Whether you’ve just graduated or decided to make a career change, an entry-level job is a perfect position for new professionals to grow.

An entry-level job has advantages that make it convenient for a beginner to work themselves into. These perks include –

  • No prior experience to get started
  • The vast scope of growth for seasoned employees
  • Rewarding career opportunities and room for advancement
  • Career route is perfect for freelancers or business owners in the future

Now that we’ve managed to attract your interest, let’s learn in depth on why an entry-level job is the right choice for you.


Entry-level jobs are designed to keep the novice professional in mind and to groom him or her to become a seasoned professional.

The biggest perks of entry-level positions are zero requirements for resume experience.

In fact, you could walk in fresh as daisies after graduating from your university and you’d be guaranteed a seat and a desk at a company.

Learning Curve

Perhaps, another huge advantage for an entry-level job to attract young professionals is the aspect of a learning environment without the fear of being judged.

New professionals often are anxious about being criticized for their incompetence of completing a task and too many mistakes may put them at the risk of being fired and this could mean a black mark on their resume.

Hence, an entry-level job is perfect as trial-and-error is one of the advantages of progressing through the ranks.

Scope for Growth

One of the biggest questions for fresh graduates is – Doesn’t an entry-level position stunt their career growth?

The answer is – No! In fact, an entry-level position comes with several opportunities to grow into senior positions and earn handsome salaries within a few years of committing yourself.

There is room to branch into multiple fields and raise your starting salary within a year of joining.

Rapid growth is a prime reason for entry-level jobs to see many entrants every year.


When you graduate or switch careers, chances are you are highly unlikely to have any resources or networking experience in your current field.

An entry-level position introduces you to like-minded working colleagues to spread and exchange ideas.

You’ll be in a comfortable environment with your peers while working alongside them and gaining new profound knowledge every day.


Graduates that quickly begin to earn their livelihood are independent members of society.

Being among working-class citizens comes with several perks, one of which is the ability to be recognized as a hard-working individual and self-respect from family and acquaintances.

An entry-level position solves the hardship faced by new professionals to secure a job that requires minimum to zero prior work experience.

We could go on and on about the perks of landing a quality entry-level position, but the fact is, an entry-level position is a perfect platform to launch yourself into the big bad world of professionalism without being judged too harshly for your goof ups.

Without further ado – Let’s have a look at the top 10 phenomenal entry-level positions in the country.


The following jobs were picked with regards to zero work experience and a hassle-free work environment to get into.

1. Graphic Designer

The primary objective of a graphic designer is to create graphical content and design them.

These graphics include company logos, website design, layout concepts, preparing sketches, software utilization, and several others.

Skillset Required

  • Proficiency in designing software such as InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Excellent knowledge in HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Being able to provide multimedia presentations
  • Come up with innovative designs to meet the desired result
  • Other web design skills are highly recommended
  • Thorough knowledge in print media and working with product development
  • Excellent communication skills required to communicate with clients and fulfill their needs
  • Ability to collaborate with a team environment and be a problem-solver when needed
  • Ability to organize projects and meet the deadlines on time


A beginner graphic designer can earn anywhere between $40,000 to $70,000 to kickstart his or her career in the United States. The more web design skills, the better your ability to increase your starting revenue.

Sample Resume with Objectives

A graphic designer’s resume should demonstrate creativity with prior experience.

Two prime requirements that you need to demonstrate are – the software that you’ve worked with and the number of completed projects. Let’s look at a sample resume that grabs attention.

Beginner graphic designer with knowledge in software such as Microsoft Suite, Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, etc. looking to create graphic designs for advertising in [XYZ] company. Skillset includes – conceptualizing basic design patterns, ability to create visuals as per client’s requirement, involved in advertising campaigns, and designing for mobile devices. 

As a graphic designer, create a few sample logos to present to companies so they understand the type of skillset that they’d be hiring. Ensure to keep your portfolio simple and concise.

As a rule of thumb, have more than 5 design artworks to demonstrate to your employers.

2. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst has objectives revolving with assisting in audits, ability to balance financial data, create and report budget data, and an analytical mind.

Financial analysts are actively sought by companies and make great entry-level positions.

If you’ve got the calculating mind of a mathematician and a taste for numbers, then the role of a financial analyst is perfect for you.

