earth would complain about experiencing a dream that connects us with our inner lust. Dreams about having sex are fairly common and occur when there’s a desire for love or human connection.

Yet, sex dreams are complicated. Every dream variation of lust has its meaning. Let’s explore a few of them below.

1. Sex with Someone Inappropriate

We won’t dwell on the relationship with this person. But a dream of copulating with your work colleague or a spouse’s sibling seems off-limits in real life but a dream? Anything goes. Don’t spend the entire day regretting it. It’s not like you had a fling for real.

Sex with someone that’s off bounds is usually harmless and it’s the mind’s way of relieving tension and temptation at the same time.

2. Sex with Your Ex

Not only does it rhyme well but this sex dream reflects something left behind by your previous relationship. Maybe you have feelings for them or maybe you don’t. Having an ex participate in a virtual body exploration doesn’t seem strange. After all, it’s happened before and it’s simply your mind recollecting the good times.

3. Sex with a Famous Person

Who at some point hasn’t envisioned sharing a naughty private session with famed personalities? ‘Attraction’ is the primary reason for having a sex dream with a famous person. The secondary meaning is you wish to be famous yourself and hence, enjoy dreaming about celebrities.

4. Public Sex

No, you aren’t putting yourself out to display to showcase your coy talents to the world. A public sex dream signifies vulnerability. A deep fear of being ridiculed by society or indulging yourself in something secretive. Contrary to popular opinion, having public sex in your dreams is because of anxiety and not because you feel adventurous.


There you are, facing the mirror and all of a sudden, horror strikes! Your teeth shake slightly and then violently and quake to the ground. The next thing you know, you wake up impatiently and rush to the nearest mirror.

After counting all 32 of them, you give a wide grin and acknowledge your sexy self.

What a bad dream!

We are familiar with the dream of having our teeth fall out for no real reason. But today, you learn why.

Losing teeth in your dream demonstrates a loss of power. Having your teeth fall out is the equivalent of losing the ability to chew and enjoy food.

It also signifies the fear of aging. No one enjoys growing old but it’s a process of life. For some, it’s a matter of losing their sex appeal and youth.

When this fear manifests in their dream, it causes them to lose their teeth repeatedly.

Here are some of the dream scenarios of your teeth falling out.

  • You become completely toothless
  • Dreams of losing your front teeth
  • Your teeth are victims of tooth decay and rot
  • Chewing loose teeth when consuming food
  • Teeth fall out as you face the mirror
  • Someone pulling out your teeth (torture)
  • Your teeth fall out just as you touch them
  • Chips of your teeth break out

According to Lauri Quinn, an expert dream analyst, a dream related to the oral region communicates a weak personality. You may have an urgent meeting the next day or fear exposing yourself to an audience.


We can’t complain about having yet another snack after bed, especially one that doesn’t add calories. According to HuffPost food was among the top dreams for men and women.

If you find yourself in the middle of the dining table with scrumptious food. It’s alright to devour every sinful delight because dreams about food signify abundance and satisfaction.

Dreams about food aren’t just for visual delights. Our bodies send messages that there’s a specific lack of nutrition in our diet. Maybe, you’ve starved your body recently or changed your diet. Dreams about food most notably mean joy in our lives but sometimes, it could mean the body’s inner craving.

Common dream visions of food dreams include.

  • Sitting by a large dining table with over 50+ cuisines spread across various countries
  • A single plate of your favorite food
  • Eating food that you despise
  • Eating food that’s tasteless
  • Eating food by yourself
  • Enjoying a meal with your friends and family
  • Watching others enjoy their food
  • Having someone steal your meal as you eat
  • Gorging down chunks of food
  • Eating food that’s left by someone
  • Eating food that’s poisonous or rotten


There’s nothing more relieving than launching yourself and flying through the sky. Unfortunately, unlike our winged friends, we cannot fly. That’s why we are lucky to have dreams about flying. Many of us enjoy the exhilarating freedom of cruising through the clouds.

The experience is 10 times better when you’re a lucid dreamer. A lucid dream is when the dreamer is aware of their dream state and is in full control of it. Lucid dreams aren’t dangerous, the dreamer takes control of their dream from auto-pilot.

So, what does a dream about flying signify?

Here are 5 representations of a flying dream.

  1. A flying dream embodies ambition. If you’ve recently been promoted or made a profit in business, it’s normal to have a dream that demonstrates your ambition to reach new heights.
  2. Flying also indicates that you’ve recently moved on from a traumatic event and made peace with the people that have hurt you.
  3. Flying relates to acquiring freedom against oppression. If you’re experiencing a bad relationship, your mind dreams of freedom away from the violent environment.
  4. When your inner soul desires something more than just earthly delights, a spiritual connection forms in the way of a flying dream.
  5. Flying could simply mean you wish to be your favorite superhero.


Nudity is frowned upon by the lawmakers of many countries. However, that doesn’t stop us from showing our natural skin in our dream state. Nude dreams are quite common among young adolescents discovering their bodies.

Naked dreams have their viewpoints. Some dream experts believe it represents a growing sexual desire and due to repression, it causes the mind to wander free. Others believe a naked dream to be a sign of happiness. After all, we come into this world with our bare skin, what better way to demonstrate our joy than by being all-natural?

Here are a few other interpretations of what a naked dream could mean.

  • If you’re walking naked through a crowd, it signifies you want to be open with people and prefer the honest approach.
  • If you’re having a conversation with someone you know and deeply adore, there could be a sexual desire to explore.
  • If everyone in your dream appears naked, you want the world to be more real and less pretentious.
  • If you dream about being naked as a younger self or as a baby, you are reliving the age of innocence and have a strong bond with the past.
  • If you’re talking with a naked stranger, you are angry with the people in your life and wish to be alone.

A naked dream signifies exhibitionism. The naked man or woman searches for a world that is real and wishes that people in them were honest than their real versions. If you find yourself being dishonest or know someone in your life being dishonest towards you, a naked dream may find itself reoccurring often.

Sometimes, a naked dream is simply the desire of doing something daring that isn’t possible in a real-world scenario.


Death is probably the only dream where your dreams do come true. After all, death is inevitable and it happens to everyone. Yet, there’s one ugly aftermath that we can’t shake off after dreaming about losing someone and that’s the looming thought of a bad omen about to break out.

So, does a dream about losing someone mean anything?

Most dreamers that dream about death find themselves fearing the loss of their loved ones. That’s where the negative energy gets carried and manifests itself into a dream.

Death about their parents, spouse, siblings, and friends is quite common. The meaning is also quite straightforward, death is the end of life and a dream relating to death always signifies fear.

Here are the reasons and meanings behind dreams related to death.

  1. A guilty conscience is usually the first sign of having dreams about death. You either haven’t forgiven or have had a terrible past relationship with the person.
  2. Your love for the special person causes your subconscious to echo a vision of doom and loss.
  3. Dreaming about death often demonstrates insecurity in real life. It’s a sign that you are insecure about someone or something.
  4. Sometimes, you detest the person in real life so much that dreams about their death linger. The best way to fight through this is to make peace or move on.
  5. A report by the Learning Mind shows women who were recently told they were pregnant had reoccurring dreams of losing someone. This usually means a sign of rebirth, as the cycle of life and death are closely attached.


Are you constantly running from someone or notice a shadowy figure stalking you? The thought itself is spine chilling to have a mysterious character follow you around but thankfully, a dream ends.

Or does it?

Dreams, where we are being hounded by a masked figure or a creature, has a deeper meaning than most other dreams. When we run from something, we are usually anxious and it demonstrates that our subconscious is concerned about a recent troubling incident.

Here are the variations of having dreams where you’re being chased.

  • When a stranger is chasing you, it indicates a major problem has crept up in your life. Your subconscious treats the situation as a threat and dreams of being stalked are conjured.
  • If a wild animal or beast is chasing you, it may stipulate that you suffer from angry tantrums or negative energy. The mind creates negative emotions into angry beasts that are chasing you and once they find you, they take over your life.
  • On the off chance you identify the person chasing you from your real life, it may simply mean you have a bad first impression of the person. If the person is well-known to you, it signifies that there has been turmoil in the relationship. The act of being chased is projected as you running further away from this relationship.
  • Rarely, the chaser is you and you could be running after someone. This signifies you deeply respect or desire the person in question. It could also mean that you want to compete with the person for a prize or promotion within your workplace.


Doors represent opportunities and secrecy. It’s the mystery behind the door that makes us curious about what lies ahead.

Think of a game show host asking the contestants.

“Which door is the million-dollar prize behind?”

Is it 1?

Could it be 2?

Maybe it’s 3?

Care to guess?

We realize that doors are simply layers of interest that makes us curious.

To further inspect the type of dream you have. Let’s take a look at the various explanations below.

1. A Locked Door

A pathway that eventually leads to a door usually signifies choice. The choice to open and walk inside or stay away from it. If there’s a decision to be made in your real life, the dream about doors is apparent, you’re simply confused about making the right choice.

2. An Open Door

An open door shows you a glimpse of what lies ahead. It’s enough for you to understand and satisfy your curiosity. But you aren’t sure if you are ready to move into the new adventure or stay back in your current lifestyle. Open doors are usually linked to spiritual journeys and manifest in beings that desire a change in their life.

3. Many Doors

If after opening the first door, there is another door and another door after that. This is a paradox that never ends. Each door leads to a new door and this indicates that you’re scared about choosing due to fear of repercussions. Your subconscious only creates doors as a sign to increase your curiosity.

4. Bolted Door

A blocked door signifies aggression. The bolted door is a way of the mind to represent opportunity but because of your choices, it remains unavailable at the moment. It also signifies that you missed a big opportunity recently.


Why do we dream?

That’s a long answer for another write-up. The short answer is to find meaning as humans to our real-life situations. Think of our mental state as a painter and dreams as projects assigned to us to find the logic behind their manifestations.

While animals are proven to have dreams, humans are the only beings to find the meaning behind each visual delight. Finding meaning to these unchartered simulations helps us make peace with ourselves and those around us.

We hope you found logic in your dreams through our meaningful breakdowns.

What was the strangest dream that you had that you’ve always wanted an answer to? Share with us in the comments below.

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