Skillset Required 

  • Ability to work with scientific software such as MATLAB and The MathWorks
  • Strong proficient knowledge in analytical software such as Oracle Business Suite Financials and Delphi Technology
  • Ability to know the economic and accounting practices around the globe
  • A strong knowledge sense in the ability to decipher financial data at a glance
  • A keen sense in actively reporting financial data to the concerned authorities
  • Effective communication to provide information to clients and explain various techniques
  • Interpersonal and critical reasoning skills


An entry-level financial analyst earns anywhere from $37,000 to $52000. To increase earnings, a financial analyst should demonstrate a clean history of providing timely accounting reports and accurate estimations of financial sheets.

Sample Resume with Objectives

A financial analyst’s resume must demonstrate strong accounting skills at first glance. If possible, provide numbers of all the portfolios that you’ve worked with.

If you’ve increased client revenue in the past, provide numerical data to display authenticity.

Financial Analyst with an entry-level background that has increased client revenue by up to 10%. Have a stellar record for minimal error in analytical frequency by around 55%. Created a pricing scheme for a manufacturing company that’s increased profits by up to 5% in the last fiscal year.

Carry all the portfolios that you’ve worked with and demonstrate your analysis behind coming up with the financial predictions, if any.

For all calculations, present balance sheets to your interviewer for credible work history.

3. Paralegal

As a paralegal, your prime objectives are to research legal obligations and assist lawyers in preparing their proceedings.

You’ll be asked to perform investigative analysis with a heavy emphasis on expressionable verbal and written skills. Knowledge of all kinds of law and the acts are a basic requirement for every paralegal.

Skillset Requirement

  • File and investigate cases systematical in a team environment
  • Knowledge in legal proceedings
  • Knowledge in all areas of the law such as criminal, real estate, and bankruptcy
  • Required legal research skills to form opinions
  • Ability to work well with a lawyer in a trial hearing
  • Ability to prepare all case files associated with the trial
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate and form effective professional relationships
  • Talent in gathering evidence while complimenting critical analytical skills
  • Transcribing and Typing skills


Paralegals have handsome starting wages compared to other entry-level positions, they start as high as $55,000 and go all the way up to $85,000 for freshers.

Sample Resume with Objective

Standing out from the usual crowd of paralegals is a tough challenge for a beginner paralegal but this is the only major hurdle.

First, begin by pointing out all the previous employers that you’ve worked with and how positively the cases have reflected based on your case preparation.

Provide strong knowledge on the beneficial service that you’ve provided to lawyers in assisting them.

Motivated Paralegal with extreme talent in administrative duties and scheduling court hearings for lawyers and witnesses. Conducted research on various pleadings and upcoming trials related to the case [XYZ]. Received praise for showing strong organization and interaction skills with clients and witnesses in their respective trials.

Much of the paralegal resume centers around proficiencies relating to client satisfaction and ability to gather evidence and aid in legal proceedings.

So, fill in the blanks with all your prior experience related to this as your headline summary.

4. English Tutor 

Mentoring people who’ve got a tough time in learning English is what an English tutor is all about.

Many Universities and schools are always looking for English tutors in various parts of the world where English is a 2nd language and the demand for an English tutor is obscenely high.

Most of the universities pay for lodging, travel, and other personal experiences that a tutor might have while in the country.

Skillset Requirement

  • An extreme fluency in the English language. Native speaker
  • Excellent teaching abilities
  • Proficiency in student management and strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to evaluate papers and grade meticulously
  • Provide a systematic evaluation of academic performance
  • Complete command over grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to provide special private training to weaker student groups
  • Analytical and reasoning skills
  • Time management skills


Depending on the country and the demand for English as a 2nd language, an English tutor earns anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000.

Sample Resume with Objective

An English tutor must always mention the last position that they’ve worked at and the name of the university.

As a beginner tutor, it would help immensely to demonstrate at least an internship at a local school before applying as a tutor to another country.

As an English tutor, organized several home visits with students and provided private education. Reviewed and discussed plans on securing good grades with students. Motivated and provided encouragement to students suffering from lack of interest by coming up with alternative teaching methods. Constant improvement in occupational skills such as assessing student skills and developing coaching material.

Forming positive relationships and demonstrating them in your resume would significantly boost your chances of being selected.

The resume must be error free when you’re trying to apply for a job of an English tutor.

5. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for analyzing and posting content on the digital medium. Social media managers have a vast variety of job roles such as managing social channels, monitoring traffic activity, posting content, attracting an audience, sharing videos, etc.

Social media managers provide strategies and consult with other team members to create digital marketing campaigns for brand awareness.

Skillset Requirement

  • Ability to create, analyze, edit, and post engaging digital content
  • Attention to detail when posting digital content
  • Tactical awareness to attain digital media success
  • Amplify user engagement and resonate with the community
  • Optimize technology and guide customer through the sales funnel
  • An extremely creative mindset to gauge current trends
  • Impeccable writing skills to attract viewers through posts or tweets
  • Extreme analytical skills for launching social media campaigns
  • Phenomenal communication skills and presentation skills
  • Excellent leadership skills


With new companies being launched every hour, the demand for a social media manager is dominant in the digital marketing world. A fresh social media manager can pull a salary of up to $48,000 to $60,000 depending on his or her negotiating skills.

Sample Resume with Objective

A social media manager has so many job roles that it becomes increasingly critical to list your skills in a chronological order to get the attention of your interviewer.

Before you list, understand the company and the type of job role you specialize in.

If you’re experienced in promoting social media content and less experienced in leading a team, then list them down based on experience.

Creative Social Media Expert with 2 years of experience in engaging clients and followers. Have driven inbound traffic to client websites by upwards of 40 percent. Collaborated with the web development team to achieve a series of promotional campaigns that increased user awareness of the client’s brand. Achieved success in creating various social media feeds that have managed to attract followers for various clients.

The rule of the thumb for social media managers is simple – Keep the most important accomplishments at the start and the least important at the bottom.

Don’t list skills you haven’t got any experience in, if they decide to test you at the interview, you’ll end up being rejected….

6. HR Specialist

The major job roles of a Human Resources specialist center around recruitment and placement.

An HR specialist must understand the best possible way to screen job applicants and match them according to the required skill set of the company.

Background checks need to be monitored and other administrative duties must be performed such as benefits distribution and employee retention.

Skillset Requirement

  • Administering interview tests for recruiting employees
  • Ability to evaluate individual performance and effectiveness of candidate
  • Analyzing job roles and assisting in negotiating the salary
  • Resolving various grievances faced by employees
  • Conducting training sessions for new recruits
  • Processing promotions and transfers of employees
  • Contacting supervisors and explaining the various strengths and weaknesses of candidates
  • Overseeing and coordinating with team members to achieve an effective hiring process


A fresh HR specialist starts at anywhere from $32,000 salary to about $48,000. The highest median salary paid to the top 10% of HR specialists is about $67,000 to $79,000.

The Federal government is among the highest-paying industries for HR specialists.

Sample Resume with Objective

Companies pay special attention when hiring HR specialists as they understand the importance of recruiting an exceptional HR specialist.

The company ends up saving money and recruiting the best talent the industry has to offer with a qualified HR specialist.

Hence, it’s necessary to emphasize your decision-making and organizational skills to your interviewer.

Worked as an HR specialist in over 10 universities and have achieved a target of 100% staffing and addressed any and all payroll issues. Provided necessary details to the administrative team about the decision-making process behind hiring applicants.

Provided vacancy referrals and conducted credential reviews during the recruitment process. Achieved 94% satisfaction rate in employee relocation and performed over 150+ relocations in an annual year.

As an HR specialist, you’ll need to balance all the facets of recruitment such as – health, safety, benefits, negotiation, compensation, employee relations, and other important functions required by the company.

Demonstrating statistics in your resume can go a long way in confirming your job selection by the interviewer.

7. Copywriter

If you’ve got the knack of putting words together to market a product and increase sales, then congratulations!

A copywriter’s job is the ultimate destination for you.

Most areas that copywriter concerns themselves are advertising, testing marketing campaigns, writing creative product descriptions, labeling brands, website content work, and coming up with unique print-publication.

Copywriters need to have a good understanding of how different social media platforms work to get a grasp on marketing products better.

Skillset Requirement

  • Exceptional writing skills and an impeccable control over the English language
  • Develop a conversational speech to hook viewers and increase sales
  • Excellent research skills to data mine web, magazines, and News
  • A good understanding of User Experience(UX), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) skills
  • Creative reasoning skills to understand the product better and come up with appropriate marketing campaigns
  • Masterful storytelling skills to build curiosity with customers and provide positive outcomes for brand
  • Good knowledge of the Digital Marketing world
  • Excellent communication skills to delegate with team members


A copywriter is much in demand in today’s digital world. The starting salary for a fresh copywriter begins at $45,000 and can go up as high as $65,000 depending on the number of successful marketing campaigns created for clients.

Sample Resume with Objective

A copywriter’s resume should be free of spelling errors and should demonstrate an exceptional command of the English language.

Unlike other professionals, your resume should look more than ordinary and must emphasize critical writing skills along with your work history demonstrating accomplishments on how you’ve managed to sell products for your respective brands.

Since most of the work of a copywriter revolves around convincing customers to buy a product or service, you’ll integrate your researching capabilities along with creative aspects.

The more unique your concept, the easier you’ll land the job.

As a copywriter for 2 years, achieved remarkable strides in my field such as handling creative controls of projects by up to 80%. Generated $4 million in sales with unique marketing concepts and demonstrated excellent communication skills which resulted in cost saving for my clients.

Conversions rates in social-media were as high as 31% across the top 3 platforms. Achieved a milestone success in generating $1 million in pure profits through attractive website campaigns. Strong ability in multitasking various projects and created strong keywords for client services to rank high in search engines.

A copywriter must curate his resume in a way that demonstrates profits along with a creative way in how he or she achieved the feat.

Always provide numerical data for profits generated and conversion rate.

And we repeat, proofread your resume 100 times to ensure there isn’t a single grammatical or spelling error.

You are being hired for your exceptional command over English and if you fail straight off the bat with your resume, your chances of recruitment are slim.

8. Travel Consultant

The world of a travel consultant consists of advising clients on their vacation needs or in smoothening their domestic or international trips.

Travel consultants bask in the glory of improving other people’s travel experiences and provide data such as travel cost, weather reports, client specifications, suitable accommodation, guides, maps, and any such information that a client may require during their travel.

The travel consultant may be needed to learn multiple languages depending on the type of tourists that he or she frequently encounters for a pleasant experience.

Skillset Requirement

  • Knowledge of various geographic locations and extensive research in studying client’s specifications
  • Ability to connect with various travel operators across the world and offer various travel services
  • Organizational skills to arrange domestic or international trips keeping client satisfaction in mind
  • Key knowledge in the pricing of hotels, budget options, luxury options, and other accommodations
  • Thorough knowledge of weather forecast and must inform the client of any threats represented by geographical location beforehand
  • Must provide all the needs of clients regarding travel – the map of the city, language translators, event material, places of interest, and other itinerary information.
  • Ability to learn current trends of hospitality by attending webinars and educational conferences
  • Proficiency in multiple languages. Communication in English should be excellent.
  • Knowledge in travel software and time-management skills


A travel consultant earns anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000 per annum. Some companies provide incentives to their travel consultants and other job benefits based on the number of client bookings that you bring.

Sample Resume with Objective

A travel consultant must show active work in his ability to manage clients and their travel plans. Demonstrate administrative talent by listing the number of languages you’re fluent in.

Showcase the number of travel operators and trips you’ve booked in the last few years.

Provide all the travel feedback from your clients or testimonials on how happy they were with your advice.

A travel consultant will land the job if he or she can provide accurate metric data on how satisfied the customer was after the trip.

Conducted over 200+ travel trips for clients in the 3 years. Achieved over 90% feedback rating of 5-stars from clients thanks to services provided such as airport pickup and drop to their choice of accommodation. Provided information on places of interest with an itinerary manual. Ensured clients were satisfied with prices before booking their travel packages.

Handled emergency conditions such as lost credit cards and directed the client to the nearest available law enforcement. Ran tasks assigned by my agency and completed all errands to the best of my knowledge.

An emphasis on customer satisfaction takes a travel consultant’s career a long way.

After all, happy customers are returning customers so the better you can accommodate their requests, the more you’ll be referred to and bring in numerous clients for your agency.

       9. Professional Photographer

Digital photography has been the need of the hour with the explosion of the information age. Hence, a professional photographer is a splendid career choice for those in need of creative direction.

Photography requires a keen eye and a good knowledge of technical skills to ensure your photographs stand out.

Typical employers of photographers include – Wedding Planners, News Agencies, Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums, Digital Advertising agencies, Medical field, and many other areas of work.

Skillset Requirement

  • Knowledge in working with photographic equipment and how to load/unload hardware
  • Researching photographic locations and backgrounds
  • Administrating the entire photo shoot and taking responsibility in meeting the client’s requirements
  • Technical expertise in retouching, editing, and altering images
  • Software knowledge such as Adobe Lightroom, PicMonkey, Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, Pixlr Editor, and much more
  • Digital imaging skills and knowledge in printing high-resolution imaging
  • Film development and image manipulation skills
  • Bringing an artistic dimension to photography
  • Key knowledge in the different type of lenses used for various shoots
  • Good communicational skills


A professional photographer is an in-demand career choice and thus the starting wages begin at a whopping $50,000 per year and can go anywhere from $250 per hour to $500 depending on your experience. Different fields of photography earn different amounts.

Sample Resume with Objective

Providing the name of your clients with their respective projects should be the first thing on your resume to enchant your employers.

Compile a portfolio of your best work and place them in no more than 5 photos at a time to display a vast array of photographic brilliance that you’ve managed to capture. Keep your resume clean of errors.

Conducted Freelance photography and gained several landmark achievement in wildlife photography. Won the 1st prize in The National Kentucky Wildlife Photography contest with special mentions of intricate detail to facial features.

Performed exceedingly well in Wedding photography while working under Harpy Wood’s wedding planners. Have significant experience in various photo editing suites such as Adobe Photoshop and have over 1000+ hours of experience in portrait retouching and design templates.

Never forget to mention the software that you work with as this gives your employer information on the type of photo editing programs you’ve dealt with.

10. Applications Developer

Look around you and try to name 10 companies that come to your mind, chances are every brand that you list has a mobile application to cater to smartphone users.

An application developer creates commercial software for clients to ensure their brand is circulated on mobile phones and they can generate revenue through it.

Generally, applications come in two popular platforms – Android and Apple.

Depending on your choice, you’ll be assigned to develop applications for your employer ranging from games, shopping sites, fashion, word processors, and other custom applications.

Skillset Requirement

  • Intensive knowledge in programming languages and development tools
  • Break down the complete program specification into its simplest elements
  • Testing and research skills to establish the client’s requirement in creating an application
  • Problem-solving skills to solve errors and the ability to adapt to specific requirements by clients at a moment’s notice
  • Updating applications consistently and modifying existing software based on requirements
  • Working in a collaborative environment to come up with ideas of an application
  • Evaluate the program’s effectiveness and provide troubleshooting tips to users
  • Devising solutions to problems that may arise in the future for an application
  • Combining various programming elements to design and run an application efficiently
  • Good communicational knowledge


An Application developer earns a staggering $68,000 per year to about $100,000. While the application developer needs to spend long hours in coming up with the required specifics of a project, the compensation of a 6-digit salary more than makes up for it.

Sample Resume with Objective

Since the majority of workload for an application developer lies in his or her ability to create software, the resume will contain the programming languages that you’ve worked with, the various source code you’ve built in the past, and applications built by you that are on Android/Apple devices.

Provide as much information about each application that you’ve built and link your interviewer to the respective application page to demonstrate authenticity.

Working as an Application Developer for 4 years, have displayed a strong command in various Operating Systems such as Unix, Android, and iOS. Built over 25 applications for clients that have performed exceedingly well and have received several positive testimonials based on the satisfactory results.

Assisted in analyzing various profit models to clients and worked with them to build applications based on a user-friendly interface to attract an audience. Achieved over 30% click rate on shopping applications and increased sales conversation rate by 15% for clients.

The two important aspects of an application developer are – what you build and how useful it is for the customers.

Depending on how you answer these two questions, you’ll either immediately be hired or find yourself out of luck.


An entry-level job provides you with your first years of experience to understand the big brutal world of professionalism.

The following career choices may not be ideal for everyone but are some of the most in-demand career choices that you’ll make during the current century.

In time, you’ll gain the right knowledge if you decide to career hop but if you do decide to stick with your entry-level job, there are plenty of improvements that will support you for an excellent and golden future.

10 Entry-Level Positions to Guide Your Way Towards Professional Glory

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